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Chapter 225 The Weird Family Wang

I paid my attention to the old man who was still chatting again, so I went back and gave all of them some cigarettes.

These old men were all very talkative. Seeing that I was interested in listening to their gossip, they were glad to talk about the village. Then I finally understood that there were probably several kind of people who couldn't get into their ancestral graves.

The first kind of people was those who died a violent death, which was not drowning or falling to death, but killed. As long as the murderer wasn’t found yet, they couldn’t get into their ancestral graves.

The second was the child who died young.

The third was those who had made mistakes.

Then the last kind was those who died weirdly.

I could still understand the situation of the first three kinds of people, but what was the situation about the people who died weirdly? I asked these old men, but several of them hesitated and seemed unwilling to say that.

I haunted for a long time and the old man finally spit out a few words, “Killed by ghosts.”

To this answer, I was surprised, but also not surprised, because there was冤龙脉 and the weird human-head monster in the old well of this village. Therefore, it was also pretty normal for something weird to happen. Nonetheless, what made me surprised was that the village was sheltered by ancestors. I had seen that many ancestors didn’t go to the reincarnation and just stayed here to sheltered this village.

After thinking for a while, I still asked, “Why weren’t the parents of the little girl in their ancestral grave? Have they made any mistakes?”

The old man shook his head and answered, “He is very honest and hard working man and it was impossible for him to make mistakes, but he... Why are you, such a young, asking so many questions? Go and pour some tea for the old men.”

I got the the empty tea cup, and then I had a vague thought in my heart that it seemed that the reason why the little girl’s parents couldn’t get into their ancestral grave was that they both died very weirdly. In other words, the little girl’s parents were likely to have been killed by the ghost.

But where did the wrapping-corpse cloth on her body come from? Before I went out, I even used my phone to search it online. Although I didn't find much useful information, I still got to know that the wrapping-corpse cloth was a form of burial that was not considered to be generous to the dead. It only would be used in a poor or hasty situation and there even was no coffin in many cases.

This point was basically impossible for now, because no matter how poor a family was, they would hardly used this kind of cloth. However, I also didn’t think the wrapping-corpse cloth wrapped on the body of the little girl was a stuff many years ago.

In spite of the poor light yesterday, I could still clearly see that except for yellow marks on the wrapping-corpse cloth, it also was very clean and wasn’t like a stuff long time ago.

Then I sent the tea to the old man. After waiting for him to enjoy a drink, I kept pestering him to tell me about the situation of the death of the little girl's parents. I acted like a child, which made the old man have no choice but to tell me all the thing.

About one year ago, the young girl's parents, Mr. Wang and Mrs Wang, received an order and had been making the furniture at home, so they seldom went to the village to chat with others and the villagers also didn’t know that they were dead.

It was untilMrs. Liuneeded some tables to prepare a feast and went to their house that people knew the couple had been dead in their home.

According to whatMrs. Liusaid after that, when he went to the yard of Wang’s family, he found only the little girl was playing alone in the yard, wrapped in the white cloth which she had never changed since then, and she also didn’t wear shoes.

He asked the little girl and the little girl said her parents were sleeping. Then Mrs. Liu asked the little girl to wake up her parents, but she said they had been sleeping for a long time. No matter how she called, they still didn’t wake up.

Mrs. Liu didn’t care about that at that time. He directly entered the house and prepared to knock the door, but before knocking the door, he smelt a rotten smell. After he opened the door, he found that couple lying on the bed, who had been dead for a long time. The bed was full of yellow water from the bodies and there was a small space between them.

The little girl followed him to enter the room and yawned, saying that she was sleepy. Then she even slept between those two bodies that had become a little shapeless, which scared Mrs. Liu so much. Later on, he stumbled back to the village and called the police.

When the curious villagers and police entered the little girl's house, the little girl was still sleeping between those two bodies. After she was waken up, no matter what those people asked her, she didn’t know. In addition, villagers also didn’t know how long she had been sleeping between them, so they all were a little afraid of her.

After the police checked and found nothing wrong, villagers could only arrange for two people to be buried them two. It was supposed to bury them in the ancestral grave.

But whatever they said, the little girl still didn’t allow them to bury her parents, even saying that her parents were not dead. At first, everyone just thought that the little girl was unwilling to give up on her parents, but in the end, they got some different information from the insane words the little girl had said.

In fact, she had said her parents were still working for others, but only at night. Besides, those people were eager to get what they wanted, so she couldn’t let her parents leave.

Everyone was sacred by the little girl's words. Therefore, instead of burying her parents in their ancestral grave, they just buried them In the woods at the edge of the village road as usual.

From that time on, the little girl had become a completely different person and was very afraid of the people in the village, and even ran to guard her parents’ grave alone, because she said that someone had told her that if she kept the tomb for three years, her parents would come back. At that time, the people in the village were still very scared, but after one year, almost all villagers had also slowly forgotten.

They all hated the one who had cheated the little girl and even let such a few-year-old girl live alone in the wild.

Of course, there were a lot of things that seemed strange. When Mr. Wang was alive, he claimed that he had received a big order, so he worked at home every day, but when the villager went to his house, they did not find that he was doing any work and there were also no any raw materials. Nevertheless, some tools, such as saws, were placed in the yard neatly, as if they were in use at any time.

Besides, there was an open space that had been cleaned very much and it seemed that something had been placed there. The way from his home straight to the village had only one, but nobody had seen that he bought any raw materials or anything was transported out, either.

In addition, there was no any marks showing that this couple’s bodies were moved. There even was smile on their face and the clothes they wore were all very neat, too. More importantly, they even still wore their shoes. Just think of it. Who would be still wearing the shoes when on the bed at home?

The little girl was also very strange. She found that white cloth from nowhere and just wrapped it on her body. At that time, a kind villager wanted to help change her clothes, but was severely scratched by her. According to the villager, the white cloth on the little girl’s body looked very strange, but he couldn’t describe how strange it was.

After these several old men finished saying one by one, there was much doubt in my heart. In fact, this thing was really a little strange. If it was said that they had encountered the ghost, would the ghost feel so bored that he would put their bodies in place after killing them? Just as the old man said, Mr. Wang said he had received a big order when he was alive, but where was his big order?

What made me feel even more weird was where on earth did the wrapping-corpse cloth on the body of the little girl come from? At first, I thought she must have picked it up at the grave in the woods. However, according to the old man, the wrapping-corpse cloth had been found wrapped on her body when her parents were found dead. Of course, it also couldn’t be that Mr. Wang had nothing to do, so he put a wrapping-corpse cloth at home for fun.

Besides, only those cloth that had been really used to wrap corpses could be called the wrapping-corpse cloth.