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Chapter 197 Weirdness and Puzzle

The next day, Xiao Sheng came again and repeated his behavior of yesterday. After I saw him beaten by the ants, I still didn’t give him the ghost cream. I was in a very disorderly mind now. When I looked at his expectant and aggrieved eyes, I moved my eyes away.

I didn't want to give him the ghost cream, but I hoped he could get rid of ghost cream just like giving up a drug addiction. However, according to what Old Mrs. Li said, this was almost impossible.

All this had made the hatred in my heart grow stronger and stronger, but when I was almost burned down by my own anger, I found that things might not be as simple as I thought.

Because of one of his words, “Brother, can you give me back my body? My mother is sick and I want to see her. Just a moment.”

While Xiao Sheng was saying this, he dared not even look at me. His voice was so low that I almost didn't hear it. After that, he took a few steps back, then knelt on his knees and shivered on the ground.

I knew that Lu Sheng’s mother, Fu Xiao, had been sick, but it was just a common cold. Perhaps because of Lu Sheng’s things, neither her mental nor physical condition was not very good. Therefore, her condition looked very serious.

But what on earth did Xiao Sheng’s words mean? Give back his body to him? Did the current Lu Sheng’s body belong to him? I had no idea at all, so I decided to try it out. Even if this body didn’t belong to Xiao Sheng, but because Lu Sheng abused Xiao Sheng in such a cruel way, I thought it was still doing good to give his body to Xiao Sheng.

After getting my permission, Xiao Sheng was very excited and even his face was showing a rare red halo. This was the first time I saw the face of ghosts could show a red halo. I could imagine that he must be very excited at that time.

Although very excited, Xiao Sheng still behaved very carefully when he came over, as if he was afraid that he would carelessly hurt me.

Xiao Sheng’s figure slowly entered the Lu Sheng’s body. With his gradually entering, I felt like I was still filling myself after I was full and my whole body had an inexplicable feeling of distending pain.

As Xiao Sheng's whole figure entered the body, I slowly let go of the body's control. Then the question arose in my mind that the present situation was very similar to that of being possessed by a ghost, but it also was different, because I could feel that I could still control my whole body. Although Xiao Sheng also could control the body, once I wanted to control it, he would be naturally excluded.

This was just like snatching a toy and the most powerful side would always win. However, I had to know Lu Sheng was just an ordinary child. At least I hadn't found anything wrong with him now. But Xiao Sheng was already a ghost now, being possessed by the ghost. If he was possessed by the ghost and he couldn’t still take control of the body after that, that was absolutely not called being possessed by the ghost.

Just as I was thinking about it, Xiao Sheng had controlled the body to run out of the house and found a small clinic at the mouth of the alley very familiarly. At the moment when he saw Fu Xiao, He just jumped on her and burst into tears, which made Fu Xiao constantly comfort her own child in her weakness.

Xiao Sheng was very skillful in controlling this body and his feelings to Fu Xiao was also very sincere. At this moment, I suddenly felt that maybe this body really belonged to Xiao Sheng and he was the real Lu Sheng.

But where did Lu Sheng come from? Why did he not only take up Xiao Sheng’s body, but also abuse him? I suddenly felt that this thing was getting more and more complicated.

At this moment, Lu Haitaocame in from the outside and when he saw my present appearance, he was very astonished. After comforting me, he hastily asked me what had happened? It seemed that my abnormal performance had frightened him.

After almost opening his mouth for a few times, Xiao Sheng finally bowed his head and dared not speak. It seemed that Lu Sheng had a great deal of power in his mind. Just when I thought this trip of visiting the family was about to end.

Xiao Sheng suddenly said, with a very rapid tone, “Father, someone has robbed me of my body and he even forbade me from coming back.”

Everyone was stunned, including me. After that, I even had a sense of relaxation. Just say it. Just say it. Since Lu Sheng could grow up smoothly and no longer met the ghost, it indicated that he must meet a master when he was a child.

Although now I still didn’t know who on earth occupied Xiao Sheng’s body, if I could let him take back his body and make him grow up smoothly, I thought it was a good thing. At last, I could ask Old Mrs. Li to help them destroy the evil ghost.

At first, Xiao Sheng seemed to be very scared, but when he saw that I did not have reaction, he became bold gradually. Although incoherent, he still scared Lu Haitao. Then he quickly took the Lu Sheng’s body and Xiao Sheng and me inside the body to a very dilapidated small house.

The house was not only dilapidated but also small, and in the doorway sat a dirty Taoist dressed in a bun. That man exactly was Qing Fengzi.

Qing Fengzi at this moment was younger than that I saw now, but his level of Taoism strength might not be low, because at a glance, he could know there were two ghosts in Lu Sheng’s body. Then he immediately said to Lu Haitao. Then Lu Haitao was startled and quickly asked him to do spell.

His method was very simple and he just expelled ghost that possessed the body, but I just couldn’t understand some redundant movements. After all, I had just received one-day assault training, so it was good enough of me to recognize it.

However, the thing I didn’t expect happened just after Qing Fengzi had done the spelt. The one who was expelled from his body was Xiao Sheng? I was stunned there and confused that this body didn’t belong to Xiao Sheng?

After being expelled, Xiao Sheng eyes were filled with despair. He kept trying to run back, but was beaten several times by the Qing Fengzi, and screamed on the ground. Finally he was directly put into a small gourd.

Then Lu Haitao thanked Qing Fengzi very much, but I just looked at all this in a daze. My thought still stayed at that moment when Xiao Sheng was beaten by Qing Fengzi. Then I have already vaguely understood that why Qing Fengzi would knock his head against the wall to kill himself.

Lu Haitao took me home and happily made a large table of delicacies. Obviously, he was celebrating, but I silently felt sad for Lu Haitao, because the situation now was very obvious.

Combining with Qing Fengzi’s suicide and the words before his suicide, I could basically be sure that the child who was expelled from the body and arrested by him was the real Lu Sheng.

Nevertheless, who was this Lu Sheng who was occupying Lu Sheng’s body? And where did the ghost cream and the centenary stick of the willow heart come from? What did he want to do to occupy Lu Sheng’s body? If he just wanted to find a substitute simply, he didn’t have to go back to abused Xiao Sheng.

What was most important was that it was obvious that this ghost that occupied Lu Sheng’s body had a higher fitness with this body, even higher than that of Xiao Sheng, so Qing Fengzi would think he was the real owner of the body.

He was no-shadow? Or Thought?

This time, I was not in a hurry to leave the illusion, because I intended to make it all clear just for the poor Xiao Sheng. I originally thought I wasn’t afraid of anything. However, I never expected that I would be so scared that I even peed in my pants in the later experience.