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A Martial Odyssey


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《A Martial Odyssey》 Volume 1
1 The Mysterious Lady in Yellow
2 The Celestial Fairy
3 The Icy Heavenly Tears
4 The Battle at Mt. Heavenly
5 Jade and Beautiful Sword Fairies
6 Gongsun Jing
7 The Divine Horizon Hands
8 The Treachery of the Martial Fraternity
9 Ji Lingfeng
10 Aspire Invocations Intricate Recite
11 The Martial Secrets of the Yellow Dressed Maiden
12 Nangong Le
13 Gongsun Manor
14 Zuo Tianyi
15 The Grand Master of the Honor Manor
16 The Virtuous Palace
17 The Secret Celestial Group
18 Xiao Youxue
19 The Divine Dragon Pill
20 The Thousand Year Ice Cavern
21 The Absolute Spirits Intricate Formula
22 Ambush!
23 The Heavenly Temptress
24 The Origin of the Virtuous Palace
25 The New Virtuous Palace
26 Memories
27 The Terrible Truth
28 Eternal Ice Palace vs. the Virtuous Palace!
29 The Celestial Fairy vs. the Heavenly Temptress
30 A Bitter Lie
31 The Top Exponent from the Virtuous Palace
32 The Joyful Goddess
33 Unexpected Reversals
34 True Friends
35 Lost Hopes and Renewal of Faith
36 The Secrets of the Celestial Palace
37 The Deadly Celestial Annihilating Star Formations
38 The Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace
39 Melody Star and Luminous Star
40 The Perfect Storm
41 The Heavenly Temptress vs. the Joyful Goddess
42 Sisters of the Fate
43 The Emptiness Translucence
44 Surprise Reversals
45 The Heavenly Relic
46 The Celestial Star Formation
47 The Five Element Clan
48 Celestial Star Formation vs. the Divine Rejuvenation Force
49 Guardians of the Holy Chapter
50 The Celestial Liege
51 Secrets of the Divine Calamity
52 The Absolute Equilibrium Force
53 The Martial Sage
54 Reciprocate of the Hearts
55 The Rise of the Heretic Sec
56 The Universal Force
57 The Fiery Phoenix and the Blue Heavens Divine Sword
58 The Ascension Sec
59 The Number One Swordsman in the Fraternity
60 The White Sage of Emptiness
61 The White Sage and the Three Star Sisters of Fate
62 Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden & Endor Vixen Fairy
63 The Birth of the Two Celestial Swords
64 A Heroic Figh
65 The Heaveness
66 The Dark Celestials
67 The Infinity-Zero
68 Melancholy Farewell
69 The Divine Calamity
70 The Lightning Calamity
71 The Three Celestial Maidens
72 The Fiery Phoenix
73 The Ancient Celestials
74 The Celestial Divinity Stages
75 The Celestial Liege Again!
76 The Jade Emperor
77 The Prime Celestials
78 The Ultimate Celestial Star Formation
79 The Cosmos Stellar Formation
80 The Celestial Realm
81 The Awakening of the Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword
82 The Stellar Heaven Fairy
83 The Heaven Eyes
84 The Celestial Fairy and Heavenly Temptress
85 The Universal Old Man
86 The Dominating Aura Clan
87 The Ascension Goddess
88 The Despairing Heavenly and the Perpetual Darkness
89 The New Domain Lord
90 The Forget Affections Wine
91 The Divine Virtuous Force vs. the Dominating Force
92 The Secrets of the Heaveness
93 The Celestial Star Char
94 The Tranquil City
95 The Three Immortal Sword Sages
96 The Immortal Saint of Swords
97 The Infinity Swordplay vs. the Virtuous Swordplay
98 The Eternal Heavenly Tears
99 The Inverting Eternal Occurrence
100 The Immortal Saint of Swords
101 The Celestial Alice Divine Sword
102 Celestial Antonym Alice, Celestial Synonym Alice
103 Destinies Reunited
104 The Astronomic Stellar Formation
105 The Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos?
106 The Four Aggregates Sword Formation
107 The Epicenter of the Astronomic Stellar Formation
108 The Three Known Realms
109 The Heavenly Wraths
110 The Unmoving Mountains
111 The Golden Ascension Hall
112 The Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword
113 The Goddess Celestial Alice
114 The Lord Supreme
115 The Holy Ascension Sec
116 Secrets of the Eclipse and Axis Goddess
117 The Pangu Clan
118 The Eternal City at Beyond
119 The Stellar Sanctuary
120 The New Leader of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan
121 The Celestial Aiel Sect and the Martial Deviant Clan
