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A World Worth Protecting

Author:Er Gen

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By the year 3029 CE, Earth“s technology has developed rapidly, borders no longer exist, and Earth has been unified, marking the beginning of the era of the Federation.

At that time, a huge sword flew from the heavens, piercing the sun and causing a huge sensation on Earth.

Perhaps because the scabbard of the sword was already in tatters, countless shards have...
《A World Worth Protecting》 Volume 1
1 I Want to Lose Weight!
2 Wang Baole, What Did You Do!
3 Schoolmates, Count on Me!
4 Ethereal Dao College
5 Specially Recruited Studen
6 Big Trouble
7 An Entire Population of Miners
8 Wit and Counterattack!
9 Great Void Qi Devouring Art!
10 Invincible Combat Faculty
11 Teacher, Count Me In
12 Breakthrough
13 Cleansing Pill
14 The Dharmic Armament Faculty's Advantage
15 This Is Snatching Money!
16 Superior-Grade Spirit Stones
17 Specializes in Bullying Our Combat Faculty?
18 Physical Seal Realm
19 Great Void Twisting Technique
20 Fight Club
21 Call Daddy!
22 It's Crushed...
23 Shameless Fat Rabbi
24 I Won't Fight You
25 Great Void Twisting Technique Phenomenal Success
26 Your Humble Servant, Xie Haiyang
27 Death Pill!
28 Perfected Physical Seal Realm
29 Without Hesitation!
30 Applying for the Test!
31 Assertive!
32 Purge
33 Liu Daobin's Talen
34 Dharmic Armament Moneybags
35 Vegetation Head Prefect Zheng Liang
36 The Talented Liu Daobin
37 Federation Framework
38 Apologize!
39 Right?
40 Head Prefects' Reformation
41 The Cry by the Bank of Green Forest Lake
42 Get Rid of Them!
43 Inscriptions Formula
44 Chancellor's Lecture Hall
45 I Still Have a Question
46 Cultivators
47 You Must Be the Inscriptions Head Prefec
48 Inscriptions Tes
49 He Does Not Seem Like a Bad Guy
50 Uninvited Gues
51 Don't Be So Mischievous
52 Failed...
53 Puppet Dharmic Artifact!
54 Head Prefect of the Three Rolls!
55 Tiny Purple Sword
56 Today, We Are No Longer as We Have Been
57 The One from Above
58 The Family of Three
59 Classmate Reunion
60 Return to the Dao College Immediately!
61 Killing Intent Descends!
62 There Is Only Retaliation!
63 Fighting and Killing a Trapped Beas
64 Unforeseen Event!
65 This Is a Good Mosquito
66 You Guys Sure Are at Having Fun
67 The Death Match!
68 You Pervert!
69 Unsurpassed Beauty!
70 How Can the Bottom Line Be So Easily Breached?
71 It Is Never Too Early for Revenge
72 Expulsion from School!
73 The Afterglow
74 I Am Enlightening Myself on the Dao!
75 The Dao Enlightenment Faculty That You Cannot Offend
76 Start to Retaliate
77 Unlocking a New Model
78 Dao Enlightenment faculty, Are You Afraid?
79 True Child of Enlightenmen
80 Like I Would Believe You
81 Hey, Student, Say Something!
82 Dharmic Artifacts Can Be Used in This Manner
83 Battle of the Ancient Martial Arts
84 Assembling Spirit into Arrays
85 Intense Match!
86 Gao Quan's Plan
87 Unbearable!
88 Golden Body?
89 Battling a True Breath Exper
90 Extreme Blood Qi!
91 Beating Up Gao Quan!
92 Spirit Breath Village
93 Approaching the Mystic Realm
94 Why Are You Making Me Angry?
95 Nine-Inch Spirit Roo
96 Sorrow at the Height of Happiness
