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Chapter 209 Glowing Pool and Misunderstanding

After apart from Wu Jian, we never had an appointment when to come tomorrow, as if we both had ignored this problem. Having talked silently for a while, we separated from each other. During this period of time, Wu Jian had asked for leave, because he needed to accompany Ni Min and kept her safety.

When I got back, I felt so confused. Then I told the whole thing to my mom, but after she heard what I said, she let me try to allow Chen Long to stay with his grandmother for some time.

I thought about it. Actually, Mom was right. Although the old lady and Chen Long had been hiding from each other, they all knew that things have happened. The truth was that when they were hiding from each other, they actually were deceiving themselves again.

After I asked Yan'er and made sure that now Chen Long wouldn’t bring danger to the old lady, I listened to mother's words and decided to let them get along well in the last time.

If there was concern and love in the heart, there would be no grievance.

The next day, I didn’t contact Wu Jian and he also didn't call me. This matter was deliberately ignored by us. It wasn't until the third day that Wu Jian just called me, saying that Chen Long had come to him and asked me to go to Chen Long's house now and he and Chen Long would also go there right now.

Wu Jian didn't say what happened on the phone. This guy was always so mysterious, and whatever the thing was, he never said it on the phone, which made me doubt whether he had made some mistakes and his phone was monitored.

But I still had to go. After telling me mom, I took a taxi to the old street and after going to several wrong alleys, I finally arrived at Chen Long's house.

Wu Jian had already arrived and the old lady and Chen Long was sitting together, whispering something. When he saw I arrived, he stood up, greeted me and beckoned me to sit down.

I sat next to Wu Jian and asked where his wife was in a whisper. He said he let Ni Min go shopping with some of his female colleagues and she was very safe now. Then I was relieved to say hello to Chen Long and his grandmother. After all, I and Wu Jian still couldn’t find out who would do harm to Ni Min.

Chen Long nodded to me. The flesh on his face moved stiffly. It seemed that the muscles on his face had rotted a lot and it was even very difficult for him to make a smile.

Besides, Chen Long’s voice sounded very strange and it seemed to be very difficult to speak and he said words almost word by word, “I know I have already, already, but I am still very worried about my grandmother. Please do not take me in, take me in, OK? Just let me accompany with my her. At least, let me leave some money for her.”

Take him in? I looked at Wu Jian with strange eyes. Wu Jian said to me in a low voice that Chen Long thought he was that kind of Taoist who was expert in catching the ghosts. This was also said by Wu Jian, because Wu Jian needed to make Chen Long feel the pressure so that he wouldn’t do something wrong.

I nodded secretly and said, “I won't take you in, but, you know, your body won't last for too long, let alone move bricks or something.”

When I was saying, I pointed to Chen Long’s shoulder. Having lost elasticity because of muscle decay, his shoulder had been completely deformed under the pressure of a heavy object, and there was a big dent in the middle. Although he had used something to hold it up, it could still be seen very clearly.

After listing to my words, he stood up stiffly, shook twice, and threw his face on the ground, which totally startled me. Then, I and Wu Jian looked at each other, and when we were about to ask the situation, Chen Long slowly climbed up, just like a machine that lacked lubricating oil, and then knelt on the ground. Until this moment, I knew he wanted to kneel down.

Chen Long fell very hard. A small finger-sized stone was embedded on his face but no blood flow out. Only a little bit of black liquid came out, giving out a strong smell of decay immediately.

It seemed that Chen Long didn’t know there a stone on his face and he just kowtowed stiffly, “Can you help me? Please! I don't want to die. I can't die.”

I sighed and watched the old lady carefully lift him up, then slowly take out the stone on his face, and use a water-stained handkerchief gently wipe his cheek.

I really wanted to help him but what could I do?

“People will die and this is the life. I don't know why your soul still hasn't left your body, but you're actually dead. However, you're very lucky. At least, you can still stay with your grandmother.”

After listening to my words, Chen Long and the old lady's eyes darkened, and then he seemed to be thinking of something and then looked up at me, “Well, if I find the reason why my soul still hasn’t left my body, will that give me a chance to resurrect?”

I was just stunned for a while. Chen Long's soul was not out of his body. I was curious about this and also thought it was mysterious, but I didn't think it would bring him back to life.

When I was in a daze, I didn’t answer him. I guessed Chen Long wrongly understood what I meant. He even though I didn't make a sound because I was considering the feasibility of this matter, so he became very excited.

“I died in the Tiankeng and I remember I accidentally fell into a deep pool. It's been a day since I woke up and I've also become very powerful. Oh, by the way, the pool has been shining and the light is white.”

What? A glowing pool. His words made me a little hazy. I had never heard of the glowing pool and suddenly began to be very curious, and I even completely ignored that I should not give Chen Long the hope.

Then I called my mom right now. Since it was daytime, I let her ask witch Yan. Since the last time I went to my hometown, the relationship between witch Yan and old Mrs. Li was very good and they even had already lived in the ghost building with us.

On the phone, witch Yan also told me that she had never heard of such a strange pool, either. Then I decided to ask Old Mrs. Li and other people late in the night. Finally, we all decided to go to have a look. By the way, we could also regard it as a small trip. After all, so many things had happened before, and everyone’s mood was very nervous. Therefore, this trip could make us relax.

While I was talking on the phone, Wu Jian was giving a serious education to Chen Long to abide by the law, and so on. Maybe he had completely misunderstood what I meant, so he looked very happy and repeatedly nodded his head. Even when he saw I finished the phone call, he just looked at me with an eager face.

Instead of paying attention to him, I asked Wu Jian. Then he thought about it for a while and also planned to take his wife with us for a trip. Anyway, he also asked for leave. Besides, there were some masters, like witch Yan, so he thought Ni Min was safer than when I stayed with her.

I told this news to Chen Long and he was obviously very happy. Even the old lady’s wrinkles were unfolded happily and then knelt to kowtow to us, which scared me and Wu Jian. We hurriedly stepped forward and got her up. The old lady was 70 or 80 years old. If she kowtowed to us, our lives would be shortened.

After a simple arrangement, I took Chen Long to the ghost building. This was also the request of witch Yan and she said she had some ways to rejuvenate his body, and, of course, it was only temporary. However, it still made Chen Long very pleased.

The old lady even wanted to follow him to go and said that she wanted to thank her face to face. I couldn’t refuse her, so I had to promise. There were many people and even there was an old lady, so Wu Jian had to drive us back to the ghost building first.