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Chapter 254 Making Mistakes

In my heart, I suddenly felt like thousands of horses rushed past. Now it was not time to turn and run away. I could only watch the two policemen come closer.

"Master, just put all the things on me, I was over 70. They can’t do anything to me?"

Old man Zhang whispered in my ear.

I took a look at old man Zhang. This old man was still quite reliable.

After the two police officers approached and saluted us, a fleshy police officer showed his credentials, "Hello, my name is Su Jun. There are some things I want to ask you about.

Old man was preparing to speak, and I rushed to say, "OK, please."

There were a lot of dealings with the police and more with ghosts. I didn’t fear the police. Of course, the key was that I’m not committing crimes.

Su Jun asked, "You know Zheng Chen and Zhou Yan?"

I nodded and looked at the police officer who was making the record.


"How did you know each other?"

The use of Zheng Chen's words can certainly not be used to deceive the police, so I directly said the truth.

“Before a few days ago, I saw Zhou Yan’s fortune telling, and I’d just say a few words. Maybe we’ll vote for it. I was very happy to talk and then I went to the hospital to see her children.

The police who made the record giggled, "Cheat me."

I gave him a faint look and did not respond.

Su Jun smiled and turned his head to the old man, "You know Zhou Yan, old man?"

Zhang old man nodded and said, "I know, I gave her fortune telling and said maybe I can save her children. It was me breaking into the hospital that day including a few days agao Zhou Yan brought her child to me.

The old man's words made Su Jun very surprised. He looked at the old man. His face was serious.

“Please come with us.”

The old man shook his head and said, "There is nothing to do with my master and him. It is all on me.”

"It doesn't mean that you have the final say."

Old man still wanted to say something but was stopped by me.

"Well, we cooperate, but I want to know how the child died. And what about Zhou Yan and Zheng Chen?"

Su Jun did not answer, but instead made a request pose, while the recorded police were dissatisfied, "You don't know how to die?"

After that, I didn't know what the police had thought of and the face became hard to look.

Old man Zhang and I were taken to the police station. I didn't know why, because we did not separately, but arranged into a same room.

It was Su Jun to ask us. It looked like he should be the captain.

"Did both of you tell Zhou Yan that you can cure her child?"

"No, it was me. It has nothing to do with him."

I stopped the excited old man and asked Su Jun, "I would like to ask how the child died. And where is Zheng Chen and Zhou Yan now?"

Su Jun was laughed at by my words, "It’s me the person who asking you "

I nodded and said, "Well, yes, but I suspect that Zhou Yan and Zheng Chen may be in danger."

Su Jun brow furrowed, "What do you know? I hope you can tell us in the original, so let's talk to you, and now you are the biggest suspect."

Su Jun looked at the old man and then turned to me with a solemn look, "The main thing is you."

I pouted, my heart was full of helplessness.

"I only know that they may be in danger, and that danger can happen very quickly. I hope you will save them."

Su Jun took a moment to think about it, then walked out of the door and came back again, "The child died strangely. It felt like he was being drained of body fluids while he was asleep. As for Zhou Yan and Zheng Chen, they disappeared in the morning before the nurse discovered the child's death.

I nodded, "The monitor did not find out how they were leaving."

Su Jun nodded.

"Master, here."

The old man’ named to me suddenly made Su Jun look at me with a weird look.

I did not have time to pay attention to Su Jun.

My mind is full of blank space. In fact, when I was in the hospital, I had some speculation, but from my heart, I did not want to believe in my own ideas.

Is really Shi Xiao Die, really because I had wrongly believed people and led to this miserable result.

Old man worried patted my shoulders worried, "Master, do not blame you."

I took a deep breath and shook my head, "If it is not me but who? You have already reminded me, but I still believe in Shi Xiao Die."

Su Jun made a wink with the concealed and the people next to him. The policeman hurried away.

I looked at Su Jun’s action. He shook his head. He must have sent someone to inquire about Shi Xiao Die, but it was doomed to receive no useful information.

"Can you determine Zhou Yan's life or death or whereabouts?"

I didn’t know much about the old man's fortune-telling technique, but I think it should be possible.

Sure enough, old man Zhang nodded, "Live or death I can know, I need something."

I looked to Su Jun and he also very direct, "What do you want?"

Old man Zhang will need to say everything one by one, in fact, was three sticks of incense and a bowl of rice.

Su Jun arranged for people to get it and waited until they took it. They said, "I'm crazy too. If it's not for the children to die too strangely, I certainly won't believe you."

I nodded to Su Jun. In any case, he did what he should not do.

