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5 What is cultiva.. What is tha

He was given his special house in the back of the cathedral.

Carring him through the school section of the castle he drew alot of attention as he seemed to glow.

The castle spirits who ran the place in the form of cooking and cleaning would later have to deal with a lot of mopping up of strange liquids which would've made any man feel like he was in heaven.

After he was placed in a plain room with white walls and white sheets the girls left except for Suzanna who was supposed to take care of and watch over Timothias.

The rules that he had to follow would be strick so the White Lily decided it should be from someone who is both wise and powerful as well as familiar.

'God I he's perfect he's so delicate I wonder what happened to him? Oh gosh I hope he's ok, damn I really wanna see how he looks maybe I should take this wierd thing off.'

He was wearing a leather jacket and a shirt that said over the topsoil. She took a bit to take off the zipper as she's never seen one before. After that she felt his body and even at rest his abs and chest felt strong and sure. Noticing her panties were soaking wet she lifted her flowing blue robes and took off her lace thong and along with all the other clothes the girls and quickly woven with plant chi essence.

Hiding her panties in his underwear drawer being the only inconspicuous place as he started groaning as he woke up.

"Hey Timothy, how are you?"

"Excellent, did you feed me something because I feel free and just full of energy?"

"No, but I have been tasked with telling you your rules and boundaries as you are the only male allowed within the sects boundaries. However, since you are a male you cannot be a true member of the white lily so your position here is precarious. That being said since you're under my jurisdiction I'll be giving you some leeway but of you misbehave I'll be punished for your actions."

"OK I understand please just tell me the rules."

"Well, no being alone with a girl, you must be with at least a lower echelon member or a swan in order to be in areas otherwise unsupervised. As well as you should get rid of that smell on you that's disturbing."

"I don't know any smell Im not wearing anything... its just me"

"Well.. Alright you will start cultivation soon and it's expected that you will do exceptionally well so you have been given access to the library with no restrictions to best make you powerful."

With a confused face and in a tone of meloncholy "what is cultivation?"

Suzanna stared at him in wonderment and confusion 'how can he be so unknowledgable'. So she started explain the levels starting with Condensing realm and up to Elemental selection.

"Anything else is just too far above your reach however you're far behind as Zaila is one level above that so you are behind the 8 ball."

"gulp" 'uh oh I have a long way to go I wonder what happened in that mirror and why is she looking at me like I can be amazing?'

"When you are ready Jalisandra will take you to the library of cultivation along with Marisella.

Due to your appearance many girls will behave unprofessionally but you must not take advantage of them or you will be expelled or exicuted."

(massive intake of breath) Timothias is speachless and can't breathe and in the end passes out only to wake up alone.

'Hmm what is this' as he feels a damp spot on his bed where Suzanna was sitting. He notices several stains leading towards his dresser. On the highest drawer there is a wet mark staining the wood and he opens it and moved the boxer short underwear around till he finds.

"OH GOSH" 'women's panties??? Did Suz leave them here? Wow they are soaked'

He then grabbed them and sniffed them as he fell asleep. (His body still being accommodated to his new spiritual pathways and dantian.)