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A Valiant Life

Author:Xin Feng

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UpdateTime:7/26/2019 6:04:12 PM

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I am Lin Fan and I’ve become a jack of all trades just because of a powerful Encyclopedia. In the first ever competition organised for trolls, all the other contestants lost. The crowd exclaimed, “Brother, you’re so good at trolling.” Lin Fan replied, “But I’ve never been trolling…” 彪悍的人生
《A Valiant Life》 Volume 1
1 I’ll bring you to fly with me
2 A Failing Business
3 It's Heaven on Earth!
4 Here Comes the Pretty Ladies
5 Is this a dream?
6 The Power Of The encyclopedia
7 You’re too courteous
8 It's A Sin
9 Never seen something like this
10 Is it really that demonic?
11 The First Legend
12 Let's Make This Global!
13 The Atmosphere is Too Intense!
14 Life of An Awesome Ruler
15 The Second Page
16 You are Insulting Fortune-telling
17 Things Aren't Looking Good
18 A Little Loli Was Saved
19 I Became Mr. Charming
20 It's Show Time
21 Everything is Fated
22 Profound Trickery
23 One for you, one for me
24 How Do We Continue from Here?
25 Based on This
26 Everything Came True
27 Weibo Problems
28 Two Stupid Idiots
29 Here Comes the Enemy
30 A Sudden Figh
31 This is the Light for My Path
32 A Dash of Green in the Sun Rays
33 My Weibo Exploded!
34 I Mean It When I Say I
35 Because She’s Teacher Tao
36 Unfathomable
37 Let The News Spread
38 Our Saviour Indeed!
39 It’s All Falling into Place
40 I Will Fight You to Death!
41 Leakage, it was definitely a leakage!
42 Foshan Shadow Kick
43 Just Too Good!
44 They Finally Believed Me!
45 There Isn't a Problem
46 A Bloody Affair
47 You Can Do It If You’re So Good!
48 How am I supposed to clean this up?
49 Let Him Do it Personally
50 I Gotta Take Some Pride
51 Gotta stay calm
52 I'm Not Afraid
53 The Firs
54 Super Fearsome! Extremely Fearsome!
55 Destroyed on Live Stream
56 The Car Squad
57 You Should Seize the Day
58 All Hell Broke Loose!
59 Begging for mercy
60 Eating sh*t on livestream
61 It's a Trap!
62 Capturing Little Boss Alive
63 A fight is about to break ou
64 Do you have to exaggerate?
65 Could These Celebrities Please Take Note?
66 Not Good to Go To The Toilet!
67 It's Good That You Understand the Logic
68 Useless Trickery
69 I've gotten so many University offers
70 Can't Show Off Anymore!
71 This is a couple
72 It Can't Be That Easy!
73 Look, that’s the expression!
74 You're not good at anything
75 A Serious Face
76 Dashed Hopes
77 So Unlucky
78 Awe-struck
79 What A Valiant Life
80 I'll save you with my two hands
81 Third page of knowledge unlocked!
82 Unintentionally powerful
83 The Flame War Emperor
84 You can't reject a fellow townsman
85 Run away!
86 I know who it is
87 The truth can't be hidden anymore!
88 How is this possible?
89 Who would you pick?
90 How Unreasonable
91 They're at our door again
92 Master Lin is infuriated
93 Master Lin strikes again!
94 Autumn Sword Fish Killer, please continue with your show!
95 Can we not talk about Scallion Pancakes?
96 I’m reporting a fight!
97 An Unforgettable scene
98 The Peacemaking Kiss
99 F*cking godly scallion pancakes
100 Joining the Association
101 It's all original
102 He should be called 'Grandmaster'
103 We're waiting for you!
104 Diss her!
105 What are you trying to do?
106 Complete victory
107 A shocking outcome
108 The sooner he could relax
109 The certificate is here
110 Please train us!
111 You’ll see if I dare
112 No matter who comes
113 This is going to be fun!
114 Things have gotten out of hand
115 Defiant Master Lin
116 Let them fre
117 What a stubborn man
118 A rotten stone
119 It's not a place for old men
120 So that's how it is
121 Fear of overthinking
122 The blessing of scallion pancakes
123 Reported!
《A Valiant Life》 Volume 2
124 Internet Frenzy
125 I'm coming!
126 A satisfied Li Bing
127 F*ck your sister
128 They're all bullies!
129 Don't be naughty anymore!
130 Something’s About To Happen Again
131 Chaos broke loose
132 Completely stunned
133 Joint performance, begin!
134 What the hell are you trying to do?
135 Earth-shattering
136 Stunning the entire audience
137 Task completed
138 A great service
139 Anorexia
140 The mysterious scallion pancake strikes again
141 A great breakthrough
142 You must be trying to woo her!
143 A terrifying scene
144 What the heck am I supposed to do?
145 How valiant!
146 All hell broke loose!
147 It's finally done!
148 That's how realistic it is
149 Master Lin has failed
150 What do they want?
151 Someone will be here for him
152 Stunned!
153 Big news!
154 It should be fine
155 What comes after hope is desperation
156 I can't feel my hands
157 Indestructible
158 Developmen
159 Time to witness a miracle
160 Small matter!
161 Challenge
162 The fans that shout 666
163 I'm not comparable to him
164 It wasn't supposed to be like this!
165 To laugh or to cry
166 Hope to work together again!
167 Fifth page of knowledge, opened!
168 I wish I was that dog
169 It would be a waste
170 The righteous Wu You Lan
171 Sue your mom!
172 Weibo banned
173 Elder Dog’s disdain
174 F*ck your mom's dog sh*
175 Enter the world of inhumane beasts
176 Fight to the death
177 You are all my grandchildren!
178 Enrage the beast!
179 Everything within his power
180 Turn of events!
181 Flustered!
182 Don’t snatch the gift from Elder Dog!
183 Sister Hong's missing daughter
184 My little daughter is gone
185 The amazing Elder Dog
186 The great dog operation
187 A horrendous scene
188 The law doesn't apply to dogs
189 Is he able to climb on top?
190 Too many gifts
191 I won't crush your dreams
192 Master Lin is so fortunate
193 The powerful Godly Dragon Tail Strike
194 F*cked up standards
195 Wang Er Mazi
196 This is a big fish!
197 Interrogation
198 A bunch of truthful nonsense
199 Guess, guess...
200 Believe me yet?
201 Funeral funds saved!
202 It’s not impossible
203 Monkey Bro Mask
204 Master Lin is really frank
205 That's crazy talk
206 Sixth page of knowledge, unlock!
207 Low-key, gotta stay low-key
208 Terrifying three seconds
209 Master Lin cooks!
210 唠叨,唠叨.
