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25 ACT SEVEN: Scene 4

Akanji has not returned from his trip, and so one afternoon, Risi decides to see her friend Sunbo, who gave her the plan that made her to detect his husband's impotence. Sunbo is seeing her brother off when she sights Risi.

Sunbo: Risi, how are you?

Risi: [Exchanging the greeting with smiles, she draws closer and replies] Sunbo, My good friend. I am fine. How is your work?

[They embrace each other and walk inside. Sunbo prepares a seat for her and they both sit]

Risi: Who was that?

Sunbo: [Confused] Who?

Risi: The person I saw you with

Sunbo: Oh! That was my brother. He just came back from school.

Risi: [not believing] Tell me the truth is he your … [expecting a reply]

Sunbo: Come on. Don't you see we resemble each other? Besides, he's younger than I am.

Risi: It doesn't matter. People marry for different reasons.

Sunbo: [interjects] But not like this one.

Risi: [Changing the topic] You know my friend, you are a good adviser. Our plan is working out perfectly.

Sunbo: [joyful] Tell me something

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Risi: There is no problem at all. Things are working out perfectly. In fact, I guess he has got to know about it himself. He could only shout and yell at everyone in the house and nothing more.

Sunbo: There is no cause for alarm. He can't do more than that. You know he is in a difficult situation, and he will never let anyone beyond you people know about it, so he has no choice. Just make sure you keep it secret together with your new…[smiling].

Risi: [Also smiling] come one. I think it is natural. I mean, how can I stay in a house with an impotent man without doing anything about it. No woman can survive that. [They both laugh and cheer together. Risi is entertained and after that, she leaves.]