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7 ACT THREE: Scene 2

At Risi's father's house, the girl is busy with firewood outside when she sights Akanji in his flowing Agbada together with Karimu also neatly dressed.

The girl earlier told Akanji to see his parents for approval on what they earlier discussed. She kneels down and greets them as they approach and then goes inside to inform her parents. She later comes out to set chairs for them to sit.

As her parents appear the two men prostrate flat on the ground and refuse to stand up. Risi's father makes an effort to lift Akanji up, and so he yields.

Baba Risi: Our daughter has told us about you and we are pleased to see you today.

Iya Risi: [Calling on her only daughter] Risi, bring water for our in-laws.

[But the two men declined, saying they are comfortable]

Baba Risi: Sorry o, but do you still have parents.

Akanji: I have lost my parents and I happened to be the only child. But, you see my friend here is like a brother to me. I take him as my relation.

Baba Risi: Very good. Now, we would like to know what you do for a living. Are you a hunter or a farmer, or… [stammering] we would like to know your occupation.

Akanji: Didn't she tell you? I am a big man in this village. I have lands that cover several acres and a personal house of my own. [He is referring to the land he inherited from his parents, which he has sold several years back as he could not use them for any meaningful purpose. He continues.] You can ask anybody in this village they all know me.

Karimu: That is true Sir. We are highly reckoned with in this village. Nothing happens here without our knowledge.

Iya Risi: [cuts in] Anyone who sees you will know that is true.
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Baba Risi: [Looking at his wife with anger on his face, he turns to the two.] You said you will not take anything. Alright it is our honour to have you here with us today. We will let you know our mind later on.

[The two men prostrate again and bid farewell. As they leave Risi's father begins to chide his wife for her unbridled tongue.]

Baba Risi: You women, you get carried away by what you see. As far as I know, that man is nothing but a bully, a fighter. I saw him one day pursuing a man with a dane – gun in his hand, and now he is telling me he is not a hunter. Then, what could he have been using a gun for? Shooting people all round? My daughter will never get married to a man like that.

Iya Risi: It's a lie. Risi is going to marry that man and there is nothing you can do about that. He is a chief. Or do you want to marry your own daughter?

Baba Risi: I am only trying to save her head. But if you decide to go ahead with it, I wash my hands off it, and if that happens she should never call herself my daughter again.

[The man goes back inside the house angrily leaving his wife outside who is yelling at him]