97 Visible Anywhere
98 Could There Be a Treasure?
99 Say Hi!
100 Joy in Helping Others
101 My Dear Brother
102 Do You Want to Die?
103 Eight-inch Spirit Roo
104 Got it!
105 Nine-Inch, Come to Daddy!
106 The Resistant Nine-Inch
107 You Despise Me?
108 The Nine-Inch Spirit Root!
109 The Ancient Lamp's Killing Intent!
110 The Devouring Seed Erupts!
111 Changing at Will!
112 Special Treasure-Hunting Armamen
113 The Emerald Jade Urn
114 Attack!
115 The Savage Li Yi
116 A Fake?
117 Seal!
118 Chancellors, There Is a Note Here
119 Baole Returns
120 Enduring Clan?
121 The Only Divine Armament!
122 Light Path
123 Dharmic Armament Pavilion!
124 A Familiar Smell
125 Baole Is Angry!
《A World Worth Protecting》 Volume 2
126 How Dare You Take My Cave Abode?
127 Bastard Lin, You Want to Fight Me?
128 What a Good Test Subject!
129 The Insane Lin Tianhao
130 The Recognition and Research Toward Psychological Attacks
131 A Vicious Object from the Heavens
132 The Rules of Dharmic Armaments
133 It Is Very Fragile
134 The Alchemy Faculty Reward!
135 Aggressive
136 Could I Have Wronged Him?
137 A Kind Pill
138 Newbie, You're Still Too Inexperienced
139 Main Team Leader of the Inspectors!
140 Lineage
141 Assemble, Inspector Main Team!
142 Breaking the Limits of the Sky!
143 There Will Soon Be Chaos!
144 The Day to Strike Gold
145 The Mysterious Man
146 Son?
147 Zihao, Charge Ahead! Don't Be Afraid!
148 Interrupting with an Advertisemen
149 Lu Zihao's Moral Principles
150 It Also Works on Humans!
151 Daoists, Listen Up!
152 The Grand Supreme Elder's Personal Disciple!
153 Can You Speak Normally?
154 Illusory Armament, Up to Your Imagination!
155 Stop It!
156 You Dare Command Me?
157 The Burst of Spirit Blood
158 I... I Am Pregnant!
159 Could This Be a Kidney Stone?
160 Cloud Finger
161 Armament Sand!
162 Detached
163 Crossed Dharmic Artifacts
164 Free If It Breaks
165 Provocation
166 Warm-hearted and Considerate Senior Brother Zhao
167 This Must Be a Ploy
168 Buzz Buzz...
169 The Rumbling Smoke Signal
170 The Seventh Stronghold
171 To Be Bestowed the Rank of a General, Extinguish a Species!
172 A Celebrity?
173 The Calm Before the Storm
174 The Beast Tide Begins
175 An Itch Beyond Relief
176 A Threat Appears
177 Qi-Stopping Sound Waves
178 Danger Every Step of the Way
179 Steely Resolve!
180 Counterattack!
181 Open Fire!
182 Target Locked! Shoot to Kill!
183 Olive Branch
184 Secret Weapon!
185 Big Reward From the Dao College!
186 Heated Burs
187 Significant Increase in Power
188 Request to Be Electrocuted
189 The Baole Cannon
190 Armament Soldier Assessmen
191 Beyond Reproach!
192 Sound the Drum, Call for the Elder
193 It Shattered...
194 Who Had Cheats Turned On In Their Life?
195 Say Something!
196 Operation Sword Sun!
197 If You Are Up To It, Go Ahead!
198 Know Not Shame
199 Coulomb Basin
200 An Upheaval!
201 Land of Peril!
202 Trapped
203 Who's the Freak...
204 I'm Giving My All
205 Becoming the Lead
206 The Peak of True Breath
207 Surrender Yourself to the Path of Daoism!
208 Let Me Have a Sho
209 Chanting the scripture Scriptures!
210 It Must Be Him!
211 Resume Our Journey!
212 The Federation Capital
213 Self-Reliant Wang Baole
