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Chapter 199 The Tombstone

Fu Xiao, I only felt my back cold and how could it be Fu Xiao? Was it the same name? I just thought there was in a mess in my head. Was Fu Xiao who I saw the ghost? No. Although, I didn’t have too much contact with her, I could be absolutely sure that the Fu Xiao I saw was a living person. Maybe the people on this photo had the same name as her. I must be that.

I didn't know if my current thought was comforting myself, so I extended my head to confirm the name on the tombstone.

However, I was horrified to find that the blood in the photo had disappeared and there was a strange woman in the photo, who was smiling at me.

“Ah!” I screamed in horror and sat down on a pile of soft things. I used my trembling hand to touch the soft things under my ass and then I took it in front of my eyes. Suddenly, there was a burning smell coming and I found it was the funeral money that was burned up and wet by the dew.

I tried to calm myself down and then realized that meeting the ghost alone had a totally different feelings from doing that with a lot of people. Now, I regretted my hasty decision and even more regretted overestimating my boldness. Now I couldn't even remember what Old Mrs. Li taught me.

After throwing the wet paper ash away from my hand and taking a deep breath, I stood up. Now, I was no longer in the mood to confirm the text on the tombstone and what wanted to do was to quickly find the tomb of old Mr. Lu and leave as soon as possible.

I didn’t know when the ground began to wet and there was a thin mist all round, but not much. Although it didn’t influence my sight, it made me feel that the whole atmosphere was getting even weirder and more scary.

Now I didn’t looking for it very carefully. If the grave had no tombstone, I wouldn’t take a look. If it did, I just had a glance of it, then left and walked to the next one.

After walking past five graves without tombstones, I finally saw a lonely grave in the distance. Because only that grave had a tombstone, even in the distance, it still stood out.

I walked over and took a look at this tombstone. I found its weathering was serious. Many inscriptions on it could not be clearly read, but at the top of it, the word “LU” was well preserved.

To my surprise, this grave still had a photo. Then I hesitated for a moment and approached it slowly.

This was a black-and-white photo, on which there was covered with mud marks. It seemed to have been deliberately smeared with mud by someone, so I couldn't see the person in the photo very clearly.

I didn’t use my hand to wipe the mud on the photo. Instead, I took a few steps back, swallowing the saliva hard. Then I felt that the coldness on my back was slowly rising and spreading all over me.

The mud marks were so new that the thin layer on it was still not dry and very wet, as if it was put on it for not a long time ago. Shit! This back mountain really was so weird. Even if a ghost appeared directly in front of me, I wouldn't be so scared.

I didn't know if it was my hallucination and I felt that this tombstone was slowly moving toward me. While I was still in fear, I found the tombstone was a lot closer to me.

I subconsciously backed and my eyes have been staring at this tombstone, without moving. As I just got relaxed, I suddenly felt that behind me came a cold and soft touch. Did I touch something?

I couldn't imagine anything cold and soft in the graveyard, but just because I couldn't imagine it, I felt more scared. For a moment, I didn’t dare to look back because I was afraid, afraid that if I looked back, I might see something that would make me more scared.

Nevertheless, thing behind me was slowly moving, along my spine slowly upward. I couldn't help clasping my hand and forced myself to forbear the fear in my heart. Then I immediately turned back, scolded loudly and waving my fist.

A long-strip-shaped thing was punched by my fist and flew out, and it was still twisting in the air. Then I found it turned out to be a snake.

The sudden relaxation after the tension made me feel weak all over and I was breathless. Damn it, luckily, it was a snake. I found that I had a lot of dirty words tonight, maybe which seemed to relax me. I leaned my arm on the place of tombstone where there was that snake just now. When I was about to have a good rest, my body suddenly froze and a tear-less look appeared on my face.

Where did this tombstone come from?

Because my hand was resting on the tombstone, I looked down and could see the words on the tombstone. The tombstone also had a photo, and both the photo and its the inscriptions on it were very new, as if they had been made just a few days ago.

Then I got used to looking at pictures and found there was a little girl with no facial expression on the photo, but her appearance looked very familiar, which was simply a long hair version of Lu Sheng.

I let go of my hand in surprise and looked at the words on the tombstone.

Lu Dafu, born in ** , 1942 and died in ** **, 1942. Died seven years ago! Was this the grandfather of Lu Sheng? But what about the photo?

I looked up and found that there was no photo on the tombstone, and the place where there originally was a photo was completely blank and there was no trace of the photo at all. Then I read the inscriptions again and also found that the inscription on the tombstone had also changed and they had become a completely unfamiliar name.

What was going on? I couldn't believe that when I looked up again at the location of the photo, the photo appeared again, but it had become a woman, the woman on the tombstone I first saw.

“Fk!” I shouted, repeatedly retreating from the range of the graveyard, and never noticed the strange touch of the wet paper ash, which came from my feet.

I looked around nervously and found the tombstone named Lu just now was also gone, and there was only this creepy grave here alone. Besides, I did remember I was this weird grave on the right side, but now it was on the left.

Just when I was at a loss, there was the sound of singing coming from distance. It was a woman's voice and it was very light, but the song sounded very strange. It was not the pop song at all but more like a drama.

The sound of singing was getting closer and closer, and there were countless green highlights in the direction of singing. They were flickering and I thought it should be fireflies.

Such an awesome appearing mode coordinated with the present environment could only make me feel creepy. As I concentrated on watching the fireflies in the distance, the sky began to shine slowly. Then I looked around in amazement and I didn't know when several group of ghost fire had slowly appeared in the air, floating up and down, as if it was helping the sound of sing to be a dancing partner.

Besides, what made me feel even more horrified was that I didn't know when I was surrounded by ghosts in all kinds of clothes, and all of them were looking at the direction, from which the sound of singing came.

I bowed my head and dared not move. Even if the stench and the smell of dirt completely encircled me, I could only pretend that I didn't know it. At my feet, however, a half-rotting baby was crawling slowly over my feet. It seemed that it had felt my eyes and even looked up at me.

It only had a few teeth, which had already turned black. Half of the face had almost become a bone, while the other half of the face was showing a strange smile. The eyes hanging outside the orbit were raised by small hands full of deep holes and were looking at me. In that eye, I even could feel the exultation and such an exultation could only appear while catching the hiding child in hide-and-seek.