122 The Celestial Mistress
123 Goddess Aiel the Heavenly Tears of the Melody Palace
124 The Celeste Wind Maiden
125 The Exalt Heaven Fairy
126 The Martial Grandmaster
127 The Divine Constellation Sword
128 Chapter 128: The Celestial Fairy vs. the Goddess Isa
129 The lcy Dragon Maiden
130 The Green Dragon Sacred Sword
131 The Two Ascendant Custodians
132 Priestesses of the Goddess Theocracy
133 The Goddess Theocracy
134 The Divine Lo
135 The Eternal Goddess
136 The Crimson Gates of the Stellar Sanctuary
137 Inside the Stellar Sanctuary
138 The Ultimate Heavens Encompassing Stroke!
139 The Great Arcanum
140 Trials of the Stellar Sanctuary
141 The Peacock Heresy
142 The Guardian of the Tenth Floor
143 The Eight Heavenly Dragon Generals
144 The White Sage
145 The Goddess of Mercy vs. the Goddess Asura
146 The Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity
147 Prelude to Battle Heavens
148 War of the Immortals
149 The First Immortals
150 The Three Pinnacle Flower Stance
151 Surprise Reunion
152 The Great Ascetic Heavenly King
153 The Universal Harmonic Chain
154 The Esper Formation
155 The Unchained Melody
156 Uneasy Truce
157 The Essential Righteous Energy
158 The Divine Practice
159 Memories
160 Farewell
161 The Deific Divine Skill
162 The Iron Formation
163 The Predestined Eighteen
164 Divine Revelations of the Darkswords
165 The Divine Trinity Fire
166 The Eternal Light and the Blessed Heaven
167 The Ancient Swords Pool
168 The Terrifying Boss of the Thirty-Eight Floor
169 The Sanctorum Relic
170 The Dark Primordial and Great Ascetic Heavenly Kings
171 The Martial Emperor Unifying Force
172 The Goddess Asura
173 The Sanctorum Manifesting of the Celestial Alice
174 The Mystique Core Divine Pill
175 Chapter 175: The Path of Immortality
176 Level X
177 The Great Goddess Fantian
178 The Western Paradise Heavenly King
179 Thousand Memory Swords
180 The Ancient Heavenly Sage King
181 The Golden Invincible Force
182 The Immortal Hero of the Three Known Realms
183 The Divine Nine Cauldron and the Divine Icefire Skill
184 The Dark Emperor Robe
185 The New Martial Grandmaster!
186 The Fantian Sovereign Sword
187 The Eighth Immortal Positioning!
188 The Great Desolate Goddess
189 Dual Divine Harmonizing!
190 New Brotherhood
191 The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess
192 The Great Desolate Force
193 The Ninth Immortal Positioning
194 The Eternal Lotus
195 The Desolate Cauldron Goddess
196 The Cosmos Water Formation
197 The Secrets of the Stellar Sanctuary
198 Reunification
199 The Blue Aura Divine Pill
200 The Ten Thousands Celestial Formation
201 The Guardian Divine Naga
202 The Second Feather Sword Shard
203 Secrets of the Feather Sword Shards
204 Dual Celestial
205 The Divine Purgatory Fire Formation
206 The Infernal Demon Beas
207 Level 84th
208 The Peace before the Storm
209 The Pangu Monumen
210 The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage
211 The Heaveness’ Secre
212 The Flower of Life
213 Mirror of Transmigration
214 Deadly Duels
215 The Secret Lore of the Immortals
216 The Divine Avant Sword
217 The True Celestial Alice!
218 The Alma of the Great God Pangu
219 The Manifestation of the Flower of Life!
220 Might is Righ
221 The Heaveness Tear
222 The secrets of the Stellar Sanctuary
223 Floor 90th
224 The Death Gate of the 90th Floor
225 The Monster Bestial Typhon
226 Floor 93rd
227 The Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity
228 The Heaven Defying Sword
229 The Secrets of Immortality
230 Floor 100th
231 Three as One
232 Divine Armor of the Great God Pangu
233 The Stairway of Heavens
234 The Divine Stellar Ligh
235 The Martial Unifying Level
236 The Creation Universe Force
237 The Ancient Fortress
238 The World Ruler Fu Xi
239 The Warrior-Gods
240 The Goddess Lessica
241 The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien
242 The Great Lord Shenmu
243 The Alluring Goddess Theresa
244 The Firmament Citadel
245 The Omnipotent Creation Armor
246 Homecoming
247 The Collapse of the Stellar Sanctuary
248 The Martial Fraternity
249 The Divine Wrath
250 The Immortal Realm
251 Epilogue
252 Epilogue 2