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A Serenade for the Innocent
Author :blairehawthorne
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80 Lady

"You must be that man in everyone's lips right now."

I heard the serene voice of a woman coming from behind me. Instinctively, I pulled my feet away from Jimmy and turned my head towards the origin of the sound. There, I saw a woman who was wearing a familiar red dress along with a thick layer of makeup. No way... It's that model that the Plural Heights mall chain has been using since the '80s. Wait a minute... If that commercial came from the '80s, then this woman is...

"I see that you've met Jimmy. That's good to hear. At least I don't need to do any further introductions." The lady said as she walked towards the chair where Jimmy was sitting on earlier.

I then finally got a better look at her now that I have finally seen her up close. I was so awe-struck and shocked about the fact that I'm seeing her in the flesh after encountering her in hundreds of damned advertisements online. The lady in the red dress has long black hair that she permitted to flow into her shoulders, dripping into her back. Her skin looked so smooth, but oddly enough, from a careful observation based on my position, I could loosely guess that Jimmy has a softer and smoother skin than this lady. Weird and definitely something I have to remember since this Jimmy guy is a real fucking foot freak. Great masseur, still a foot freak.

Going back on topic, there's really nothing much I can say about the lady in the red dress, she's a woman. She has a pair of breasts, probably have some real vagina, and she has enough female characteristics for me to categorize her as such. She looks quite tall, too, and from what I can gather based on the limited time I have spent looking at her, she must be taller than me. Her bust is not that bit, but it's not at all flat either. Her waist is slender with that beautiful curvature that could tempt even the gods! Her dress drips towards her ankles, so I can see a bit of her smooth legs.

"What are you looking at, boy?" The lady in red said as she slowly crossed her feet, showing a bit more of her god-like charm through the most mundane movements. I could even barely hear Jimmy muttering to himself silently that goes something like, 'I couldn't be compared no matter how much I copy her.'

"I... nothing, um..."

"Did Jimmy gave you enough accommodation while I wasn't around?" The lady in red interrupted as she opened a folder that she had been holding for a while now. I didn't even notice she had something in her hands until now because I was so preoccupied at shooting glances throughout her body. She is the very embodiment of all goddesses of love that I have ever read in my entire shit-for-brains life.

"Uh-huh." I could only utter as much while I gawk at her magnificence. I started to realize that I'm sweating again, although the room is appropriately air-conditioned, unlike the hellscape outside in the actual mall.

"Great. Everything is set then. I heard that some... hmm... inconvenient accident happened earlier when you first came here. It really bummed me out because I know that these people are my responsibilities. None of us expected that you would visit us earlier than we had planned, so my ladies had..."

At this point, I already stopped listening to what she was talking about, all I know is that I feel like my stay here in this room has been heavenly so far. It would have been better if Jimmy is a young petite girl instead, but he's such a chill guy and a really accommodating host, so I just brushed off the earlier creepy foot thing. I mean, I also enjoyed it, so it's a win for both of us, I guess?

God, she is so beautiful. I always envisioned a woman like her welcoming me into my apartment after another tiring day at work. She would be wearing nothing but an apron, and she would smile at me lovingly with all the passion a woman can bring to a man. I would kill to see this lady in the red dress listen to me complain about my stupid coworkers while I ate the meal that she had prepared for me. I just can't imagine the many possibilities of—

"Sir?" I heard the Jimmy utter reluctantly as I felt her hands fondling my feet. "Are you okay?"

"Wha-? Yeah, sorry! I was just dozing off."

"I think he still has a bit of the side effects, Mother," Jimmy said before slowly standing up and walked towards the lady in red. He then started to whisper directly into her ear while the lady kept nodding as a frown appeared on her face. My goodness, even her angry expression is filled with so much feminine aura that I couldn't stop my dick from being so fucking hard that it can pretty much destroy the concrete walls of this mall singlehandedly with one forceful thrust.

"Give her 50 more lashings. I'll do the rest later." The lady in red instructed, but her eyes are still rooted towards me.

"Shall I inform them personally, Mother?" Jimmy replied with a newfound timidity that I haven't seen from him earlier.

"No need. Just text Sister Joan. You will stay here with me, James."

Jimmy then smiled broadly as he slightly bowed towards her. "Yes, Mother."

"Now, boy. I hope you didn't mind us talking so brashly about business in front of you." The lady in red said with a smile that could launch seven wars at sea.

"No, no. I-I understand..." I tried to reply, but I ended up biting my tongue midway.

"Don't be so nervous. It's just me!" The lady in red said with a chuckle as she slowly waved her hand around her. "Oh, where are my manners! My name is Veronica, but you can call me V for short. However, my associates in Plural Heights, along with my direct subordinates and the members of my spiritual healing group, call me Mother, but since you are still not a part of our growing community, you may call me however you like!"

"How generous of you, Mother," Jimmy responded after hearing the lady in red's words. However, she just ignored him as she continued to look at me.

"T-then, I guess, Veronica is fine." I meekly replied, followed by a soft chuckle.

