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Chapter 195 Torture of Ghos

I intended to make that middle-aged woman tell me more. However, before I prepared to speak, I suddenly was attracted by a figure who was coming in at the door. That man was Lu Haitao, his younger version, but he looked a lot older than that I saw just now.

His hair was gray, his eyes were sunken, his face looked haggard and his clothes, though clean, was very wrinkled, as though it had been squeezed. When he saw me, he showed me a smile and even got his clothes neatly specially.

I naturally knew that he didn’t smile at me, but smiled at who I was now, because now I was Lu Sheng.

He walked over and touched my head affectionately and also asked whether I had finished my homework. Although I didn’t know now whether Lu Sheng had finished his homework, I still nodded my head to indicate that I had finished. In addition, I took the opportunity of nodding the head to avoid Lu Haitao's hand. My head was touched by a strange man. If I had a bad temper, I might have hit him, but actually I didn’t. Was I supposed to behave as if I loved it?

He probably still didn’t notice my change. Then he went back to the house for a while and he seemed to be looking for something, and then went out soon. He even comforted me and said he would come back soon when he left.

I was so glad that he left so fast, but when Lu Haitao stepped out of the gate, the middle-aged woman also was gone. Of course, it definitely wasn’t that I met the ghost and the fact was that the woman went back to her own room. Through the blurred paper window, I could even clearly see the middle-aged woman was changing clothes. Uh, this was not a good time to go in now.

Since I have already gone back to the past, well, as least I thought so, I still would love to see the scenery out here. Then I avoided a few people who let me not go around and got out of this small yard.

Outside was a narrow street but there was crowded with people, most of who still rode the old-style bicycle. Besides, it could be seen that the neighborhood was very harmonious, and the voice of greeting could be heard without end.

Just as I was wondering which way to go, I saw a child in a corner on one side, a very familiar child, who was standing there lonely and looking at me, without speaking.

I was shocked and then I seemed to think of something, because the child had the same face as the current Lu Sheng.

I guessed that it was he who led me into this illusion, and then without hesitation, I carefully avoided cars and went to the child's side. There originally was no expression on his face but when he saw me coming to him, he immediately showed a smiling face and said, “Brother, let's play together.”

I just nodded and then did nothing since I actually really didn’t know what I should play with this child.

Just as I was hesitating, the child spoke, “Brother, can we not play the yesterday’s game because Xiao Sheng feels very painful.

Xiao Sheng, this child was called Xiao Sheng, so was the full name of this child Lu Sheng? Besides, what game did he play with me yesterday? Of course, I didn’t know, so I had to follow his words and said, “Let's play yesterday's game, OK?”

He looked unhappy, then he held back his tear and hesitated for a long time. Finally, he nodded and then walked to a dead end on one side, where there was nobody.

Of course, I had to follow him. When I went to the dead end and saw his performance, I was stunned. I just saw him naked, revealing his skinny body. Then he took out a small bottle from the wall crevice on one side and looked at me as if he was begging for me, but when he saw I had no reaction, he silently opened the small bottle in his hand in tears.

The yellowish viscous liquid in the small bottle dripped directly on the his skinny body. In my surprised eyes, he just quietly lay on the ground, motionless, and only his tears have been dripping and there was still full of the sense of begging in his eyes.

Although I was surprised by everything in front of me, I still didn't dare to make any reaction, because I really didn’t knew what on earth he was doing.

However, it wasn't long before I finally knew it.

On the ground, many ants lined up in a almost 2-com long line and slowly came out. It seemed that they had knew there was something. I just saw these ants climb straight up to Xiao Sheng’s body and revolved around the yellowish liquid that dripped down on his body.

Then Xiao Sheng began to scream, and the big ant kept biting the yellowish liquid. In fact, it was also biting Xiao Sheng’s skinny body.

From his face, I could even feel how much pain he was bearing and I even wanted to rush over to save this poor child, but I didn’t, because I was afraid that my movement would made him suffer from the greater pain.

I just looked at him. At this moment, I even wanted to kill Lu Sheng personally. This child was still so young, but Lu Sheng even could do such a terrible thing. In addition, judging from Xiao Sheng’s reaction, I guessed this absolutely was not the first time for him.

However, meanwhile, there was also big question in my heart. Xiao Sheng was a ghost and I also had felt this point. The key point was that even the ghost was very weak, he could never be bullied by little child who was only a few years old and why could even these ants bit a ghost?

After a long time, the yellowish liquid had been eaten or taken away by the ants, but Xiao Sheng had not stopped screaming painfully. His little body was still shaking and the places on his body that had been bitten by the ants were all red dots.

I had been bitten by such a black ant in the countryside before. In fact, when the ants was biting me, I just felt like that someone was needling me with the needle and I even could still bear it. The key point was the feeling after being biting. The places on my body that were bitten by ants sharply painful, just like being burned by the fire. In addition, I also felt unbelievably itching and I was even eager to cut off the place on my body that was bitten.

However, Xiao Sheng even stood up, with his body trembling. His face turned steel blue and his figure also became a little blurred, but his eyes became bright and meanwhile, he was looking at me with hope.

“Bro...Brother, could...could you give me the food?”

He said it very carefully and intermittently because of the sharp pain, but his bright eyes have never changed.

I knew that ghosts didn’t need to eat anything, but I didn’t know what he really wanted, so I could only silently look at him.

When Xiao Sheng saw that I didn’t respond, his bright eyes gradually faded down. Then he lowered his head and said, “This...This time...you still don’t...have that? I...I...I will try...try harder.”

Then Xiao Sheng just sniffed and slowly disappeared in the air.

At this moment, I felt painful in my heart. If Lu Sheng just beat Xiao Sheng up, even seriously, I guessed I also could accept it. However, now this totally was abuse.

He was abusing a child who was just 5 or 6 years old and even looked like the same as himself. I just stood there and made myself calm down after a long time. Then I walked to the place where Xiao Sheng took out a small bottle. I took out the bottle and smelled it. Yellowish liquid was honey, but there still was a little strange smell in it. I couldn't tell what it was.

As I put aside my anger caused by seeing Xiao Sheng being abused, my doubts grew bigger and bigger. The honey wouldn’t work on the ghosts, let alone make ants bite them. Therefore, I firmly thought the thing that smelled weird must being doing mischief, but it was also obvious that such a thing couldn’t be made only by Lu Sheng, who still was a child.

It could be seen that things here were not as simple as meeting ghosts.