211 New Eas
212 Reclaiming Ceremony
213 F*cking d*mn it!
210 New Eas
211 Reclaiming Ceremony
212 F*cking d*mn it!
213 The special cultural date is established!
214 Where are these clowns from?
215 We should look at the good side of things
216 Conflic
217 It's better not to say
218 The truth hurts
219 What kind of stupid reason is that?
220 A smokeless war
221 Something's not righ
222 Lil' Fan, you gotta learn
223 How helpless
224 Did you get them blacklisted again?
225 The impact was too grea
226 A Coincidental Encounter
227 Upcoming best dog actor
228 Give the dog more screen time!
229 Little Blackie needs the full package
230 Still a familiar scen
231 Mirror Box Tofu
232 Appeasing your restless hearts
233 Won over
234 Imparting godly skills
235 A huge blow
236 The second dish
237 Have a goal
238 Has anyone seen this species before?
239 You're really amazing!
240 Followed him there
242 We'll count slowly
243 Just go rob a bank!
244 Who knows?
245 Too sof
246 Betrayed
247 A perfect ending
248 What do you think you’re doing?
249 Han Lu, can you stop being so shameless?
250 That makes sense
251 Completed all of a sudden
252 How to continue with life
253 A high-level scam?
254 No limit today!
255 Wonderful, Little Boss
256 Captured
257 You just want to cause trouble
258 The leader takes care of business
259 What has this got to do with him?
260 I won’t make things difficult for you
261 There's a problem...
262 The situation becomes sour
263 Too ruthless
264 This isn't a wet marke
265 I’ll have to settle this on my own
266 Sh*t Stirrer
267 Undercover Boss
268 The final confrontation
269 We will do as you say!
270 Time to feast!
271 Fighting to be Little Boss’s neighbour
272 Research, research
273 A little show of skill
274 Gasps of shock!
275 No choice but to put on a show!
276 I’m convinced...
277 Once he plays, he gets serious
278 Playing with fire
279 Let’s have some fun
280 I'll make you feel excited again
281 Mission complete
282 Everything for justice
283 Master Lin live on broadcas
284 Let the performance begin
285 The god of gambling
286 Things are starting to look good
287 Alright, come at me
288 Discussing the importance of a degree
289 The importance of walking right into the trap
290 Don't bully a fat teenager
291 Cloud Street will not change!
292 Going on television!
293 I’ll do this openly in front of you
294 A forced advertisemen
295 Task notification is here!
296 Open for business!
297 Busy as a marketplace
298 First day of operations
299 Sink deeper
300 A mad situation
301 It’ll cause you to be struck by lightning
302 Sometimes, you need to be scheming
303 Even the heavens are helping
304 Crazy price!
305 I’ll be done soon
306 Supreme Confidence
307 If you wanna see who’s better at showing off
308 This is called defying nature and changing fates!
309 Give some help
310 Satisfy your eyes!
311 Is my scallion pancake here yet?
312 That was insane
313 Don’t play around!
314 Hello, look here!
315 F*ck! Superman is here!
316 I’m a scallion pancake seller!
317 Shock!
318 Eyes wide, mouths gaping
319 Too arrogant!
320 You’re righ
321 Completing the task in the fastest way
322 A person has to have dreams
323 Am I the type that listens to others?
324 Forcing an advertisemen
325 Don’t be too reckless
326 The righteous Little Boss!
327 Little Boss is amazing!
328 Everyone, quieten down
329 The troublemaking begins!
330 Hate
331 Everyone is harmonious
332 I'm too tired
333 P*ssy!
334 Autumn Sword Fish Killer is miserable
335 Getting to know the truth
336 This doesn’t seem righ
337 Very worth it!
338 I don’t cheat honest people
339 Terror and chaos
340 A comeback
341 Dugu Qiubai
342 Can't wait any longer
343 Setting out towards the task
344 Hype it up
345 This is our territory
346 A huge spectacle
347 Too much guts
348 Things have gotten out of hand
349 F*ck! This is too unreal!
350 The tenth page major class of knowledge
351 I'll give you another twenty years
352 Task underway
353 That was so mystical
354 Encyclopedia, you are too sick!
355 Absolutely no idea
356 All stupefied!
357 A little impersonation
358 A perfect operation
359 Everyone is stunned!
360 A textbook example
361 This doesn't seem righ
362 This situation is f*cked up
363 Too unreal!
364 Sprinting away
365 Not that simple
366 The commemoration day
367 A Slight Annoyance
368 Left in his underwear
369 Trouble Again
370 I won’t let you disgrace me
371 Step out now
372 Zhao Si kneels
373 Biggest reward
374 A man that they will never ge
375 What happened?
376 Are you all retarded?
377 What do you want?
378 A simple reques
379 Isn’t this trolling?
380 Don’t worry, this will be quick
381 Evil Intentions
382 I’ll settle you firs
383 Let me rest awhile
384 There's thunder! Thunder!
385 Walking on clouds
386 An ambitious goal
387 Saying ‘shut up’ sternly
388 What are you doing?
389 Can’t figure it ou
390 Willing to learn and willing to teach
391 Too astonishing
392 A very serious Zhao Ming Qing
393 Panic-stricken
394 A Grand Ceremony
395 Tonight's Suffering
396 Resolved with a phone call
397 You can ask me anything if you don't understand
398 This… This…
399 As long as everyone's happy
400 Came a long way to converse
401 Revealing incompetence
402 360 degrees of shock!
