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A New Dawn


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Updates:105 ... only to be a mirage.

Leilade lives a pretty simple life. As a commander inside the demon army and one of their greatest mages, she only has to deal with logistic problems and not really need to fight at all. But when the race opposing them manages to assemble something they shouldn“t have, the life of Leilade is ruined.

By a miracle, she and some demons survived, only to find out that they are not on the sam...
《A New Dawn》 Volume 1
1 The first Triumvirate
2 The Empress of the Underworld
3 Leilade Octavius
4 32's name
5 The rise of a genius
6 Blulu Blu?
7 Blululu Part II
8 The Portal
9 A Brand New World
10 The First Encounter
11 Do you understand me?
12 The princess Mu?rne
13 I am here peacefully
14 The Vault of the Souls
15 Problems in a Starry Nigh
16 The Herald of Leilade
17 Separation in the New World
18 No longer human
19 A Terrifying Hunger
20 Finding the 13th Legion
21 The Dark Gods Have Returned
《A New Dawn》 Volume 2
22 Seven Friendly Faces
23 The Warrior's Res
24 Failure. Next.
25 Failed or Unlucky?
26 Arrival at the Academy
27 Old Man Moo
28 A rebel studen
29 News from the other side
30 An Unwanted Acciden
31 Privilege and Favoritism
32 A Glutonous Girl
33 Friendly Sparring
34 A Familiar Teacher
35 Three ... Five Times
36 A Cold Teacher
37 The Fiv... Three Great Calamities
38 Ma'aka, the Underlord
39 What are the Magic Circles?
40 The Library of Massalia
41 The Adventures of Davion and Meridiana
42 Full Recovery
43 The Unkown Underground
44 Aether and C'Thalium
45 The Life of an Adventurer
46 Suspicions of Weakness
47 Three-Legs
48 Trying a Shortcu
49 A Missed Rendez-Vous
50 An Offer in a Snowy Mountain
51 The Organization
52 A White Hand in a Black Glove
53 An incredibly Hard Tes
54 Happy Childhood
55 Surprise, Surprise!
56 Arthar Rodil
57 Priviliege and Fate
58 A Friendly Sparring
59 A not so Friendly Punishmen
60 Prison or Trap?
61 Her True Form
62 Confirmation
63 What we need?
64 Construction in progress
《A New Dawn》 Volume 0
-1 Bestiary
《A New Dawn》 Volume 3
65 Ancient's Compendium : The Saksa
66 A New Threat in the Sand
67 An useless escape
68 A Monster My Lord
69 A Minor Victory?
70 A Futil Escape
71 An Omnious Bomb in the Sand
72 Hundreds of soliders in the desert...
73 One duvodiad appeared ...
74 And then, there was none...
75 Unwanted Rodents
76 A Predator turned into a Prey
77 The unfortunate Arche
78 Where evil and demon meet?
79 An Inconspicuous Employee
80 Gwendoline has the eyes green
81 A Misunderstood Cul
82 The Forgotten Duel
83 Speed against Patience
84 One versus Six
85 An Unexpected Proposition
86 Life and Death, Black and White
87 They are Dumb. And Na?ve.
88 No one ever made it out alive
89 The tomb of Tarlakh
90 Cultist Lair on Sale, Big Discoun
91 An Army of Undead
92 Now these points of data make a beautiful line
93 We are out of beta we releasing on time
94 Two Living Liches
92 We are out of beta we releasing on time
93 Two Living Liches
94 A Brewing Storm
95 Seron, the captain of the guards
96 So it begins
97 Blood on the walls
98 Bravely Run Away
99 Shadows in the Nigh
100 A Required Help.
101 Frostbound ...
102 An ordered retrea
103 Truth or Lie?
104 An opportunity arise ...
105 ... only to be a mirage.