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19 ACT SIX: Scene 2


Inside Akanji's house, he is in the bathroom taking his bath when suddenly Risi goes in with him almost nude. After much struggle in the bathroom, there is silence, then Risi later comes out with a finger in her mouth almost weeping.

Risi: So this is what you have been keeping from me all this while, Akanji!

Akanji: [coming out of the bathroom] You want to know and now you've known. Are you pleased?

Risi: So you are impotent!

Akanji: [quickly cuts in] shh [with one finger crossing his mouth] That should be kept secret okay.

Risi: But how come? You were not like this before now.
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Akanji: You caused it.

Risi: What do you mean?

[At this juncture, there is a flash back to the herbalist scene.]