Wuxiaworld > A Guest in a Ghost House > Chapter 190 Who

Half the day,Wei Xing said,” I know he was wrong to hit you, but his current state is strange. Just, just like encountering something horrible.

I shrugging my shoulder said,” Am I so horrible?”

Wei Xing bit her teeth but did not say anything. Then she turned away. I don't know why. At the moment she turned away, I felt my heart empty as if something very important had been lost.

I sat on the bench for a while. Then I went back to the hotel. After greeting Wu Jian, I backed to ghost house. My heart was in a mess now, just like when in the first love be swayed by the extreme considerations of gain and loss. Mom called and told me the new photo had arrived. She let me go back as soon as possible. I was going back for a change of mood.

As for Xiao Lingdang, let them play. Didn't Lu Sheng still be alive and vivid today?

It had been so late to get back to the ghost house because the car broke down on the road. Instead of looking at the photo, I fell asleep. At night, I got a phone call from Xiao Lingdang by Wu Jian's mobile phone. She said she had a good time in the evening. This showed that Lu Sheng was very happy either. I fantasized about Lu Sheng coming to beg me and then fell asleep.

Next day I wake up. Before I could see the photo, Aunt Li pulled me over. She said she wanted to teach me a few methods to defend myself. I thought it was necessarily and mom couldn’t agree anymore. As a result, I learned till night. I was too exhausted to think about seeing photos, even missed Xiao Lingdang’s phone call.

I wake up again. After reviewing what I learned yesterday, I picked up the envelope. Opening it as usual, then I saw the pictures. At one glance, I was instantly frozen.

In the first photo, an elegant teenager stood on the green space with a glass of red wine, looking into the distance smiled.

I didn't be stunned by the photo, but the people I knew. It was Lu Sheng. At this moment, my mood was very complicated. I even had the feeling to throw out the photo heavily. I was not gonna kill him, but why would I save him?

After a few deep breaths, I stifled my impulse. After all, this was not just about Lu Sheng, but about dad, brother, sister-in-law, and the grievance dragon vein. Besides, there was a faint fear in my heart that Xiao Lingdang killed Lu Sheng accidentally.

I didn't know what the consequences of killing someone who was supposed to be helped were. But I didn't dare to try. I couldn't trade the hope of saving my families for having a bad breath.

I opened the second one.

The second photo, The whole body of Lu Sheng had been divided into innumerable pieces. The ground was covered with blood. Only the head was intact. It was placed in the middle of the flesh and blood scattering across the ground. The eyes were wide open and the pupils were filled with deep fear. But in the virtual shadow of photo, Lu Sheng was kneeling on one knee, smiling with a diamond ring in the proposal of marriage.

It should be that he proposed marriage to Wei Xing. There were waves of antipathy in my heart. This uncomfortable feeling completely diluted the shock I felt when I saw the scattered corpse of Lu Sheng.

The third photo was the same as last time. It was all blurry. I didn't pay much attention.

I put the picture aside. Hesitating for a long time I still pick up the phone to dial Wu Jian's number. However, Xiao Lingdang was not by his side at this moment. After greeting my mother, I boarded a car to Sishui City.

People in the ghost house didn't accompany with me this time. Because on the one hand Xiao Lingdang was over there and on the other hand there were things I always had to face on my own. At least according to Aunt Li's saying, my life wouldn't be at risk.

Arrived at Sishui, I met Xiao Lingdang and others immediately. What made me relax was that although Lu Sheng was frightened by Xiao Lingdang and others, they did not do much harm to his body. The worst was some bumps.

It made me confused. Could it be said that the danger Lu Sheng coming across didn’t come from us? I couldn't get the exact information from Xiao Lingdang. I let Wu Jian take me to the Conservatory of Music again and then he waited me on the first floor of Wei Xing’s dorm.

Time was not right. It took two hours to see Wei Xing going downstairs with calling on her phone. When she saw me, she obviously stupefied a bit. Strange expression showed on her face as if she was forced to smile.

Then Wei Xing talked a few words on the phone. After a while, Lu Sheng came in a hurry. Just had not seen for two days yet,I nearly couldn't recognize him. I saw Lu Sheng's eye socket sunken and his skin dim. The whole man lost a large circle of weight. He watched around carefully while walking as if preventing to be attacked suddenly.

“You're satisfied.”

I turned my face. Wei Xing looked at Lu Sheng in pity and whispered to me, "He has become like this."

"What’s the matter with me? "I still didn't admit it. But I inwardly felt that Xiao Lingdang and others seemed to be cruel to him.

Wei Xing glanced at me and said nothing. Lu Sheng had come up to me and looked at me in a strange sight. I shrugged my shoulders and didn't say anything to stimulate him, just standing there as usual.

After a while, Lu Sheng picked up the phone ,"Did you find out anything?" When he spoke, Lu Sheng was very excited with his body trembling slightly.

I couldn't hear the answer on the other side of the phone. Just listened Lu Sheng "Um" and put down the phone. And then he looked at me full of hatred and fear.

Frowned, I didn't know what the Lu Sheng was doing. But in front of Wei Xing, I didn't want to show my timidity. Even though I was alone without people from ghost house beside me, I should not frighten, moreover, Lu Sheng was a man going to died soon.

Not long after, an old man dressed in a suit came from one side. His facial hair was white, I thought it was the elder of Lu Sheng. But the old man went in front of Lu Sheng and nodded,” My younger master Lu.” I knew that he would not be the elder of Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng seemed very excited to point at me, "That's him."

The old man nodded and observed me carefully for a moment, “I am Qin Fengzi, I don't know who you are. You are so poisonous to let ghost kill people.”

I glanced at Qing Fengzi then blankly said, "Is there a ghost in the world?"

Qing Fengzisaid,” You are filled with ghost smell. But you still ask whether ghost in the world or not.”

I nodded. Don't lie to truth. It was unnecessary for me to avoid it. Because I found that when I talked about ghosts, Wei Xing's expression was not fear, but curiosity, and a bit vaguely excitement.

“Qing Fengzi, isn’t it? Do you know this Mr. Lu,Lu… won't last long.” I pretended that I didn't remember Lu Sheng's name.

But Qing Fengzi stared,” Dare you?”

I spread out my hands and made a look of helplessness,” It's not me. Can’t you figure it out?”

A glimmer of confusing flashed through Qing Fengzi’s eyes,” If not you, who would it be?”

"How can I know. Anyway, it's not me. "

My words made Qing Fengzi hesitate. However, Lu Sheng began to calm our aside. It seems that the arrival of Qing Fengzi gave him great courage.

I watched Lu Sheng till he shut up. And then said to Qing Fengzi,” I have said it wasn't me. Believing it or not depend on you. But if you insist to say that is me. Fine.”

With that, I turned back and nodded to Wei Xing, and left straight away. Only left behind Lu Sheng shouting loudly at the back again and the strange eyesight around.