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14 ACT FOUR: Scene 6


At the herbalist's shrine, the two are coming out of the shrine thanking the old man, with Akanji carrying a small pot covered with a white cloth in his hand.

Herbalist: Make sure you follow my instructions.
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Akanji: I will baba. Thank you.

They both return to Karimu's house where Akanji has decided to use the charm given to him.

Later that night, Akanji, alone in the room, as he has been instructed, uncovered the pot, shakily drinks the water in it. He pauses a little to see what will happen but feels nothing. Then he covers the pot again with the white cloth and placed it on top of a large wooden box which he has earlier prepared for the purpose and which is laying over his head where he sleeps.

The next morning when he wakes up, he fells a little bit of stomach disorder, but he revives immediately to open the box. He removes the pot and placed it on the ground, then he opens the wooden box.

Akanji [with his two arms stretched firmly up he shouted] I am rich!