403 Daydreaming
404 It has to be taken slowly
405 Let's see what the specialist can do.
406 A problem arises
407 Tackling the issue
408 Chinese medical doctors want to be involved too
409 The Internet has gone mad
410 The public opinion is ou
411 Avoid being hot-tempered
412 Fully Convinced
413 Inhumane old Chinese medical doctor
414 The final outcome
415 Completely stunned
416 Letting off steam
417 The great comeback
418 Elder Zhao is pissed off
419 That’s a very difficult thing.
420 Time for Lin Fan to work hard
421 He said you're an idio
422 A little stunned
423 Immediately Ignored
424 Help from everywhere
425 Can you release him?
426 Not a single cen
427 He strikes again
428 Low-key
429 An unforeseen even
430 Everything has been exposed
431 Bravo, burglars
432 We stole it based on our abilities, why should we return it?
433 Let's split up
434 Gotta stay firm
435 Elder Lin
436 Making things difficul
437 Chaos
438 Drink? Your mum!
439 The violent Master Lin
440 It is over
441 A powerful individual
442 I'll give it back to all of you
443 Call me Master Lin
444 This smile is dangerous!
445 Give me an explanation!
446 I am satisfied
447 Shocked!
448 A great joy!
449 A magical occurrence
450 It's nothing much
451 Truly amazed
452 Who is moving away?
453 The self-scaring Elder Chen
454 Teacher is mine!
455 Everyone is shocked!
456 Little fish takes the bait!
457 Pre-trip preparations
458 A kind man
459 Act first, report afterward
460 At the entrance of the hospital
461 This…this...
462 Spreading small-scale
463 Do whatever you wan
464 Starting to spread
465 Things have gotten big
466 Starting to take fligh
467 Too shocking!
468 I am Godly Doctor Lin
469 Do you want to be treated, or not?
470 You will regret this
471 Just a minor illness
472 That's right, I'll admit i
473 The Chairman is astonished
474 I just don't feel like treating you
475 Stop taking photos...stop taking photos...
476 More trouble
477 This is embarrassing
478 That's f*cking unprofessional!
479 Astonishment! Shock!
480 Too awesome
481 The Start of The Gathering
482 Do you dare to take a bite?
483 Brother Qiang Qiang
484 Direct Conflic
485 A Misunderstanding
486 You are the exper
487 Task finally completed
488 The nature-defying new knowledge
489 This is Normal
490 I’m setting the industry’s benchmark, understand?
491 Godly back-scrubber
492 Scrubbing out the conscience
493 This skill is pretty awesome
494 The development of the Welfare Institute
495 Scared
496 Gave me a scare
497 A perfect solution
498 Scrub you free!
499 A little nervous
500 Writing teaching materials
501 Pregnant!
502 I want to surrender myself
503 There's quite a number of people!
504 Evil and crooked doctrines
505 Captured a small fish!
506 Unlocking new knowledge!
507 Reforming Chinese Medicine
508 Controversy
509 This doesn’t seem right at all
510 Flame!
511 Can’t say anymore
512 Wang Ming Yang is in trouble
513 Slapping him profusely
514 Clinging to the powerful and influential
515 Danger strikes!
516 The Valiant Brother Qiang Qiang
517 I would only shout 666 for you
518 Righteous Fan is unstoppable
519 Crush them all the way!
520 Something huge just happened
521 Fan Fan is innocen
522 Let's meet in prison
523 I have a stable suppor
524 A man of morals
525 Breaking into the computer guru's computer
526 He's just toying with us
527 Could the big shots give some face?
528 Is he here for a vacation?
529 Guru, guru
530 I'm too strong
531 I, who know the truth, am shedding tears
532 Brother Qiang Qiang, you’re too beautiful!
533 Conflicted public opinions
534 I will find you
535 Don’t Celebrate Too Soon
536 This classification Isn’t Very Logical
537 Justice is an inextinguishable flame!
538 I am the God of Cleaning!
539 What is the fuss about?
540 I only needed a reason to strike
541 Fists are the only truth
542 Let the truth come out!
543 Sign Each Other’s Names
544 Incoming battle
545 I’ll slowly play with you
546 If I catch them, I'll f*ck them up
547 My heart feels a little stifled
548 Everyone Must Keep This Secre
549 We’ve Been Impatient From The Star
550 Everyone Is In Shock
551 You win this time!
