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21 ACT SIX: Scene 4


Back inside Akanji's house, narrating the story to his wife, he begins to caution her not to tell anybody else.

Risi: But is this how we are going to be forever? It can't be possible

Akanji: Whatever you need just tell me, I will do it.
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Risi: Well as the situation is presently, I think your driver would need to take over your responsibility as a husband

Akanji: [Interjects] What! God forbid. Sule?

Risi: Anything other than that will expose the secret.

Akanji: Okay, Okay [totally confused] I accept.

[Risi leaves while Akanji remains standing like a log of wood. Then suddenly he puts his hands on his head and cries out.]

Akanji: What have I done?

[He stands there still lamenting and thinking, when suddenly, he braces up, burst into laughter and starts talking to himself.]

Akanji: She couldn't possibly do that. She must be teasing me. I know she can't. Sule! No,

no, no, she was only joking. [He summons courage and returns back into the bathroom to finish up.]