"Excellent!" Veronica then clapped twice, and right there and then, Jimmy kneeled down beside her without question or any further reservations. "James, do take your coat off and head towards our visitor right there. Make sure you give him enough massage to make him comfortable. We will be here for a while, after all."

"Yes, Mother," Jimmy replied before crawling towards me, but his line of sight is directed only at my bare feet. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Don't be scared. James is not a pervert. He's just a very enthusiastic member of my group." She then chuckled as I allowed Jimmy to touch my feet once more. "This just further shows that my program affects people in a way that it awakened the greatness in them."

I was about to reply at what she had just said when suddenly, I felt a moist, soft, sponge-like texture traveling throughout my soles, accompanying it is a continuous streak of warm air hitting my feet. When I looked back to check at what was happening down there, I realized that Jimmy has taken the liberty to lick and sniff my feet while still moving his fingers on my soles in a circular motion.

"What the fuck!?" I shouted as I kicked Jimmy's face twice, making him bite his tongue accidentally. "What the fuck do you think you're doing, bitch! You're disgusting!" I said as I instinctively stood up while looking at Jimmy trembling on the floor with blood dripping all over his mouth.

"Sit down." I heard Veronica utter in a soft but commanding tone.

"What? Didn't you see what this—"

"I said, sit down, boy!"

As if I was grabbed by three muscular men coming from underneath the sofa, I suddenly dropped onto the soft furniture ass first as I gazed weakly but still adoringly at the woman who's sitting a few feet away from me.

"James, continue what you were doing to our guest," Veronica commanded with a blank expression plastered on her face.

"Yes... Mother..." Jimmy weakly whispered with a sob as he slowly started licking my feet once again with his bleeding tongue.

"Now, whatever James is doing to you right now is necessary for your comfort, do you understand?" Veronica said as she clenched her fist and slowly laid her head onto her knuckles.

"I-I... but..."

"You enjoy James' massage, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am." I blurted instinctively as if the primal part of me has told me that this lady has the capacity to mutilate my limbs just through her words alone.

"You enjoy James' tongue all over your feet, then, correct?"

"I... What, I..." I said as I slowly felt my surroundings collapsing like everything around me is just glass, and the more I tried to resist her voice, the more the glass around me cracks. No, I am speaking metaphorically, but I am not quite sure if I'm exaggerating or not. The arabesque walls, the gothic ceilings, and the Persian carpet all suddenly turned into a glass that is about to shatter once I rejected Veronica's words.

"Boy, I will not repeat myself," Veronica said with a stomp, further making my surroundings crack like my very reality is made out of nothing but thin glass. "you enjoy the way James worship your feet."

"I... N... Why, I..." I started muttering again, trying to tell her that I have not felt pleasure from the way Jimmy paints his saliva all over my sole, but the more I rejected her, the more I could feel my brain frying up like it was being kindled by a small ember that turned into a wildfire.

"You enjoy the way James worship your feet." Veronica started gritting her teeth as I could see my surroundings turn into mirrors that reflected us endlessly. There I saw myself sweating and crying as my spit drip out of my mouth while a darn figure hands behind me, standing there motionlessly while doing a T-pose.

"I enjoy..." As I gazed at the way my body turned so pale that I could swear I am turning into a literal white paper sheet, I started nodding my head as I could visibly see the way Jimmy licks and sniffs my feet on the mirror.

"That's right. Allow yourself to accept the truth. You enjoy the way James worship your feet." Veronica's tone started to get a bit gentler, which made the crack all around me to disappear as swiftly as they had appeared.

"I enjoy the way Jimmy worship your feet," I uttered as I started chuckling into my lonesome while I saw a broad smile forming on my face. I didn't know what was so funny, but all I could understand is that I love the feeling surging inside me. It felt like a sense of joy is invading the many nerves throughout my body until it finally conquered my brain.

I started laughing maniacally while Jimmy began rubbing my feet on his face, sniffing and licking it at the same time before thoroughly sucking on one of my big toe like his life depended on it. As he did so, the joy running throughout my body starts to strengthen until I could physically feel it spewing out of my mouth. Nonetheless, Jimmy still kept on devouring my feet as he moaned, groaned, and growled while he's doing it, creating a puddle of spit all over my feet, which he would then spread all over his face by putting my soles on his cheeks.

The dark entity behind me then started embracing my body very warmly and tightly as it scooped the globs of joy spilling out of my mouth and shoving it all back inside me once more as it started to kiss and caress my chest oh so gently and warmly with all the affection that a man could ever ask for from a loving female partner.

As the dark entity shoved a fistful of happy green slime inside of my mouth over and over again, I could feel those same blobs escaping through the hole in my lower body. This made me shake, and as I kept on laughing and laughing as happiness flooded my mouth.

"Very good!" Veronica then sat down, and everything around us suddenly turned into what it truly was. The dark entity disappeared, the room turned into its standard form again, the globs are nowhere to be found, but Jimmy still kept licking my feet. "Now, onto the matter at hand."
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