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Chapter 261 Just at beginning

We were still here in the evening. Su Jun had sent all his soldiers out to install temporary monitor in the village so that they can see all the things happened in the whole village.

And I had been staying in open space of the entrance of the village, a temporary command post where is filled with busy policemen. I got old man-Mr. Zhang to expiate the sins of the dead. The Soviets came to ask me several times, then left with useless information. If it were not for Shi Xiaodie, I would leave here as quickly as possible. As for the number of people, died in the hands of the woman surnamed Zhang, had nothing to do with me.

As night fell, the village’s nights were much quieter than city’s. And the temperature here was far lower than city’s. The Soviets did not arrange room to sleep for me because I didn’t provide them with useful information just now. They might be angry with me. So I had to continue my staying in the open space, curled up and looked at the monitor, which was just set up. Just when I was drowsy, a voice woke me up, saying “Something happens”. A policeman was showing the monitor screen to the Soviets. Out of curiosity, I fixed my eyes on the screen, which pictured a man was walking slowly on the only road of the village, seemed to be normal but considering his naked body, it was obvious that something happens.

I took a deep breathe, feeling that the weather was so cold. The Soviets did not sent soldiers to catch him because the naked man was heading in the direction of the entrance of the village. “Attention, everyone, out of danger.” “Group one is normal.” “Group two is normal.” “Group three…”

I showed my curious about the Soviets’ preparations, for it was my first time to see someone using scientific and technological means to deal with ghosts. At that time, the naked man was gradually close to the entrance of the village, while several policemen with water guns were slowly approaching him to my surprise. I sniffed the faint smell of blood in the air and asked in a curious tone “Is the black dog blood in water guns?” The face of the solider I asked rarely blushed and turned his head, ignoring me totally.

The man was about 40 years old, with his body naked and frozen to blue, remaining expressionless. It seemed that he didn’t see us at all. And he just went down the entrance to get out of the village.
The Soviets ordered “Move.” With the plan in their mind, several policemen armed with water guns had sprayed black dog blood to the naked man, which only made him to be completely bloodied and something terrible were still here.
The Soviets took a look at me, and then rushed up with a few cops, tying him up with thick ropes. It appears to be that he was still walking even though he was put on the ground.

I could clearly see the soul, who was the exact same as the naked man, walking in front of the man. While the Soviets couldn’t see it. The man, although controlled by the Soviets physically, his soul was still moving forward.

May be the Soviets realized that I had fixed my eyes on other places and asked me “What are you looking at and have you found something abnormal?” I looked at him with nothing to reply. The Soviets had no choice but said “Life is the most important thing for we policemen no matter what you think. Even if the man doesn’t deserve his life, he shouldn’t die in this way.”

Looking at his righteous face, it struck me that the reason why he didn’t think that the woman surnamed Zhang was ugly. He was so in deep love with justice. I replied placidly “His soul was still moving and was about to get out of the village.” He immediately looked outside and naturally found nothing. “How can I get your favor?” I thought for a while and said “Do you know what happened to that woman? The answer is absolutely no. Do you know how to get the bad to be sanctioned? Innocent ghosts don’t have to free themselves by killing people. In a more professional way, if we can figure out how the thing happens, we can solve it.”

I didn’t think I had made a clear point, but the Soviets seemed to understand. His expression on his face turned more softly, said “yes, once the bad are punished, innocent ghosts can get their freedom, right?” I nodded, looking at him in a gratified way. Without looking at me, the Soviets just instructed a policeman to bring the head of village here.

Zheng Dayou, the sleepy head of the village, was soon brought in. At the sight of the man on the ground, who had been tied up, he was so frighten that woke up. The Soviets inquired something about that woman surnamed Zhang of him, but Zheng Dayou could not coordinate with the Soviets. He only told us something we had already known, with nothing fresh. I could tell that he had something to hide, let alone the Soviets. Facing this, the Soviets had to stop asking him. Looking at the man who was tied up, Zheng Dayou asked the leader of the Soviets “What is wrong with Gouzi, Captain Su?” I answered ahead of the leader “Was his name Gouzi? His soul was bewitched by a woman, who surnames Zhang in accordance with our initial analysis.” His face suddenly changed and his tone got tied, saying “The officer is so funny. There is no ghost at all in the world.” Having finished his words, Zheng Dayou stumbled onward. I pouted my lips in his direction, hinting that Soviets should send someone to put Zheng Dayou under surveillance. The Soviets clearly knew what I hinted and did as I hinted.

The Soviets took a another look at Gouzi, saying “Damn it! Zheng Dayou doesn’t even care about his villagers. How can he deny that the existence of ghosts!” I only smiled, with no words, still wondering the reason why something terrible always happen remote places. The Soviets looked at Gouzi, who was still walking like a machine, asked “How do we deal with him?” I caught a glimpse of the old man-Mr. Zhang, saying “Are you familiar with guiding ghosts? Go and have a try.”
The old man was so merciful that he could never stomach waiting to try. Hearing my words, he nodded excitedly, took his stuff, and strode towards areas outside the village. Judging from his behavior, the old man seemed not to be in his seventies. Being shocked, the Soviets hurriedly dispatched two policemen to help him. The mean-spirited policeman wore a half-smile and said to me “I thought you didn’t care.” I was too tired of the conversation to directly turn my head to see the screen of monitor. At the sight of the screen, I was stunned. Right at the corner of the screen, something lighter, dangling from time to time, seemed like man’s feet.

The Soviets scolded the policeman in charge of the monitor “Damn it!Why can’t you discover this? Follow me!” Several cops left with the Soviets and I thought for a while and pursued them.

The location where monitor sets was on the only road of the village. At the moment, a naked man hung on a big tree in the middle of the road, swaying with the wind. I knew this guy, whose name was Zheng Wen. “How could he climb up such a tall tree?” a policeman said suspiciously.