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Chapter 239 Can not dance quietly

My hands couldn’t feel anything, but I knew I pushed very hard even bigger than my own strength. Because I had already seen the blue veins in my hand still vibrating like a snake.

And I also saw that there were no wrinkles on the woman’s face, but it gave me a very old feeling. The face was not beautiful, it could only be considered ordinary, but for her body shape, it had been regarded as amazing.

I knew I pitched her neck very hard, but the woman seemed to be completely unaffected and she still used that hoarse voice, "Do you think it’s interesting?"

I saw a bit of resentment in the woman's eyes, but it was covered quickly.

I slowly released my hand, stood there and stopped moving, and another villager turned around said, “Hey, just play a game, don't get excited, you see you are so lucky, I can only hide here.”

The woman said, "Fortunately, huh, maybe, but I really want to leave, I’m not afraid to tell you that, my fate also tell me if I don’t leave, there will be a fatal disaster, and you don’t want to die because of me.”

A long time later, the villagers who had just spoken said, “Are you serious?”

The woman smirked, "You forgot to change your body, so do you still think it was false?”

I said, "When do you plan to go, moreover, how do I know if you have drove someone here?"

The woman reached out her hand and touched my face, "Your little babies are so much. Don't you know if anyone comes?"

I only saw the woman's hand. It was exactly a different people compared to the woman's appearance. The hands were already skinny, leaving only skinny bones. The upper skin was dark and old, covered with age spots. Although I couldn’t feel anything, I could still feel the pain in my face for a while.

Another villager turned around, "In the past few days there have been a few outsiders."

Then I said, "This is an outsider."

The woman looked up and down, then painted with a dry thin finger on my forehead, “Only a mortal, but now came mortals, maybe the next time is a master. Think for yourself.”

Having said that, the woman did not wait for the answer, and she turned away and looked at the direction of the old house on the cliff. It is estimated that this strange woman was probably the Nanyang warlock.

I stand silently, maybe the person controlling me was thinking. It took me a while to turn around, and then danced with all the villagers about that weird dance, but this time it was a bit faster.

Perhaps this night was doomed not to be calm, we did not dance long, a scream of stern yell from the village, I was surprised. Didn’t the people in the village still not been controlled.

I was thinking, I saw a red figure crossed next to me with a strong smell of blood, falling in the middle of the pier. This was a woman in a red dress that disheveled and coquettish. No, not a red one. Red was just the blood she had died on her clothes.

I saw the red woman looking at the crowd and grabbed a dancing young woman and got up and rushed back in the direction she came. And me, Huang Xiaolong, and the surrounding villagers were controlled to line up.

The woman in red stopped in front of me and looked at the villager in the middle of the wall with scarlet eyes, "Get off."

The village stood in the middle said, "If you take one away, it will cost me more time."

The woman in red sighed coldly, "Didn't you catch two people, what’s the matter with me if I got one."

The villagers in the middle continued, "Would you both bully me?"

The woman in red "Oh," and said in a loud voice, "The old woman has come, so I don't know if I am bully, you believe it or not, I will kill all the people here if you try to stop me."

My heart creaked. Even though I was under control at that time, I still know that if I was killed, it would be really dead. But as I thought about the person who controls us, I knew that we should be very important, he would not take a tough stance.

I prayed in my heart and it did not disappoint me, the people who controlled us regressed at last. The wall we formed slowly spread out. I returned to my position and watched the woman who was caught by the red woman. I could not help but secretly sigh for her fate.

The woman in red left and the dance continued. My heart was sinking. The little fishing village actually hidden three people. A Nanyang warlock, an unknown monster who can control people, the last one was a woman in red who didn’t know if she was a human or a ghost.

I could not help but worry about it. Now that only Li Jihua and Huang Bin were able to fight outside, I didn’t know if they can deal with these three monsters.

On the other hand, I hadn’t seen Wu Jian and others these days, they should have left the small fishing village, I just did not know what they were doing? How long will it take for preparation? As for giving up on us, this was impossible. Wu Jian would not, so was Huang Bin.

The dance was interrupted twice in a row. The scheduled action was not completed at the time crowing. The people who controlled us were very angry and slammed all the villagers on the ground before he controlled us return homes.

Lying in bed, I closed my eyes, and I'm slowly sorting out what happened here.

The first hunchback woman should be a Nanyang warlock, because she had been eager to leave, and the person who controlled us said that she was fortunate. It was possible that this fortune refers to He Xiaoru.

However, it was also possible that the woman in red may be. It is obvious that the woman in red had always been arresting young woman. Perhaps she was preparing for Shoushe He Xiaoru. Putting her behind the hunchback woman because the hunchback woman was more likely to Shoushe.

The last was the person who controls us. His control needs to meet certain conditions. For example, Huang Xiaolong was controlled because he went to the dock, I was controlled because I was talking about gramp Hai. And the control should be scoped. This range was likely to be this small fishing village.

This controlling person could be temporarily assumed as gramp Hai. I was controlled because of gramp Hai, according to the word of gramp Hai I heard tonight, he seemed to be doing some demonic magic, and it should be almost finished.

I thought for a long time. When I opened my eyes, I realized that all the things I wanted were not of any use. I could not free myself from the fate of being controlled, and I could not tell Wu Jian. Everything was still in place.

The small fishing village during the day did not had the strangeness of the night. It was a peaceful place everywhere. Just didn’t know how long it can stay like this, didn’t know how long I could live, the fate was in the hands of others.