The old man laid rice on the table and wiped it. He whispered about the date when Zhou Yan birth and the incense was ignited, and then in a certain order, the burnt ash was shaken on the rice little by little.

Su Jun was full of doubts in his eyes. I couldn't understand it at all. But we all looked at it carefully. Until three sticks of incense was burned, the old man began to wipe the sweat, "Zhou Yan is dead."

Su Jun frowned and did not speak. He did not care about old man Zhang’s tiredness and asked him to check Zheng Chen’s life and death.

While the old man was working on the things he had just done from the beginning, a police officer came in hastily, watching us awkwardly for the first time, and then spoke to Su Jun.

After Su Jun listened, they looked at old man Zhang with a weird look.

Is it the case of Shi Xiao Die?

When Su Jun saw me watching him, they said, "Shi Xiao Die has been dead for three years, and Zhou Yan's body was only recently found, just on the way to her hometown.

Like the children in death, the whole body's water seems to evaporate. But the time of death will not exceed 5 hours.”

In my heart, Zhou Yan sighed and then paid attention to the location of Zhou Yan's death.

On the way to his hometown, Isn’t Shi Xiao Die going back to the land of bones, but why did she go back to? Suddenly I remembered that Shi Xiao Die had said that there was another grave in the place where she was buried. Is there anything there for Shi Xiao Die to go back?

Thought of this, I confirmed it to Su Jun.

Whether the place where the resident Shi Xiao Die was buried is not the home of Zhou Yan.

Su Jun asked the policeman who asked one side and said, “Yes, Zhou Yan, Zheng Chen, and Shi Xiao Die are a local person, but the division has already died for three years.”

I nodded and did not explain it to Su Jun. Instead, I said directly, “The only clue now is Zheng Chen’s hometown. I recommend focusing on the graveyard of the teacher Kocho. I hope you can take us with you. Things cannot be solved by your police."

Su Jun deeply looked at me and nodded. "When the police were for so many years, I still knew something, but your identity information has now been recorded in our database. I hope you do not have other ideas."

I promised to Su Jun cautiously.

Soon, we sat in a police car and went to Zheng Chen’s hometown. On the way, Su Jun also arranged for the police to focus on monitoring Shi Xiao Die’s cemetery.

Along the way, Su Jun wanted to ask me something, but I ignored him.

My heart is full of remorse. I finally thought of what was missing from me at the time.

Shi Xiao Die was very excited when he first started and said that Zheng Chen owed her but he later voluntarily left. The reason for leaving was that Zheng Chen had forgotten her.

In this way, the huge contrast between the front and the back didn’t catch my attention at all. As a result, Zhou Yan’s family members were killed. Sure enough, they will not grow under the wings of others.

Zheng Chen's hometown is not far. In just two hours, it has already arrived.

Just when we parked, Su Jun received a phone call and said that Zheng Chen’s whereabouts had been found in the graves of Shi Xiao Die. It was just that Zheng Chen acted very strangely. The whole person was as thin as a bone, and he walked up and down.

I told the Soviets to tell the police not to move, and then trod with Su Jun to the division’s graveyard.

However, when he arrived at the destination, we did not find Zheng Chen’s whereabouts. We asked a police officer before he knew that Zheng Chen had actually entered the grave of Shi Xiao Die through a cave.

It seemed as if the police were scared. After Su Jun confirmed that it was not an escape route, they could only look at me for assistance.

"You have experienced these things?"

Su Jun was shocked by my asking.

"You are not afraid at all, nor do you feel surprised."

Su Jun changed his face and nodded. "I have seen. I know that there are some things in this world, something I do not understand."

I nodded and let the extra policemen leave and sent a talisman to everyone.

Fortunately, these days in order to teach old man Zhang, the paper was painted a lot, otherwise, it could be troublesome.

After telling the old man to arrange the table, I let Su Jun carry the police to dig the tomb of Shi Xiao Die.

Because he saw Zheng Chen's entranced into the grave, Su Jun did not reject it, but only let the police be careful.

The burial hole of Shi Xiao Die was not deep. The strangest thing was that there was no coffin. Only wrapped by a tattered mat.

Taking away the mat, Zheng Chen is holding a dead skeleton with almost bones. His chest still fluctuates slightly.

All the police officers who saw this scene sucked on this cold air and stood unconsciously far away.

I took the first few steps and poured fresh black dog blood directly onto Zheng Chen and Shi Xiao Die’s bones.

However, there was no response.

"Master, it's not right." Zhang old man came to me and whispered remind me.

I also know that it is not right. According to the records, it is now supposed to be a sizzling voice that emits white smoke with stench, rather than being unresponsive.

What was wrong in the end?