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Chapter 213 The Peril in Female Toile

“What does that mean?” I asked witch Yan, but her expression was very strange. It seemed that she thought of something but was not sure.

After discussing for a while, there was still no result. As time went by, this phone call was slowly forgotten by us.

Until the last day of the month came.

This was the last day of the month and the thing on the photo still didn’t happen, but I don’t dare to get a little relaxed. I didn't know if it was because I was too nervous, I thought something would happen today.

After a safe daytime, the ghost building was on business at night, so I, Wu Jian, Ni Min, witch Yan and my mom decided to eat some food on that night market stall where we often went and also decided to talk about that thing after 12 pm.

We were and eating and talking for a long time and now it was 11:50. With the last ten minutes, this month would be over. According to past experience, Ni Min would also be completely safe.

Just when I was joking with Wu Jian, that maybe we could have a drink to celebrate at 12:00, Ni Min said a few words in the ear of Wu Jian, with a weird look. After that, Wu Jian nodded and then both stood up.

“What are you going to do?” I just looked at Wu Jian. It was less than 10 minutes before 12:00, but now were they going to leave?

Ni Min’s expression was somewhat embarrassed, and Wu Jian explained with smile, “She wants to go to the toilet, and I’ll go with her. Don’t worry. I will be with her.”

I just glanced at Wu Jian with contempt, then I turned around and decided to ask witch Yan to go with Ni Min. She nodded and stood up, “Actually, I also want to go to the toilet. Go with me.”

Wu Jian shrugged at Ni Min and then sat down. Ni Min followed witch Yan to go the public toilet across the street. Because the lights in the public toilet were broken, they asked the owner of the night market stall for a flashlight.

Wu Jian was obviously relieved that witch Yan would accompany her wife to the toilet but he still bantered, “Can’t you guy still trust my strength?”

I pretended to laugh and it could be regarded as my reply anyway. Since I was just sitting opposite the public toilet, I saw a familiar figure entering the toilet when Wu Jian was bantering. It was also because there were no lights in the toilet that I could not see clearly it in the dim light of the street lights.

“What’s up?” Wu Jian saw I was stunned, then turned his head to observe the toilet and asked me with strange.

I rubbed my eyes, took a look at the toilet and found there was no one, and then I wondered, “I seem to have seen a man go in just now and its figure even looks very familiar.”

Then Wu Jian turned to look again and said with strange, “Familiar? Who?”

I shook my head and still couldn't remember who it would be.

On one side, my mom looked a little hesitant, “I also have seen it. It looks like Chen Long.”

Chen Long? I and Wu Jian took a look at each other, then immediately stood up and trotted to the public toilet. I didn’t know why Wu Jian had a sharp reaction, but when my mom said that she felt the figure looked like Chen Long, I suddenly thought of the phone call Chen Long made and the inexplicable words said by him.

When we arrived at the public toilet, I stopped and hesitate whether I should give the two people in the toilet now a notice. However, Wu Jian had already hurried in. Just as I also decided to follow him in, I heard the roar of witch Yan out from the female toilet, “What are you doing here? This is the female toilet!”

“I...I... I’m afraid you forget take the toilet roll with you.” Wu Jian’s voice sounded very embarrassed.

I stood at the door and almost couldn’t help laughing out, but because I was afraid of being found by witch Yan, I could only cover my mouth and beat hard the wall with my hand.

After Wu Jian got out of the toilet, perhaps because of embarrassment, he didn’t speak. In addition, there was no light in the toilet, so I also couldn’t see his look very clearly. I knew that Wu Jian must have a wonderful expression on his face now. I even couldn’t help laughing out loudly. While I was laughing at him, I also was running towards the night market stall, afraid that he would hit me hard because of the anger. Of course, I was even more afraid to be heard by the witch Yan, in case that she thought I also planed this.

However, when I just ran across the road, I turned around and found Wu Jian didn’t follow me. I saw him standing at the door of the female toilet, without any movement, just standing straight in the darkness.

When I was still wondering, I saw Wu Jian turn around and enter the female toilet again. His movement was very slow, just like the rotten Chen Long. My heart clattered and an ominous feeling appeared in my heart.

During a long time, the public toilet didn’t have any other changes, as if nothing had happened, but I knew it hadn’t been the same anymore.

I looked around, then picked up the turner used by the boss’s to fry the crayfish and rushed to the toilet under the boss's shouting.

The dark public toilet was like a huge open mouth of a huge beast. I stood at the door and hesitated for a while. Then I still took out my phone, turn on its flashlight and slowly walked in.

The male toilet was directly ignored by me and the door of the female toilet was closed tightly. I knocked on the door with the turner on my hand. After the door made a crisp noise, it opened slowly, revealing a black hole-like toilet.

Besides, the glass next to the toilet seemed to have lost its proper function, without a glimmer of brightness coming in.

I shoveled against the door and used the phone shone slowly into it. The sanitary conditions of the public toilet was very good and it was very clean because it was near the pedestrian street, and the doors of a dozen separate toilets in a row were tightly closed. I did not find the figure of Wu Jian and the female toilet was very quiet.

“Wu Jian! Aunt Yan! Sister!” I shouted one by one, but no one replied to me. There was only the noise made by that the door of the female toilet hit the pot shovel because of the wind.

I painstakingly swallowed the slaver and slowly walked in.

The spring door of the female toilet slowly closed behind me, without a sound, which made me very nervous. If witch Yan was trapped, I would never dare imagine what was waiting for me.

I moved slowly against a smooth wall and shoveled open the toilet door one by one. The first was empty, the second was empty and the third was also empty. The doors pushed open by me were slowly closed.

I was very careful, but when I pushed open the door of the last toilet with fear, I was surprised to find nothing. Wu Jian and Chen Long were not here, not mention the human, even no a single ghost.

What was going on here? The door of the last toilet slowly closed. I was afraid that I was wrong and then I pushed it open again, but there was still nothing at all.

Where were they? Where were they? My mind was completely blank. Yes, this was the female toilet, because there was no urinal, I was familiar with, but where were they?

I stepped back feebly and leaned my body against the wall. Would they be in the male toilet?

I was thinking, but suddenly a faint smell came from the tip of my nose. It was that familiar kind of rotten smell mixed with inferior perfume and smell was from behind me.