214 The Hundred Seedling Award Ceremony
215 The Federation Needs Ten Thousand Wang Baoles!
216 Supernova
217 Who Dares Challenge Me!
218 I Am Honest and Friendly
219 Mine!
220 Physical Foundation Establishmen
221 One Against Many
222 Kong Dao the Lone Wolf
223 Weathering Three Main Life Events!
224 Taking Over the Dharmic Armament Pavilion
225 Birthday Presen
226 The Foundation Establishment Fusion Method
227 Ethereal Fruit Feas
228 The Greatest Truths Are the Simples
229 The Diamond Ape Arrives!
230 From the Traps Pavilion—Huang Shan!
231 A Wang-and-Lin Reconciliation
232 Aren't You Full of Yourself
233 I, Zhuo Yixian, Would Rather Die Than Apologize!
234 The Mystic Luna Realm!
235 Flying out of Earth
236 Legend
237 Sect of the Four Lineages
238 Everyone Gathers
239 Nemesis
240 Wood Grain Seal
241 The Blood Eye Hunts!
242 The Mystic Trace Fog Appears
243 The Federation Stirs!
244 A Mugging?
245 I Reign Supreme...
246 Transforming the Mystic Trace Fog
247 Fellow Daoist, Please Stay!
248 Rich and Stubborn!
249 The Dark Side of the Moon!
250 Silence Him!
251 Battling a Foundation Establishment Realm Cultivator!
252 Death to Those Who Enter!
253 The Mystic Trace Fog Appears
254 An Extraordinary Source of Spirit Qi!
255 There's Someone Outside!
256 A Small Tripod Cauldron!
257 A Battle for the Tripod Cauldron!
258 So What If You're a Dharmic Armament Cultivator?
259 Devouring Your Master?
260 A Broken Arm!
261 Acquaintance...
262 Shocking Change!
263 Destroying the Dao Foundation
264 Revival From the Brink of Death!
265 Escape
266 Blood Floods the Mystic Realm!
267 The Land of Deep Slumber
268 The Spirits and Immortals Kneel!
269 The Immortal Establishment Realm!
270 I Have Returned
271 Blood-Stained Mystic Realm!
272 The Journey of Revenge!
273 Scram!
274 Killing at the Base
275 The Osmanthus Tree on the Moon!
276 Return to a Familiar Place
277 Kill Zhou Fei!
278 The Sect Lord of the Galactic Dusk Sect!
279 Everyone With a Trick up Their Sleeves!
280 Snatching Food From a Tiger's Mouth!
281 Divine Armament Red Star!
282 The Night Immortal King Awakens!
283 Elimination With a Single Look!
284 Cries and the Master
285 I'm His God-Grandfather!
286 Farewell, Moon
287 Return to Earth!
288 A Forbidden Dark Ar
289 A Transfer!
290 Destination Martian Colony City
291 Mars's Deputy Governor!
292 One Step Away!
293 Elites' Academy
294 A Terrific Star
295 A Familiar Face
296 The Story of the Battle-axe Hotel
297 Evil Rises in the Air
298 The New Dharmic Armament Teacher
299 Trying to Seduce Me?
300 A Disagreemen
301 What Do I Have to Fear!
302 Lin Tianhao's Transformation
303 Heaven Devouring Skill!
304 Five Hundred Fatties!
305 Capable of Wiping out the Future Tribe!
306 A Crazy Though
307 I Am But a Ray of Candleligh
308 Stay Away!
309 A Sudden Transformation!
310 For Your Conferment, Please! Esteemed Governor!
311 The Soaring Cloud Student Platoon!
312 The New Vice Dean of Fire Spirit Academy
313 Little Missy's Animosity!
314 A Ninth-Grade Dharmic Armament?
315 A Deal
316 The Colony Disciplinary Order Arrives!
317 Domineering
318 Dean Wang, Please Cooperate!
319 Mars's Unusual Transformation
320 Bizarre Village!
321 I'll Never Speak Even If You Beat Me to Death!
