A Guest in a Ghost House
Chapter 226 Car Accident and Weird Corpse
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A Guest in a Ghost House
Author :强大的猪
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Chapter 226 Car Accident and Weird Corpse

There were too many places strange. At beginning, I wanted to ask the old man where the couple Wang was buried, but he just took a look at me strangely and no matter how I haunted him, he never told me.

On the contrary, he warned me very seriously that I must not go to the burial ground in the woods.

Yes, it was called the burial ground. As for the reason why, the old man forbade me to go there, I had a vague idea in my heart that there must be something strange and even dangerous about the burying-corpse ground. Maybe there was the existence of an old well again.

Would the burial ground have something to do with the old well? Even not, so would the monster in the old well now be in the burial ground?

The old man looked a little angry now, so I also no longer asked him more. After I went back, I told everything to Huang Xiaolong who had just woke up. After that, he agreed with me, too. Hence, we were going to have a good talk with mom and other people after they all came back.

It was until evening that mom and other people finally came back. At dinner, I told them about it and said what I thought, but for some reason, both my mom and witch Yan spoke at the same time, “That’s impossible!”

Then both of them told me that the monster would never go to the burial ground and, just like the old man did, also warned me not to step into the burial ground.

Mother and mother walked all day and soon both of them went to rest. Then Huang Xiaolong asked me quietly, “How do they know the monster you’re talking about won't enter the burial ground?”

I shook my head and I also didn't know that, but what I did know was that the secrets in this village were far more than I thought. Besides, no matter mom or witch Yan, they absolutely knew something about the burial ground. Even in their eyes, the terror of burial ground was far greater than that of old well.

How many secrets on earth on earth were in this small village?

We didn’t go out at night and just stayed home. On the next morning, I didn’t know if it was because I mentioned the burial ground, and my mom and witch Yan demanded that we should leave the village immediately and return to the ghost building.

As the car drove slowly past the village road, I looked at the woods as if I saw the little girl's figure wrapped in white cloth. I was worried about her and I knew in my heart that perhaps couple Wang was not dead, or that they had never left. Although there was no any evidence, I just felt that way.

I originally thought we were about to leave the village, but perhaps this was the arrangement of the fate, which would always push you into various events one by one and let you go into the deep step by step.

The whole road was blocked before we reached the fork in the road. A minivan was turning right in the middle of the main road with the front facing the side of the woods. On the ground was a pool of bright red blood that had not dried up and was slowly spreading.

This was aunt’s minivan used to buy the goods, also the only car in the village.

After Wu Jian stopped the car and mom quickly got out. While rushing over, she also was calling aunt’s name. The police on duty stopped her and asked for information about the dead in the car.

After communicating with the police, mom asked Wu Jian to drive back to pick up uncle, who still knew nothing in the village. Then Wu Jian took the police back to the village, while witch Yan and Ni Min accompanied my mom, crying on one side.

I also went over to have a look, but because of the problem of angle, I couldn’t see the situation in the car. Nonetheless, judging from the amount of blood on the ground, I could almost be sure that the situation of aunt was fraught with grim possibilities.

Then the police next to me told me that there were three people in the car, two men and one woman, all dead. The identification of one of the men and the woman had been identified. They respectively were aunt and her nephew who help drive the car for her, but the other man had been identified yet. Just when the police talked about the last man, his words seemed somewhat hesitant.

When the police continued to be busy, Huang Xiaolong walked over and said to me, “There is something wrong with that police.”

But I just said to him, “What is wrong is not that police officer, but that unconfirmed man.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded. Indeed, if it were not that there was something with that unconfirmed man, the police officer would also never become weird when he mentioned him.”

Unfortunately, the police didn’t tell me anything, so I also had no way. Just as I was thinking whether I should get around the woods to have a look at the situation of the dead man in the car, I suddenly saw an acquaintance, Luo Wen, the police I saw last time when I went back to the village.

When I saw Luo Wen, he also saw me. An exhilarating expression suddenly appeared on his sad face and then he came to me. After greeting me, he also saw witch Yan. When he was about to walk over, I stopped him.

“What’s going on?” I directly inquired Luo Wen.

Luo Wen said simply, “Nothing wrong. Just a car accident.”

I looked at him with a faint smile on my face. After a long time, he laughed bitterly and said to me, “Don't tell others. We have discipline. We first thought it was a simple car accident, but there was something wrong with the dead.”

“What’s wrong?”

“There are three dead in total. The identification of the woman and the young man have been identified, but the last man, according to the sources, has been dead for years. Besides, his body has been rotten in the car, which looks like it matches the time of his death. But who will be bored to place a corpse in the car? What’s more, the most horrifying thing is that, while we are investigating in the county, all the people say these three people are together, going shopping together and eating together. F**k, even killing me, I would never come to your village the next time. When I get back, I'll apply for transferring to another post. What the hell are these things?”

Luo Wen had been complaining about it for a long time before running to greet witch Yan. When I saw he was very respectful for witch Yan, I thought he must regard her as the last straw to save life.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Luo Wen, laughing, “It is sure enough that there must a big evil wind in a small temple. There seems be a lot of things in such a small village.”

I agreed with him and nodded. A man, who had been dead for years, ate and went shopping with aunt and his families. Besides, after a car accident, his body rotten as if he had been dead for years. All this made people confused.

However, what made me even more confused was that Luo Wen had told mom and witch Yan about the rotten corpse in the car, but both of them were grieving for aunt and it seemed that they had never worried about the thing of that creepy corpse.

Soon, uncle came. As soon as he got out of the car, he cried terribly. Mom and the villagers who also came following the car all kept comforting him, while I deliberately mentioned the weird corpse in front of him. However, just like mom and witch Yan, he didn’t have big reaction, either, and even many villagers didn’t have much reaction to this.

No, there was not everyone who didn’t have reaction. Only one person showed a look of surprise and fear. Maybe because uncle and other people still were in grief, he held on and didn’t ask me.

I knew this man, who was uncle’s distant nephew. Although he was also born in this village, like me, he basically didn’t live here. He came back before the day when we came back and he seemed to be going to attend a birthday banquet.

It seemed that the people who lived in the village all become inured to this weird corpse. It was just like the words said by Huang Xiaolong when he saw their reaction, “What an interesting village.”

But for me, it was not interesting, but a deep fear.


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