A Guest in a Ghost House
Chapter 231 Website on QQ
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A Guest in a Ghost House
Author :强大的猪
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Chapter 231 Website on QQ

"Ah. "

I shouted, suddenly felt a bright light in front of me, hurriedly closed my eyes, but at this time, I felt that someone was shaking my body, it seemed that someone was calling my name.

I blocked the strong light in front of me with my hand and opened my eyes slowly. The first thing I saw was Wu Jian’s anxious face. Was I in a state of illusion?

I was still hesitating, and heard my mother's stern voice, "you only know drinking every day, see what you look like now."

I turned to look strangely and I saw my mother looking at me under the support of witch Yan. Her chest was trembling. It was estimated that she was very angry. But beside her, Huang Xiaolong was yawning with his head down. It seemed that he could roll with the punches.

I looked around and saw that I was lying on the road between the house where I was drinking last night and my home. The clothes were wet by dew and stuck on my body, what’s worse there was a pool of vomiting not far away, spreading a disgusting smell.

Was that a dream last night? I was not quite sure. I was just about to struggle to stand up. There was a sharp pain in my waist. "Oh." I fell down on the ground again when I just got up a bit.

Mom's face changed, stepping forward, "What's wrong?"

I was so painful that I couldn’t speak. Sweats on my face drop down one by one. Wu Jian walked to me quickly and checked, and then came back quickly to comfort my worried mother. “Not a big deal, he just twisted. I will get some medicine and do massage to him when we get home."

Onlookers of the village took me home under the arrangement of Wu Jian. Wu Jian took off my coat and massaged me. My mother sat aside and kept blaming me.

I was very confused in my heart. I didn’t know how my waist was twisted. Was it really a dream last night? I hesitated for a long time. At last, I asked, “Isn’t the burial ground all covered by shallow pits? Are there coffins inside?”

My mother's blaming voice came to a sudden stop, her face became bad, witch Yan looked angry, “Did you go to the burial ground?”

From their reaction, I was sure that I was right about what I said. That was to say, everything I experienced last night was true, although I didn’t know how I would lie down on the road in the village, but everything there last night was true.

I spoke slowly about everything last night. It was also mingled with some screams of being massaged by Wu Jian. After listening, my mother and witch Yan made a wink to each other and walked out of the room.

A moment later, my mother came in, regardless of the fact that I was still hurt, and ordered me to go back home immediately.

I was lifted into the car and finally returned to the ghost house. The trip was so bumpy that I screamed a lot. Li Guihua was still reluctant to go back to ghost house, she went to Wu Jian’s house to live. Huang Xiaolong was also invited by Wu Jian. So, the only people who went back to the ghost house were me, my wife and my mother.

I was put on the bed, and I would like to ask about the burial ground several times. But every time I opened my mouth, I was scolded by my mother and I knew that neither my mother nor witch Yan were not willing to mention the burial ground. I could only end up after a few trials.

Wu Jian came to massage me every day after work, but after injured in the sinews or bones for one hundred days, I didn't think my waist got any better. I could only be a pitiful and seriously patient in bed.

I had so much free time that I let Wu Jian go to my house to bring me my computer. I turned on the computer that was dusty because I hadn't touched it for a long time. I clumsily logged on QQ and lots of news popped out.

The one who sent me the most messages were He Xiaoru. I did not finish reading her messages of one day after turning a few pages. However, He Xiaoru’s messages did not have any meaning. They were all very long website and they looked like computer virus.

Maybe I was so boring that I found a difference thing in He Xiaoru's messages. Every message was sent from 12pm to 6am every day, until a month ago.

Because I had been in the ghost house for a long time. I was very sensitive to this time frame. What happened to He Xiaoru? Even if it was a virus, it would not be set strangely to this time frame and kept sending messages.

Although He Xiaoru was not online, I still sent her a message. As expected, no respond. I thought for a moment, then I checked my computer to make sure there was nothing important. Then I opened the website which was sent by He Xiaoru.

The speed of 100Mbps broadband should be very fast, but the opening of this website was like an old cow pulling a broken carriage, it made me anxious. After waiting for a long time, it just showed out a pure black background. I simply did not care about it but started to play with my mobile phone.

People were very strange, when you sleep for a long time every day, you would not be sober, but would become more and more sleepy,I was like this now, I did not know when I fell asleep.

This sleep lasted until my mother told me to have something to eat, and then I got up, had a meal, finally I remembered of the computer, hurriedly reopened the computer which had a black screen, the site had been completely showed out, only two white big words on the dark background, “ Save Me”.

I was startled for a long time, I wanted to get up but it was too painful that I had to lay down again. I was anxiously sending a message to He Xiaoru but there was still no respond. I couldn't think of any good idea at that time so I could only call Wu Jian. Wu Jian said that he would be at the ghost house soon. I just remembered that it was time to give me a massage.

My mother came in with Wu Jian. I didn't say anything. Until my mom left, I pointed to the contents on the computer and told Wu Jian the matter. Wu Jian frowned and said, “Is it a prank?”

I was not sure if it was a mischief, but I couldn't afford any loss.

Wu Jian knew my insistence so he promised that he would help me to check the present situation of He Xiaoru the next day. On the other hand, I had no better way than this. Besides, Wu Jian’s information network had always been very strong.

The next day, Wu Jian told me the bad news. He Xiaoru had been lost for a few months. Her parents had alarmed a long time ago. It had not found the whereabouts of He Xiaoru and no one had seen her yet, neither her nor her corpse.

However, the police did not find this website. The QQ number of He Xiaoru being monitored did not have any logged-in records, let alone the information sent to me. And then Wu Jian would follow this clue to see if there was any other discovery.

I was not saying there was any defect of Wu Jian's arrangement, but my heart was faintly aware that He Xiaoru's disappearance may not be a simple case. Her QQ kept sending me messages for a while, but the police did not find it even a clue, this was not a simple case in itself.

I regretted why I saw this message until now. If it was earlier, maybe I... I was very remorseful and I was very worried about He Xiaoru.

But on this night, He Xiaoru's QQ sent me a message again.
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