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A Sweet Life; To Become the CEO’s Beloved Wife
Author :Serendipity_19
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Li Wei only smiled at her reaction. She had been expecting that from her friend. And Shiye could only pinch the bridge of her nose helplessly. After approximately 5 minutes, sighing as an agreement, Shiye ask Li Wei with a bored tone.

"So, where are we going?"

"ARC Complex"

-- ARC Complex Dropping Point

"Miss Xiao and Miss Ming, We're here. What time should I fetch you two up?" Asked the chauffeur as soon as they arrived at the mall

"We will just call you when we're done. No need to stay, we might take a while."

"Ok young Miss. I shall be off now." The chauffeur got into the car and left.

Shiye tried to distract herself by accompanying Li Wei who is now on her Shopping Spree Mode, Yet when she sees a couple, she suddenly remember her happy moments with Chen Yan.

Unable to take the feelings anymore, Shiye ran to the first floor public bathroom.

On the other side, A young man in his mid-twenties with an aura of a king, disguise himself as a normal random people inside the complex pretending to be a buyer to conduct some investigation. As he was to enter a shoe store, a shadow of a woman ran past him and before he had the chance to stop her, he found himself on the floor of the store entrance bewildered by the woman's crying face as her shadow disappearing from his sight. It took him quite some time to recover what just happened an as he was about to stand up, he looked down at his right hand, there was a blue handkerchief on top.

Looking at the man on the floor for very long time with an intention of not getting up any moment soon, the security personnel can't take the sight of him sitting outside anymore so he approach him, waking the man up in his trance state.

"Excuse me sir, but you can't just sit here. This is an entrance doorway please stand up."

Jungli, having been disturbed by the personnel only nodded while standing up grabbing the handkerchief altogether. Without any words to say, Jungli left the store.

He went to the basement parking where his driver and secretary are waiting patiently.

"Young Master, Your Grandfather has arrived this morning and he requested your presence at the Ancestral Mansion."

Jungli sigh in frustration grabbing a white sweatshirt at the back of the car before replying.

"Proceed at the mansion. Message Butler min that I will be there at an hour…"

Feeling Jungli's hesitation, Hao Feng, Jungli's secretary as well as high school friend asks.

"Is there anything else sire?"

"Know the brand of this handkerchief and its owner's detail. It must a complete detail. I want this be done by the end of the day."

Jungli stared at the name tailored at the end corner of the Serviette before handling it to Hao Feng.

"As you wish Master"

Jungli nodded before turning to the side of the window staring outside while saying


After that, the car drove off.
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