552 I’ll make the decision for you
553 We are here broadcasting live!
554 Justice Fan In Action!
555 Drunk Berserk Lin Fan
556 An awesome youngster
557 This knowledge classification is unbelievable
558 A shockingly joyous occurrence!
559 A big explosion
560 Don’t sow discord between Elder Dog and me
561 Can’t find i
562 An event to hype things up
563 Nine pits
564 Never mess with pits again
565 Everyone is very caring
566 Terrifying! Really terrifying!
567 What are you trying to do?
568 It’s over
569 Despicable
570 It looks like chicken sh*
571 Something has happened!
572 Things are getting serious
573 Still too late
574 I'll handle i
575 Fighting with the God of Death
576 It isn't over ye
577 We know you're guilty
578 Time for Elder Dog to shine
579 Discovering a big secre
580 Overconfidence
581 I'm a righteous little citizen
582 Bursting with awesomeness
583 Righteous Fan has been falsely accused
584 I'll train him
585 A touched Lin Fan
586 It really succeeded
587 Opening of the Departmental Store
588 What do I do? I'm too welcomed!
589 That is rather stunning
590 Are you up for it?
591 Something really happened
592 You can always try your luck
593 Can't take being wronged
594 Nobita's Forgiveness Cap
595 Very regretful
596 Depends on my mood
597 This day is finally here
598 Come to me, Encyclopedic Points
599 A sharp rise
600 Drawn in
601 This guy acts strangely and mysteriously
602 Eliminate in one fell swoop
603 So cold and lifeless
604 The feeling is mutual
605 Take your dog paws away
606 D*mn i
607 I better pretend to fain
608 They came for Scorpion
609 Well then, go ahead
610 Pity, such a pity
611 Bending bullets
612 What is this?
613 He is that amazing
614 Are you scared?
615 Mission accomplished
616 Accidentally became invincible
617 Personally taking the blow
618 Looks like he is really powerful
619 Cursing in rage!
620 Do not fear, just do i
621 I'm The Successor
622 Let Me Show You
623 A Goat Entering A Tiger's Mouth
624 An Outburst Of Evil Intentions
625 I Am Really Arrogan
626 Using His Wealth
627 I Have To Take Him Down
628 Righteous Fan Has Entered An Evil Place
629 You Must Be Trying To Appease A Beggar
630 1 Billion Dollars
631 There's Something More Powerful
632 Is That Even Humanly Possible?
633 Yes, I Want To Give Myself Up
634 The Error Of My Ways
635 The Journalists Are Here
636 This Thing Just Got Huge
637 You Must Listen To Master Lin's Teachings
638 Send Off From The Entire City
639 I'm Turning My Phone Off
640 What Kind Of Explanation Is That?
641 I'll Bring The Kids To Fly With Me
642 Registering For Them
643 All The Best, Little Warriors
644 Let The Investigation Begin
645 This Problem Is Too Big
646 The Rigged First Prize
647 Asking For Death
648 Tigers Are Gentle Creatures
649 That's Illogical
650 The Firefighter Is Here
651 Stick Your Hand Ou
652 Liven Things Up
653 Understand?
654 This Turn Of Events Is Too Quick, Isn't It?
655 I'm Not That Type Of Person
656 Instantly Furious
657 Quarrel!
658 Let It Be Exposed!
659 Quit!
660 I'm Very Angry Right Now
661 Giving Too Much Face
662 Personally Come To Your Door
663 It's A Trick
664 Steady As F*ck
665 Respectful Studen
666 The Beginning
667 Ten Legendary Artworks
668 A Secret Getaway
669 Back to Beijing
670 Curious
671 Absolutely Wonderful
672 Continuing to Shock
673 Tomorrow will be the Last One
674 The Best is About To Emerge
675 Shocking Everyone
676 As Long As They Are Happy
677 Be Careful Who You Befriend
678 This is the Build-up to Something Major
679 The Two Overly-Aggressive Men
680 Best Way to Draw Their Hatred
681 Simpler Is Better
682 Yes, Just Like This!
683 Have you ever thought about my feelings?
684 Get On!
685 Let me show you my famous stunt!
686 Task completed!
687 Shocking!
688 I Haven’t Lived Enough!
689 Highest Evaluation
690 The Situation With Teacher Xia
691 A Painting Can Achieve Marriage
692 Something On My Mind
693 693 Get Out, I’m Not Going To Pain
694 Killing Intent Is Bursting Ou
695 Here We Go Again
696 It's Better If You Call Me Master Lin
697 Don't Go Yet, I'm Not Done Talking
698 The News Has Blown Up
699 That Person Is Me
