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Chapter 230 The Horrible Burial Ground

Shallow pit and such weird coffin, Don’t say I had seen this. I even had never heard of such a burial way. If there was nothing wrong, then there really was a ghost. I still went ahead, rocking my body. After being scared for several times, my drunken feeling had already basically faded away, except that I still wanted to go the toilet.

However, at this moment, I really didn’t dare to go to the toilet, because I was really afraid that there would be something coming out again when I was peeing.

In my mind, I was slowly recalling those several tricks old Mrs. Li had taught me when I was in the ghost building. Then I took the opportunity of yawning to bite the belly of the middle finger and began to carefully draw an odd pattern in the palm of the other hand. According to old Mrs. Li, this was the simplest exorcism figure. Although simple, it was very powerful.

The nerves of the fingertips were linked with the heart. In many cases, the blood of the middle finger was on behalf of one person’s essence of blood, with heavy Yin Qi, only inferior to the blood of tip of the tongue.

After finishing drawing the exorcism figure, I gradually slowed down, then turned around and shouted loudly, with my palm quickly hitting out toward behind me.

However, I didn’t know when the ghost that disguised as the villager behind me suddenly disappeared. There was only a small white figure standing behind me. Then I used my palm to hit out. Apparently, the white figure was startled, holding his eyes and issuing a cry of surprise.

Since the white figure is too short and my palm of the attack hit out just according to the height of the villager, I finally hit nothing. In addition, I also overestimated my sobriety. My left foot stumbled over my right foot and then I fell down in a cry of surprise.

The white figure seemed to be startled and was motionless. By this time, I had seen the white figure was exactly the little girl who still was wrapped in the wrapping-corpse cloths.

I saw I was about to crush my little girl to the ground. However, I didn't know where strength suddenly came from. Then I forced my body to wriggle around the waist and fell hard to the ground, but I had avoided the little girl.

At this moment, the little girl just reacted, screaming, and then even began to cry loudly.

But now, I didn’t have the time to care about her anymore. Just that one falling just now had hurt my waist. Even with alcohol anesthesia, I still felt so painful that I even kept sweating and couldn't help groaning.

Just as I lay on the ground, the screaming for the pain stopped when it just sounded. Through the light of the flashlight that fell to the ground, I was amazed to see that there was a shallow pit less than a meter from my head, in which there was no coffin, but there was a summer sleeping mat. I also didn’t know whether I brought the wind when I fell. I just saw one corner of the broken summer sleeping mat was blown up and inside was an extremely rotten human head.

Bones had been exposed in many places, but the carrion that remained on the bones and was motionless looked even more terrifying, with some white worms occasionally falling down to the ground.

Right in front of my eyes, the position of the body's hand suddenly moved and there slowly was a piece of hump appearing on the mat. Then it just moved towards where it was uncovered.

At this moment, it seemed that I couldn’t feel the sharp pain on my waist and there was only fear left in my eyes. It was the first time I was waiting without any resistance.

Something suddenly came out. Both my eyes and mouth were widely open, but I didn’t dare to make a voice. A black thing came out and it was a large mouse.

Finally, it turned out to be a large mouse and I immediately felt much relieved. Then I became anxious again, because that large mouse just stood in front of that rotten head, looking at me. I could see its nose twitching, as if it was going to crawl towards me.

I didn’t dare to move. In my eyes, this dead-eating mouse seemed to be more terrifying than those ghosts.

There was a rustle next to me, but instead of turning my head, I just stared at the damned mouse.

“Sir, are you Okay?” The little girl asked me with her crying tone.

The little girl’s sudden speaking apparently spooked the mouse. Then it turned around, ran into the darkness and disappeared.

I finally felt really relieved in my heart. However, then, a feeling of sharp pain suddenly came and I also couldn’t help but gave a terrible cry again. The little girl was frightened and immediately took several steps backwards.

Then I looked towards the little girl and said, “Don’t. Don’t be afraid. I have twisted my waist. It’s so hurt.”

The little girl hesitated for a long time before she came slowly to help me up. Then I hastened to stop her and said, “Let me lie down for some time. Just don't move.” My waist couldn't move at all now. Didn't talk about moving. Even I didn’t move, I also felt very painful.

As I was lying on the ground for rest, I asked the little girl, “Where is this?”

Although I almost had already been sure where this was, I still wanted to get more information from the little girl. This little girl seemed to be afraid of people. If it weren’t for that I had given her food last, she wouldn’t have come to help me. Yes, I was sure that this little girl was coming to help me.

The little girl thought about it for a moment before she told me, “This is the new home of my parents.”

After hearing the words of the little girl, I suddenly felt very bad in my heart. A child under the age of 10 even lived in such an environment. Maybe it was what she said just now that gave her the greatest courage.

Then I stopped speaking but the little said first, “Sir, you should leave here quickly. This is a forbidden place.”

I looked at the little girl, forcing myself to show a smile, “Why? Are you unwilling to invite me to your new home?”

The little girl’s eyes suddenly became bright and she just said, “No, I willing to. No one has come to my home for a long time.”

“So you still let me leave?”

The little girl showed a tangled expression. After a long time, she said, “But they won't let anyone come here.”

They? I squinted my eyes slightly and said gently, “Who are they? your parents?”

“No. No. They are... They are...” The little girl obviously didn't know how to describe “them” she talked about. After several times, she still couldn’t say it.

I was worried, but I didn’t show my worry out. Instead, I just comforted her in a low voice and let her think slowly.

While the little girl was still thinking, I suddenly felt a little colder around me and I couldn’t help wrapping myself in my clothes tightly. Just as I accidentally turned my head aside, I suddenly found it was not known that when the rotten head had turned to me.

There had been no eyeballs in two dark orbits for a long time, but I still felt very clearly that he was looking at me. I suddenly felt a chill in my back and then I swallowed a bit of saliva, staring at that rotten head.

“Sir. Sir.” The little girl was calling me, but I didn’t dare to turn my head back, and just sent out a very light nasal sound, “Uh-hum.”

The little saw I replied to her and was glad to say, “I know who they are.”

Hearing that, I no longer paid attention to that rotten head. Then I turned back and looked towards the little girl. However, after I turned back, I found all around was empty and there was no figure of the little girl.




There were countless voices around me, with the voice from low to high. There were men and women, the young and the old. All the voices were neatly saying one word, “Leave.”

Moreover, I could still hear the sound of coffins’ breaking, as if there were countless people in the coffin who were struggling to get up.