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Chapter 232 Nanyang corpse maintenance

I didn’t know if I was conspiratorial or lucky. I didn’t turn off the computer at night and turned up the volume of the computer a lot. Even though I was awakened several times by its sound, I finally caught He Xiaoru's message in time.

This time it wasn't the website, but a short sentence with only four words, Stop looking for me.

It was three o'clock in early morning. After a few minutes’ hesitation, I decided to called Wu Jian. Learning that he had just finished his overtime at police station and was about to go back home, I let him go to ghost house directly.

Wu Jian came quickly and saw He Xiaoru’s message on the computer. Then he watched me, “Do you think whether she has encountered those things or not?”

I nodded honestly. Wu Jian’s suspicion was exactly what I thought. After all, He Xiaoru’s message was a bit weird. He Xiaoru’s QQ number was still monitored. It didn’t make sense that she sent me a message but Wu Jian did not know.

Both Wu Jian and I were silent for a moment, then I said, "Do you have any news?"

“Would you still tend to seek out?” Wu Jian looked at me and then said, “After we saved, He Xiaoru from the ghost house, I estimated that there were some problems on her body. She stayed in the provincial hospital for not a long time, and then she was transferred to a famous foreign hospital. After a month, she returned to the downtown. She lived in her parents’ house until she disappeared.”

Wu Jian cleared his throat, "The provincial hospital only has simple inspection records. I checked the above are some of the normal reactions after being frightened, It is a little strange that He Xiaoru's body temperature is lower than normal, but there are no detailed records. I asked some doctors who inspected He Xiaoru at that time. They estimated that He Xiaoru’s body temperature was only around 30 degrees.”

Wu Jian’s words reminded me of the time He Xiaoru and I used in the ghost house. He Xiaoru’s hands seemed to be very cold. I asked, “What about the hospital abroad?”

Wu Jian shook his head, "The hospital is well-known in the world but I can’t find any relevant information."

I nodded and that was not surprising since that Wu Jian was just a captain of the criminal police. It was amazing to be able to find so much information. I would feel it strange if he could still check some information abroad.

“You said, could we get some information from sister Hua. After all, He Xiaoru stayed in the ghost house before.” I asked.

Wu Jian nodded, "I'll check it out."


Wu Jian turned back and walked out. Because he had come a lot, Wu Jian had established good friendships with sister Hua and even other beautiful women in the ghost house. Especially after having a few midnight snacks, they got much closer.

I supposed Wu Jian would come back and tell me.But when Wu Jian came back, he came with sister Hua.

"Sister Hua." I smiled and gave a greeting to sister Hua.

Sister Hua went to me and sat beside. Then her hands touched the quilt which I was covered with, "Look, oh, you’re so enjoyable. We are a few weak women, every day, we are so tired that our waist is almost broken. However, you can still enjoy the massage.”

I heard strange words from sister Hua and smiled embarrassingly, “sister Hua, please do not worry. When I recover, I definitely work harder to make contributions to ghost... Fan house.”

I almost said that it was the ghost house. Fortunately, sister Hua's eyes stared at me and gave out a "Huh", so I changed my word in time.

But sister Hua puckered her lip in a smile, "Well, Wu Jian came to me and asked, I know you were going to stay away from work again."

As sister Hua talked about the key point. Wu Jian and I listened carefully.

Sister Hua still used her charming voice, "As the girl named, He Xiaoru entered ghost house, I have known that this girl was a bit weird. If not for curiosity, I wouldn’t catch her."

"How weird Xiaoru was?" I asked anxiously.

"Have you heard Nanyang corpse maintenance?"

Wu Jian and I looked at each other and shook our heads at the same time.

Sister Hua said, "Nanyang corporal maintenance is a kind of evil technique. It developed on the basis of Maoshan Tricks. It buries a newborn baby girl whose birthday is belong to Yin; she was put into a coffin practicing secret methods. Sixteen years later, the baby has become a different kind of half-ghost. And then the baby is handed over to a family to raise it."

"The more happiness the baby in her growing, the better it is. After a certain time, limit, it will be treated by secret methods. The baby girl will grow up to have strong power and will become the best body of the caster for Shoushe."

After hearing, I breathed a cold air and asked, "When is the certain time limit? Does the baby girl turn out to be He Xiaoru?"

The charming of sister Hua's face also faded and she said, “I’m not very clear about the time limit. It seemed that it is related to the attribute of the birthday. As whether He Xiaoru is or not, I can only judge it roughly because if people who have been raised by Nanyang’s corpse maintenance, his body temperature is lower than that of an ordinary person. Besides, He Xiaoru has a very strange characteristics which I have never seen before.”

Sister Hua was also not sure. I didn't know whether He Xiaoru had encountered such a tragic thing or not for a short while. When I was preparing to ask in detail, Wu Jian pat his forehead, “Doesn’t Huang Xiaolong saying that his father is a Maoshan successor? If Nanyang corpse maintenance is related to Maoshan Tricks. His dad should know something about it."

I nodded, and my face showed a happy expression. Although I heard of Maoshan Taoism, I had never heard of Maoshan Tricks.

Wu Jian called Huang Xiaolong immediately, but after a moment he forced himself to smile, "The guy was drunk again."

I frowned and I wanted to scold that guy. But sister Hua said, “Whether it is Nanyang corpse maintenance or not, He Xiaoru and the things her encountered are certainly not ordinary. You can't move now. It’s better to learn something with us, otherwise you will be a waste as well. Oh, plus him, two.” sister Hua pointed at Wu Jian finally.

Wu Jian touched his nose and kept silence.

Actually, I know that sister Hua’s words were very hurtful, but honest. However, He Xiaoru had been missing for so long. Could she have sustained it?

Sister Hua seemed to know my thoughts and said, "Take it easy. He Xiaoru still can contact you in this way, indicating that she’s not bad at the moment. As far as I know, Nanyang's corpse maintenance is very complicated. It took decades to prepare it,could it be so simple on the last step? "

The words of sister Hua gave me a slight relief. Huang Xiaolong was drunk anyway. It was better to ask about the situation till tomorrow and made the final decision.

When sister Hua got up to go out, Wu Jian opened the door for her quickly. When sister Hua walked to the door, she stopped and hesitated, finally she said, "Don’t do something wrong with Lulu even if she wasn't alive.”

Sister Hua did not look back when she said this. Perhaps she knew that she requested too much.

Wu Jian sent sister Hua out. Then he came back to look at me strangely, "stay single in the rest of your life?"

I stared at Wu Jian, and I did not answer. But I recalled pieces of memory about Lulu and me. Besides, Wei Xing was exactly as same as Lulu. Was she Lulu?