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Chapter 184 How are you?

I was scared stepped back again and again. I accidentally bumped into the candle that I had just fixed. When I looked around, I didn’t even need to remind others. The wet hair was slowly creeping towards the center of the cave. The air was filled with the smell of grease of hair, let people wanted to vomit.

"Candlelight, fire." I didn't know who was yelling. I was not in a mood to distinguish, but I quickly ignited several fixed candles and then turned around to lift up the candles that I hit, and fixed them. Lit and lit, lighter in my hands seemed to be against me in general, every time it sparked, but it never burned out a flame.

I was tried in hurry. The metal sheet on the lighter fell down as I tried to lit candles. I hadn't had time to pick it up. When I felt wet, a piece of hair was lightly placed on the back of my hand. I was startled and shook my hand. Suddenly, the lighter in my hand flew away. It hit on a boulder aside, uttered a loud “bang” and burst.

I took the candle and ran back. My mother was shocked by the sound of burst earlier. She gave me the rest of the lighter with a dark face. I quickly took over and lit the candle, but I didn't dare to go because the surrounding boulders had all been filled with long hair.

Some of the long hair still slowly reached the candle placed on the boulders. When they came across the flames, they squeaked, and a cloud of smoke blew up. The air was full of strange smells, I sadly watched candles were falling on the ground.

I had the only candle in my hand and kept swallowing drool. I was really not afraid of ghosts. But I had tropophobia. The candles in my hands were burning. From time to time, the molten wax dripping on my hand which made me a slight ache. I suddenly recalled my hand that I had just touched by a long hair. As I looked at the back of my hand, there was a bit of water on it.

I wiped my hand on my trousers, the watermarks didn’t disappear but became even bigger. I touched it with my fingers. It was slippery, as if it were oil, and there was a nauseating smell on the back of my hand. It's like my hand had put in hair that you didn't know how long hasn't washed.

The hair around us made our space getting smaller and smaller, and the oily taste that was specific to hair was also getting stronger. My mother and I couldn't help but dry vomit for a few times.

"Aunt Li" I couldn't help but cry in a changed tone.

Aunt Li squinted her eyes and stepped forward, her body was emitting a chilly feeling gradually. I could not help but shuddered. The black mist that was visible to the naked eye emanated from Aunt Li. Although she did not let those hair disappear, In the area where the black mist was flowing, those strange hair couldn’t spread further. They could only keep creeping in place.

"Aunt Li, this, what was this?" I recovered myself a bit as I saw those hair no longer coming.

"Hair." Aunt Li's reply was concise, but it made me have no idea how to respond.

Fortunately, on the other side, phoenix was talking to himself, "The grievances were heavy, and the hair was not from just one person."

Of course, not all from just one person. Even though a person could live a thousand years old, he could not be able to grow so many hairs. Well, the question I asked was not quite suitable. What I actually wanted to know was how to get rid of these hairs.

When I was asking, phoenix was looking at the bones of the ground seriously. I also took a look at it and suddenly discovered a detail that I had never noticed. The bones on the ground did not have craniums.

"There were no craniums. What happened to them?" I exclaimed, and phoenix’s brows wrinkled even more. It seemed he was both answering me and speaking to himself, "Was thousands of humans became bones?"

What was thousands of humans becoming bones mean? I hadn't heard of it at all. When I was about to ask, I heard an old and strange voice, "Little girl is very knowledgeable."

The voice just fell off and there was a middle-aged female voice, "Join us."

Then many completely different voices came out, "Join us and join us."

“Where's the voice come from?” I looked around, but I found nothing. Then hairs on the floor had changed and was beginning to shrink. The center of the contraction was behind a boulder.

The hairs gradually became less and less, and Aunt Li was no longer emits black mist, but her whole face was completely cold. She looked at the direction of the boulder.

The hair had shrunk only a little more than people usually had in average in a short period of time, but just after the hair had shrunk, I found a white forehead above the boulder, and the black hair was just on this clean white forehead.

I didn't know why, after seeing the hair disappeared, the white forehead was even more frightened because it was incongruous. Generally speaking, if one person want to peek, at least one of his eye should come out. How could he peek by only revealing a forehead? He was not Er-Lang God.

My mother took a drink of wine and picked up a chopper in her hand. "Come on, don't be sneaky."

An old voice, "Asking you to go out?"

A voice of a middle-aged woman, "It is for you."

A voice of a child, "Let's go out together (false noise)."

Obviously, a forehead was exposed, but behind the boulder came a variety of voices. Not only were the voices different, they were even different in pitch, and there were many speaking in Mandarin, as if there were really many people discussing.

In the end, it seemed that agreement had been reached and many voices were saying, "Go out together and go out together."

I waited outside for a while, but no one appeared. Then I heard those voices began to talk, "What are you doing? Go out."

Man, "Just go out."

Girl, "Yeah, why don't you go out."

Rough man, "Hurry up, don't hesitate."

But still no one came out. I took a look at my mother who was a litter rickety and whispered to myself, "Are you kidding me?"

As soon as my word just came out, the sound behind the boulder seemed to have been a bit irritated. Many of them shouted loudly, and a percussive sound came out behind the boulder. The boulder shook slightly, as if someone did not want to come out that cause a fighting inside.

When I had no idea what to do next, a familiar sound that had appeared many times in my dream came out, "You get out of here as fast as you can."

My body froze at that time, I was looking at the boulder and unbelieving in my mind. I gazed as if I could see through the boulder. Because that voice was too familiar, so familiar.

"Boom"! The bottle in my mother's hands fell directly on the ground and broken into pieces. The air suddenly filled with the smell of alcohol. My mother stepped forward and her tears was flowing down. She asked trembling, "Is that you? Is that you?"

Mom walked forward step by step. "Stop coming over." The voice burst into a loud voice, with pain and dismay. Mom's foot paused and said, "For so many years, you did not go to reincarnation. Why didn't you come to see me but telling me to get away?"

An old voice, "So, you know each other."

A voice of a child, "It's fun."

Girl's voice, "Then be with us, together forever."

Mom pretending not to hear anything, she looked at the boulder and said word by word, "Let me see you again, okay?"