322 Holy Condor?
323 Son!
324 What Can't You Eat?
325 I Can't Afford to Feed You Anymore
326 The Power of Knowledge
327 I’m Going Back On My Word, and I Don't Want It Anymore
328 Shut Up!
329 Dark Fire
330 Emotional Fatigue
331 Dark Ancestry
332 Black Donkey Versus White Donkey
333 Save Me!
334 Rescue!
335 Reanimation
336 Food Approaches...
337 A Great Grudge!
338 You Can't Eat That!
339 I Can't Tell You!
340 Zhuo Yixian's Big Case
341 Zhuo Yixian, Do You Want to Die?
342 New Mars Region!
343 A Honey Trap?
344 A Fight at One's Doorsteps
345 An Ass for a Teammate
346 A New Region Confirmed!
347 Self-Reliant Wang Baole
348 All Mighty and Imposing!
349 A Donkey for Starters
350 The First Beast Tide
351 Taking Advantage of Others!
352 All Lined Up!
353 No Resources, No Fear!
354 Lone Ranger
355 Scaring the Beast Tide
356 Heart Aches for the Donkey
357 Withdraw!
358 Deterrence!
359 The Eternal Fortress Reigns!
360 Food!
361 A Grudge That Would Last Centuries
362 A Grand Victory!
363 A Primary Rank Four Nobleship!
364 The Divine Armament Wall
365 Qi Fostering Spirit Array Formation
366 Criticism and Appraisal!
367 Greatly Sought After
368 The Virtues of Lin You
369 Advice From Lin You
370 Building a New Region!
371 New Member of the Adonis Association!
372 Foundation Establishment Late-Stage!
373 Banging!
374 To Not Commit Oneself Until Success Is Certain
375 The Sound From Within the Catacombs!
376 An Unforeseen Turn of Events!
377 Rescue!
378 Points Added and Points Deducted!
379 The Bigger the Territory, the More Powerful Baole Was
380 Death Comes to Those Seeking I
381 Trouble!
382 Arrest Her!
383 Forever on the No-Hire List!
384 Everything Prepared!
385 Unity is Strength
386 Primary Rank Three!
387 Remaining Vigilant Even in Safe Times
388 Li Wan'er Gets Engaged!
389 The Deputy City Lord is Appointed!
390 Loggerheads Would Always Mee
391 Autonomous Zone!
392 Don't Be Too Serious!
393 The Goal: Dharmic Armament Master!
394 The Wind Blows!
395 Choosing Humiliation Over Dignity!
396 Confined Within a Prison!
397 An Honest and Fair Reason!
398 Forceful Till the End!
399 Wang Baole's Military Warrant!
400 A Letter
401 The Little Donkey's Persistence
402 Counter!
403 By the Order of City Lord Wang!
404 A Video Showing Only Darkness...
405 The Family Name of the Governor's Partner is Zhao?
406 The Art of Longevity
407 Research Facility!
408 Revealing!
409 The So-Called Heavenly Evocation!
410 Lone Boat, Black Robe, and Lantern Oar!
411 The Legend of the Dark Sec
412 Disturb the Grass, Startle the Snake!
413 To Overpower with Lightning!
414 Continue Bragging
415 Take Responsibility for One's Actions!
416 Knocking on the Door in the Middle of the Night!
417 Healing Injuries...
418 Able Man!
419 The Icing on the Cake!
420 Breaking Off Relations
421 What Does She Want?
422 Old Wang, I've Grown Up!
423 Alliance!
424 Parasite!
425 The Perfected Foundation Establishment Realm
426 Half-Done Dharmic Armament!
427 Unleashed!
428 Flesh Puppet!
429 Massacre!
430 The Trump Cards Are Revealed!
431 Beware, the Donkey Lurks!
432 The Donkey Wins All!
433 An Expert!
434 Attack Chen Mu
435 For the Governor's Deliberation, Please