700 This Is So Illogical!
701 Planting
702 Adoption Time
703 Despicable Relatives
704 This Isn't Over Ye
705 Endure, Endure
706 I'll Deal With You Today
707 This Is Big Trouble
708 Wait For Me To Become A Huge Music Star
709 Shocking The Interne
710 You Want Me To Become A Teacher?
711 Wasn't This A Little Too Cocky?
712 What Is The Name Of This Welfare Institute?
713 The Crowd Is Enraged
714 I Only Believe What I've Seen For Myself
715 A Waste Of My Encyclopedic Points
716 Calling To Threaten Me
717 Requesting Help From Master Lin
718 The Expert Savior
719 Let Me Do I
720 I Don't Know Either
721 The Aura Of A Mafia Boss
722 Trouble
723 Knock Knock, It's Me
724 This Is Very Interesting
725 The Live Broadcast Begins
726 The Atmosphere Doesn't Seem Righ
727 This Is More Like I
728 Like A Waterfall
729 We've Just Started
730 I Am Going To Uncover You
731 My Master Lin Is Just Too Awesome!
732 It's A Hit!
733 You Want To Cause Trouble?
734 Why Are You So Petty?
735 I'm Going To Take Your Dog Life
736 The Truth Will Always Be Here
737 Coming Out In Such A Rush
738 You Must Be Living In A Dream
739 You Regret It Now, Don't You?
740 The Blame Must Be Shouldered
741 Something Major Has Finally Happened
742 Am I Not Worth Anything?
743 I Was Young And Foolish
744 The Outburst Is Rather Intense
745 This Was Provoking Oneself
746 I Want to Sow Discord
747 Thought of this beforehand
748 Don’t You Think So?
749 Come And Beat Me If You Have The Guts!
750 She’ll Do Anything To Save Herself
751 One After Another
752 Task Accomplished
753 The End Of The Competition
754 A Little Worse Than Me
755 This Is Too Scary
756 I Am Very Low-Key
757 The Internet is Flaring Up
758 Everything has been settled
759 My Chance To Be Alone And Free
760 The Mute Uncle
761 Where Did This Old Man Come From?
762 Why am I so unlucky?
763 Fortunately
764 Something isn’t righ
765 765 I No Longer Do Fortune-Telling
766 You're so troublesome
767 Once again, you have offended someone
768 Unlocking Another Page of Knowledge
769 Come out, my Magical Dog!
770 You Need To Have A Heart Of Gratitude
771 President Huang, Thank You For Your Advice
772 Attack, my Elder Dog!
773 Righteous Elder Dog
774 Hopeless
775 Elder Dog’s migh
776 Are you trying to defy nature?
777 Elder Dog becomes famous!
778 Can't hide the truth
779 Doomed
780 How Shameless
781 This banner is quite good
782 Getting the goods
783 Asking for their salaries
784 Things got serious
785 Something is wrong
786 So much trouble
787 It's nothing much
788 I trust his character
789 What kind of relationship?
790 The puppies are ou
791 That's impossible
792 Payday
793 Parents are here
794 If I do that, I'll get chopped up
795 My brother is very troubled
796 Question marks
797 Going home
798 F*ck you mom
799 Let me resolve i
800 Awesome bragging
801 Righteousness will never disappear
802 Taking part in a sports show
803 This person is rather arrogan
804 The atmosphere is too intense
805 One Match to Determine the Winner
806 Exchanged
807 Where is the ball?
808 Hello, international friend
809 I feel like giving up this profession
810 The internet explodes
811 Master Lin is a good man
812 I am Henry Wang
813 Filled with anticipation
814 I’m the best in the world
815 Just eat i
816 How could you blame me?
817 This is food from the Heavens
818 This lousy shop?
819 A crazy impac
820 No worries, it’s a small problem
821 Let’s have some fun then
822 Miserable
823 Evolve, My Elder Dog
824 A gathering
825 Enormous shadow
826 Hello, Godfather Liu
827 Your presence is the best presen
828 You Don't Know
829 The pill concoction has started
830 My fans, I am coming
831 Where are you?
832 I have to report it!
833 The righteous Master Lin makes his move
834 It's just that incredible
835 I swear to the heavens that this wasn't intentional
836 Don't you know his character?
837 Stop disturbing me
838 What should we do?
839 So sinister
840 Let's brag a little
841 This has nothing to do with me
842 I really have no choice
843 Quickly disperse
844 Is there a problem?
845 We're going to see your abilities tonigh
846 How is he going to survive?
