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Chapter 260 People began to die

Mrs. Zhang put her hand on Su Jun’s chest for a long time, and then silently took it back, the mighty “Guo” shape face showing a trace of sadness.

I looked at the Su Jun in a weird way. This guy's aesthetic was very strange.

The Su Jun said in time: "Can you release my colleagues?"

"It does not depend on me, but on him."

Mrs. Zhang's voice was gentler, and she turned back slowly, at last, the TV turned off.

The little policeman sitting beside whose name was Xiao Zhou, fell on the sofa as if he had no bone. At the same time, a sound of something fell onto the floor came out from the room.

Su Jun skillfully put his hands-on Xiao Zhou’s carotid artery and then he took a deep breath and started to make a phone call.

Soon, police cars and ambulances arrived, and three police officers and us were took to hospital.

After inspections, Xiao Zhou and another police officer were just frightened plus a little skin trauma. Nothing was serious with them.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t manage to wake up. The whole person was laying in bed like a dead body, but his eyeballs turned violently under eyelids.

Su Jun looked at Xiao Chen and asked a doctor: "What's going on with him?"

The doctor was also puzzled: "He looks like dreaming. His brain activity is very intense, but we fail to wake him up. What’s more, we have injected him a sedative but there is no effect."

Su Jun looked at me and I shook my head. Although Xiao Chen had residual grievance, it would not have caused such an effect. I did not find any existence of phantasmagoria, Xiao Chen just looked like dreaming as usual.

At this time, Xiao Zhou walked in with his colleague's help.

Su Jun frowned: "why are you walking around instead of resting?"

The horror on Xiao Zhou’s face had not yet exhausted. But he looked fearless: “I’d like to take a look at brother Chen and his wife.”

“His wife”, me and the Su Jun looked at each other, fuck! I suddenly reminded the phone call from Xiao Chen, it was his wife who threw away the spiritual tablet. We did not even notice this detail.

Su Jun went out with his face looked bad. Me and old man Zhang also got out of the room.

"Master, why don't you catch this ghost?”

I glanced at old man Zhang whose face was fill with doubt: " that's a grievance ghost, her grievance is very heavy, even heaven and earth allow her revenge, if I catch her, not only is not good, but also make me have some cause and effect with her. People said Taoist magic arts, what is Taoist? Tao is the principle of heaven and earth.”

Old man Zhang nodded, I saw him didn’t understanding clearly, so I simply taught him some basic knowledge.

I didn’t know how long we talked, a policeman came over in hurry, he said Xiao Chen's wife was found. Su Jun let him take us to her.

We soon arrived the residential district of Xiao Chen's home, the police took us to the rear gate of the residential district after some detours.

We found noise and shouts in great commotion before we found Xiao Chen’s wife. There was a heavy stench that made people vomit.

The police lead the way, I covered my nose while walking through the discussing crowd. Su Jun walked ahead and talked with several firefighters.

And not far in front of the Su Jun, was the septic tank of the residential district, the lid had been opened, a woman in pajamas, was looking for something in the septic tank, stirring the entire septic tank.

"Ugly" I couldn't help but retched a few times. Relics on the ground had already showed that there had been more than one had vomited.

Su Jun also saw me at that moment, he strode along.

“Are you okay?”

I shook my head forcibly, but I couldn't stand still at last. I took Su Jun to the side. It took a while for the spasm of my stomach relieved. I asked, "What is going on?"

Su Jun shook his head and said: "That's Xiao Chen's wife. I don't know how she throw the spirit tablet into the septic tank. She is now looking for it crazily there."

" So she just searching like this?”

Su Jun nodded and looked strange: " she dives down to search just now.”

" Oh"

I strongly suspect that the Su Jun was intentional.

"You do her a favor, it is so..."

I nodded at first but shook my head at last. "Remember what that woman said? She has let them go, now it is them who don't let themselves go, or you can think it in this way, they have been scared to crazy.”

" Already crazy?”

"Not yet, as long as they can come out, otherwise they are crazy.”

Su Jun silently nodded: "How about now?"

"Get her out forcibly, if fail, try some anesthesia machine."

Su Jun started to arrange for actions. I quickly left there with old man Zhang. I could imagine how beautiful the latter scene will be. I didn’t think my weak heart and liver could appreciate such beauty.

Su Jun went quickly and got back quickly. As soon as he saw us, he hurriedly told us: "Hurry, Zheng Chen's hometown has an accident."

" Have found Shi Xiaodie’s body?”

" No.”

Su Jun trotted to his car directly. me and old man Zhang looked at each other, then hurried to catch up. Did Su Jun could not stand with the wonderful scene?

When we got on, the Su Jun drove as fast as possible. While driving, he told us that just in yesterday evening, three people died one after one in Zheng Chen’s hometown, but the deaths were different. It was not the kind of dried corpse before.

"It seems that woman Zhang went back." I said slowly.

If it was woman Zhang who did it, I believe that those people were all deserved the death, in this case, I was not willing to get into it, although I still didn’t know what happened to woman Zhang in this small village.

Entered the village, villagers and police were standing around the entrance of village.

I got off car, there were three bodies lying on an open space on one side of the entrance of village.

I could feel a slight grievance from these bodies without seeing them, I was sure that it must be done by woman Zhang's hand.

Su Jun kept staring at me, he seemed wanting to get extra information from me, but I was silent.

Su Jun was helpless, he could only ask others how these happened.

Villagers gabbled out messily, which made a simple story become complicated, mysterious, sad and touching. Finally, Su Jun didn’t get useful information of what actually happened last night until he couldn't listen anymore and lose his temper.

The fact was very simple, those three villagers did the same thing in different time. Then they were found dead later.

To this, I didn't listen to details, instead, I grabbed a police officer whom I familiar with, I asked him about the search of Shi Xiaodie’s body.

Unfortunately, the police still found nothing.

Su Jun came and looked at me discontentedly: " three people died in one by one in the village.”

I nodded and said, " well, I see.”

"No matter how pity she is, she should not pass her pain onto others, especially killing people.”

I took a glance at Su Jun: " you're right, but telling to a wrong one, you should tell her instead, in addition, the pain she suffered is definitely not so simply that only three dead people lying on the ground could explain, do you think it is easy to become a grievance ghost? ”

Su Jun looked at me in surprise, it seemed that he didn’t understand why I spoke like this.

I waved and walked to aside, I didn’t know why my heart was full of a kind of nameless dysphoria, was it because of that familiar grievance of woman Zhang?