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Chapter 250 A clingy apprentice

I silently looked at the old man who was the same age as my grandfather. I couldn’t even call him Xiao Zhang.

Old man Zhang saw it clearly and said straightforward: "My master, at your service."

I was really speechless, and I just described the toad on the shoulder of Zheng Chen and asked him, “Have you ever seen this kind of toad?”

Old man Zhang appeared to be somewhat knowledgeable, nodded and asked me: "Excuse me, my master, is that toad has only three feet?"

It took me sometime to recall it. It seemed that I never noticed how many feet the toad had.

"Was it important that how many feet it has?"

Old man Zhang nodded. "Yes, if it's four feet, it's just an ordinary evil spirit. But if it's three feet, it’s a problem."

I looked curiously at the old man who took me as his teacher: "You know quite a lot. If there's three feet, what's the trouble? "

Old man Zhang said in embarrassment, "I don't know. That’s all I found in the book which was picked up by me last time, and the rest was torn off."

As he was saying it, old man Zhang took out a ragged book from his bosom. It’s just a few pieces of paper rather than a book. Perhaps it was flattered that I called it paper, because no page was intact.

I looked at it. It was just a brief introduction and seemed to be a master’s essay.

"Is that all?"

"Yes, that’s all I found. I had been looking for the rest of it for a long time, but I couldn’t find it."

I nodded and no longer tangled with this issue. I told Old man Zhang that I would go to see how many feet the toad had, and then I left.

In the hospital's canteen, I bought some fruit and went to the inpatient department, Zhou Yan and Zheng Chen were there, but they still seemed mad at each other, both tilting their heads to ignore each other.

"Mrs. Zhou, what are you doing?" I asked Zhou Yan with a naive look.

Zhou Yan’s eyes turned into glowing when she saw me. She was about to speak but was stopped by my wink. Zheng Chen saw me, he was embarrassed to stand up and greeted me.

I handed over some fruit, pretending to be concerned. In fact, I was gazing at Zheng Chen's shoulder. But the damn toad was lying all the time, I couldn't see its feet at all.

Zheng Chen was uncomfortable by my gaze and he patted his shoulder with his hand: "Is there anything dirty on me?"

I was eager to tell him there was something there, but I still managed to hold back, and when Zheng Chen patted her shoulder, I saw it very clearly. The toad moved. It was three-legged. It was the kind of troublesome toad that Old man Zhang said.

After a few chats, I left. I was just ready to step out of the inpatient department and I saw Old man Zhang walking back and forth there. It seemed that his excitement had not disappeared.

I hurriedly turned away to another exit. Anyway, Old man Zhang had no extra understanding of evil spirit now. Besides, to accept an old apprentice, I really felt pressure.

Returning to the hotel, I typed a message about what I encountered and sent it to Huang Xiaolong and my mother. Witch Yan didn’t have a phone.

And the reply was coming soon.

My mother had sent a long message. In a lot of concern, I only summed up one sentence, you must exercise yourself.

And Huang Xiaolong's information was very short, just two words: try hard.

I hated them extremely, but there was no other way. Now it seemed that I could only rely on myself.

I had made a series of amulet paper that consolidated the spirit and soul. Then I thought for a while and drew a paper amulet. evil spirit, it was evil. Paper amulet might be useful.

I would go to the hospital again to give amulet paper to Zhou Yan. In any case, save the child's life first. As for the method, there would always be a method.

I went to the hospital, and then I gave Zhou Yan the amulet paper when Zheng Chen was away. After explaining the usage, I went back to the hotel to study evil spirit. After all, my mother loved me. Although she didn't help me evidently, she sent me a book about evil spirit.

It was said that it was a treasure of Witch Yan.

And in the book, I soon found information about the toad.

Three-legged golden toad was a creature from Moon Palace in ancient legend, that was why the later people called the Moon Palace the Toad Palace. It was a mascot of lucky and happiness, it could absorb the wealth, keep the house safe and ward off evil things, it was said that it also could vomit money, lots of money.

However, the golden toad loved clear water. In the other word, if a golden toad stayed a long time in an enchanting place with a strong desire for money.

The golden toad would become an evil spirit and brought a bad fortune to those who were willing to offer sacrifices. And the sacrifices were the person who was related by blood to them.

Well, I understood it, but there seemed to be no way to deal with the golden toad. Besides, the content of the book, in contrast to what I knew, seemed to be useless.

And my doubts were still unanswered, the few words about people were willing to offer sacrifices had fully explained that Zheng Chen should be volunteered. It was in line with my understanding of most of evil gold.

But when I looked at Zheng Chen, I thought he was not like the people who willing to offer his child as sacrifice, so what was the problem?

Should I talk to Zheng Chen and make it clear, so as to understand the situation of offering to a evil spirit, there was this in the book, if evil spirit was offered by someone unwilling, it was easy to be expelled.

A polite knock on the door outside the room while I was thinking, and I was a stunned, it was hard to know that who would come to this hotel to meet me.

I walked and opened the door, an old white-haired man stood outside and looked at me respectfully, "My master."

I held my forehead and I was speechless to walk back to the room, old man Zhang walked into the room followed my footsteps at the same time.

Before I could speak, Old man Zhang took out a rag which t I didn’t know where he got, he started to clean up my room which made my eyelids keep bouncing.

"That, old... Oh, don't clean it. Every day the waiter will come and clean it."

"I can do anything for you."

Well, I simply lay on the bed, watching TV, and I was speechless for this stubborn old man.

After thinking for a while, I pointed at the book on the table: "if you have done it, read this book. We will talk about it. "

Old man Zhang's face was red with excitement. I was worried about whether he would die in a sudden.

The action of cleaning up suddenly accelerated: "yes, master, I will definitely read it carefully, so that I can pass the examination from you."

I suddenly felt that my head was very painful. There was not any examination at all. He was old enough, but it seemed that he was living in his own world.

Old man Zhang had cleaned up, and then he picked up the book with his hands, looked carefully, and he was full of excitement.

I was watching TV boringly; I did not know when Old man Zhang finished reading. He was respectfully standing at my bedside.

"Well, I finished."

Old man Zhang nodded.

I turned off the TV and asked, "tell me what you think"

"Well...I think we should first understand why the three-legged golden toad appeared" he said. Old man Zhang glanced at me furtively, it seemed that he was afraid of his mistake. "Though Zheng Chen is stubborn, he doesn't seem to be superstitious. It was not sure that the three-legged golden toad was offered by him. If it's not, it's very easy to be expelled."

"Well, what if he offered it?" an old man with ability was so respectful to me, I felt fun in my heart.

Old man Zhang frowned for a moment: "we can separate Zheng Chen from his family first, so that the three-legged golden toad can’t absorb the spirits of sacrifice, in this case, it was likely that the toad would leave by itself. Moreover, we can negotiate with the three-legged gold toad, according to the book, this kind of evil thing have their own intelligence."

Old man Zhang may not be very familiar with Taoism Trick and put forward the plan to stand in the perspective of ordinary people, but in principle, there was nothing wrong, which was exactly what I intend to do.

I was about to speak, but my cell phone rang. It was a message from Zhou Yan.

amulet paper was discovered by Zheng Chen.