847 It was all his faul
848 You're lucky today
849 The uprising
850 Come if you dare
851 Who made our little baby so angry?
852 I'm a big fan of yours
853 Are you taking bribes?
854 Losing his head in anger
855 Giving them a huge amount of pleasure
856 Mutual business promotion
857 I'll just calmly accept i
858 Treatmen
859 Don't doubt your lives
860 I can't lose face
861 We're really curious too
862 D*mn! That happened too quickly
863 Such lousy bragging
864 Swollen face
865 I assure you I won't run away
866 I made the right decision to escape
867 Actually, I'm a deity
868 The 'Silent Priest'
869 Kindness
870 He will definitely recover
871 I can't tell you
872 I Have A Predestined Fate With A Taoist Pries
873 We Are Going To Be Good Friends
874 One step closer
875 How did an old priest like me offend you?
876 I know even more
877 Oh my, I finally see you in person
878 The priests are going to be moved again
879 Remember, we’re friends
880 Bro, you’re in serious trouble
881 Things are a little complicated
882 Packed With People
883 With a little hard work
884 Feeling excited just thinking about i
885 Intense discussion
886 Starting work
887 Don't end up with a red face
888 Countless people waiting
889 Complete the task!
890 The Major Classification of Angling
891 Manage what? It's going public!
892 What's the hurry? I'm coming…
893 No need to thank me
894 Cutting off countless avenues of wealth
895 Carefully analyze i
896 To hell with that!
897 What the hell am I fishing up?
898 I can’t be fishing up things from other worlds, right?
899 There must be a dirty secret involved
900 Can’t afford to offend him!
901 I want to buy Da Luo Jin Xian
902 Uncle is good-looking
903 I won’t attend to this
904 You should know it yourself
905 He really has a problem
906 I’m a powerful figure
907 Still acting cute, how shameless
908 It’s pretty good
909 Lil’ Fatty, the drama king
910 Getting disdainful looks
911 Extremely furious
912 Completely unfair
913 Remain silen
914 Can’t take it anymore
915 A perfect conclusion
916 We have to have a grand ceremony!
917 Immortality
918 This is an ambitious goal
919 Do a reading
920 This method is quite profound
921 Way too smooth
922 You have to take a detour!
923 Don’t affect my image
924 Quite a lot of people came
925 Something isn’t righ
926 Stupefied expression
927 Why do you know everything?
928 Master Lin’s social circle is quite insane
929 Are you sure you still want to do this?
930 You came back just like that?
931 Taking the money straight away
932 We have to keep developing
933 Impromptu visiting trip
934 Quietly watch you show off
935 Such a peaceful boot-licking ceremony
936 Don’t be fooled by his appearance
937 Right, that makes so much sense
938 Too perverse
939 Walking the whole way back
940 Failing bodily functions
941 Crazy fishing!
942 The task doesn't even matter anymore
943 You’ve finally come
944 Unleashed for the first time
945 Our destiny isn't over, understand?
946 I've just recovered!
947 Try me
948 A troublesome thing has come
949 Stockpiling
950 I’m making my move
951 Stop producing
952 Finally done
953 Scared of getting beaten to death
954 Pay respects to Master Lin
955 Don’t think absurdly
956 In the face of money, it collapses with a single blow
957 Relying on relations
958 I didn’t say that you were that kind of person
959 Delivering himself to their door
960 Will I receive the award?
961 If you don’t believe me, I can’t help i
962 He won’t even go? How awesome
963 Still believing in a miracle
964 A situation pops up
965 This event isn’t very well organized
966 This is a little scary
967 To the world!
968 A personal visi
969 But it’s just too hard
970 Frightening
971 This is very awkward
972 Clatter! A look of disbelief
973 I have to save you
974 I’m really innocen
975 I can’t be courteous with you
976 A big move
977 Appointed
978 A small public notice
979 If I can’t hammer you to death, I’ll give it to you
980 The association is going to be screwed
981 He’s full of confidence
982 I’ve agreed
983 Your Hands Must Be Really Long
984 Swaying the public’s opinion
985 How Can I Not Fight Back?
986 Easily Settled
987 It’s not too late
988 Unlocking new knowledge
989 A good person will live a life of peace
990 I can’t treat you
991 Tossing one with each hand
992 Beautifully bitten
993 Filial people are all kindhearted
994 You are a really strange person
995 He’s really been chosen
996 A dog relies on its own power
997 Even a ghost wouldn’t believe that!
998 As long as you have authority, you can do as you like
999 Silently waiting
1000 On site of the award presentation
1001 You really want to steal all the spotligh
1002 This is the main event of the day
1003 I'm an experienced driver
1004 Is that good enough?
1005 A dream to fulfill
1006 I probably made you a cuckold in my past life
1007 Undisciplined and out of control
1008 This place is very unhygienic
1009 Ah! Master Lin
1010 So much trouble for a bowl of noodles
1011 Searching for a targe
1012 It will bring you good luck
1013 Quick-witted maneuver
1014 Your dad is coming to whip you
1015 The meddlesome heart begins to stir
1016 Can you remove your Weibo post?
1017 Who the f*ck did this?
1018 Doggy is more ferocious than you
1019 Beginning a huge investigation
1020 A problem has occurred
1021 My fan is crying for help
1022 Making their hearts jittery
1023 The disaster-courting broadcaster
1024 The situation is gradually brewing
1025 I’ll just go in alone
1026 Really powerful
1027 A miracle is about to happen
1028 Comparing to others will only drive you mad
1029 Everything is f*cked
1030 Nothing wrong with that at all
1031 Don't you know about Meitu Xiu Xiu?
1032 A Random Encounter
1033 I Have Things To Settle With Your Boss
1034 We are going to give you a surprise
1035 Nothing to say
1036 These people aren’t interested in me
1037 My Dad’s Getting Snubbed
1038 What Is The Meaning Of This?
1039 Keep bragging, we’re listening
1040 This son of your classmate is not simple
1041 Why are you all here?
1042 He’s Master Lin!
1043 This is really f*cking awesome
1044 I can relax now
1045 Becoming realized
1046 Where do all these scandalous news come from?
1047 I’m handling the procedures
1048 Finding a big shot to help ou
1049 Feel like I’ve found a team
1050 Don’t feel like explaining
1051 Boss, give me another chance
1052 A target has appeared
1053 It’s better if I appear less often
1054 Done
1055 This situation needs some resolving
1056 This is really going to blow up
1057 These questions are incisive
1058 Master Lin is a powerful individual
1059 Serves you right to not have a girlfriend
1060 This was a mistake!
1061 Let’s go against each other
1062 It's bad, he's stirring trouble again
1063 Trust me
1064 We're just watching a game and you want to resell tickets
1065 Turns Out That I Had Such An Impac
1066 My reflexes are very fas
1067 Where the f*ck did this guy come from?
1068 I want to experience it once more
1069 Despair
1070 Number one in the world
1071 In utter despair
1072 Don’t be impulsive, impulse is a devil
1073 Don’t you think that you’re being too arrogant?
1074 This isn’t f*cking righ
1075 Stepping stone
1076 A direct scolding
1077 I can tell just by looking at your expression
1078 There’s a problem
1079 He mustn’t want to live
1080 Completely blown up
1081 We didn’t expect this either!
1082 This is f*cked up
1083 This is just a small matter
1084 We’ll be completely done for
1085 It turns out that Master Lin is so kind
1086 Who are you trying to poison?
1087 Do you want me to die from drinking?
1088 Shouldn’t I charge them an ambassador fee?
1089 I can’t face the association
1090 Ah, isn’t that President Lin?
1091 How could I be that kind of person?
1092 This is the smell of an exper
1093 I dabble a bit in everything
1094 That’s a little rash
1095 Experts are just that arrogan
1096 Come up if you dare
1097 It’s different when the master goes on stage
1098 Let me receive your teachings
1099 I’ll give all of you an exhibition
1100 I’m just alrigh
1101 This really makes me helpless
1102 Very normal moves
1103 A small idea
1104 Shock on the Interne
1105 It looks like I’m going to be the boss
1106 I don’t believe that he won’t become my master for half of my net worth
1107 Something big is going to happen
1108 Watch how I crush you
1109 He’s really going
1110 Crushing the whole way, no turning back
1111 You’re too impudent!
1112 There are many friendly people in the world
1113 This is a hooligan’s behavior
1114 They weren’t wrong, I’m just protesting
1115 Why are you so lowly?
1116 Simply a waste of my time
1117 How awesome is that?
1118 My true identity is a Fan fan
1119 This is a low-profile trip
1120 I didn’t draw any hatred, did I?
1121 Imparting knowledge
1122 I’m going all out tonigh
1123 Tonight, you two will kneel
1124 Take this
1125 Becoming a detective
1126 A big bunch of geniuses
1127 This is my biggest wish
1128 It’s just splashing some water and you’re dilly dallying
1129 Brother is f*cking awesome
1130 What kind of f*cked up elevator is this?
1131 You’re snatching my money
1132 Is this really my own father?
1133 It is really thorny
1134 This Master Lin has changed everyone
1135 If you clean up well, I’ll give you 500 dollars
1136 Wasting my time
1137 I can see through him with one look
1138 Online operations
1139 Starting developmen
1140 This is too fast, isn’t it?
1141 Are you trying to scare me to death?
1142 To everyone’s deligh
1143 I’m leaving this matter in your hands
1144 Collaboration established
1145 Master Lin has appeared!
1146 This is way too domineering
1147 Immense shock
1148 Organized protes
1149 I really didn’t do anything wrong
1150 Whatever you say
1151 Twent...twenty...
1152 Why are you blowing the air?
1153 Cloud Street’s most awesome
1154 A very happy cha
1155 Every country is paying attention
1156 Chief of hippies
1157 A very fashionable Fraud
1158 He really shouldn’t be messed with
1159 Who did you learn all this from? This is incredible!
1160 This photo makes me look bad!
1161 Come here
1162 Don’t cause trouble for yourself
1163 If no one helps, this would be embarrassing
1164 It’s me. What are you trying to do?
1165 Calling the paren
1166 I’m not f*cking stupid
1167 Consider it his misfortune
1168 The society’s standard of beauty has changed
1169 Casual gamble
1170 This is hell mode
1171 Fashion Emperor
1172 I’m not going
1173 The old one is better
1174 There’s a problem!
1175 An apology ceremony
1176 A great speech
1177 I really want to help you
1178 They're having an affair
1179 Everyone was stunned
1180 I'm that confiden
1181 Pinned hopes
1182 The online discussion
1183 This is i
1184 This shocked everyone and made me helpless
1185 That answer sucks
1186 Do you think I'm stupid?
1187 I’ll personally test i
1188 Slowly finding leads
1189 So he has AIDS too
1190 It’s finally done
1191 A joyous miracle
1192 Remorse! Remorse
1193 Joining in the fun
1194 So it’s because I’m old
1195 A joyous occasion
1196 My wall is going to be filled with prizes
1197 A large group of friends & relatives
1198 A grand scene
1199 That's an interesting question
1200 You seem like you do not respect me
1201 How many more titles are there?
1202 I can’t believe it’s...
1203 Who would dare to offend him now?
1204 I think all of them are suitable
1205 You are trying to set me up
1206 You can have as much as you wan
1207 Fulfilling their wishes
1208 Seize it forcibly
1209 If I can’t bluff you, I can’t bluff anyone
1210 These are for myself to wear
1211 No, I don’t want to!
1212 These things seem pretty interesting
1213 Making a move
1214 Crazy skills
1215 This is all I can do
1216 This is a bad sign
1217 Don’t ask irrelevant questions!
1218 Very calmly
1219 For your own safety, it’s best to stay out of i
1220 A tactful rejection
1221 I have to set things straigh
1222 Forget it, I’ll just blindly pick
1223 Surpassing Everyone’s Abilities
1224 Everyone was stunned
1225 You're working too hard
1226 Just relax
1227 I used to do this in the pas
1228 We have to find this fella
1229 An unexpected reward
1230 I'm very indifferen
1231 Maybe they hired them
1232 Look for me if something goes wrong
1233 Don't embarrass yourself
1234 The nervousness before going on stage
1235 A perfect performance
1236 One more yesterday
1237 The final competition
1238 The end of the show
1239 A perfect life