Wuxiaworld > A Guest in a Ghost House > Chapter 183 The wet long hair

Chapter 183 The wet long hair

Suddenly, my mind was frozen, and I was tempted to throw off my foot disgustedly, but I didn't dare to move because my feet intertwined a lot of long hair where I was kicking, and a large piece of scurf was on the hair, reflecting a pale color under the flashlight.

Did I just kick a head? I couldn’t imagine it, but my mom told me not to move again, she bent down and used a sharp stone to get the scurf off my feet, but the hair was wet and it was difficult to get rid of it. In my surprising gaze, she took out a paper-wrapped kitchen knife from the bag behind her and cut the hair directly.

I suddenly felt that my mom was more terrible than the hair and ghosts. My mom stood up and smiled at me palely: “Now you know why people yelled to mom when they are scared?” Then, she continued to lead the way, I could hear my mother's pent-up squeak.

phoenix came to me and pushed me forward: "I really envy you have such a mother." I looked at his sincere eyes and nodded, then quickly followed my mother.

Just when I caught up with my mother, she was looking at the shadow in front of her with a kitchen knife. The shadow wore a flower dress which was comment in the countryside, lying on the ground and covering her head with hands, the whole body was shivering, it seemed that she was very scared.

I looked at phoenix behind me, and he looked disgustedly: "It's really a shame to the ghost."

phoenix’s word seemed to awaken the shadow who still trembled on the ground, only hearing that she was whispering something repeatedly and her voice was getting louder and louder: "I am not the shame, I don’t lost face."

The shadow said and stood up. I immediately became cautious, and I saw the shadow talking and turning slowly, her hand slowly putting down from her head, the hands was full of solidified blood. The solidified blood fell down as she moved, her face had had no skin, the white muscles were covered with black blood, and they cracked and shed, yellowish liquid coming out while she was saying.

My mother shook the kitchen knife in her hand and said directly: “You stay here go on scaring yourself, we go on moving, understand?”

I almost cried out, how could the mother be so undependable, and was it helpful at this time? Would the ghost obey her? I hadn't thought of it yet. I only saw the ghost paused for a moment then gradually returned to her previous pose. I was so shocked by what she had done. It was amazing. I was sure that Mom was the most horrible one in the world, in her own kind.

"Let's go, it’s just a small ghost." Aunt Li urged behind me.

My mother took the lead, did not look at the ghost and walked directly passing her. I couldn’t do such an amazing thing, but my mother had done it. I swallowed my saliva, trying to keep as far away as possible from the ghost and slowly walked pass her.

There was no sudden situation on the road later. It was just more and more white skeletons. I didn't know why, my mother who just had been calm looked so scared by the white skeletons which were already not a threat. She could only go through by holding my hand tightly.

Just when we got there, there was no way. All around were the same stones. In addition, they were the bizarre white bones and clothes that had not completely rotted.

My mother and I waited for the phoenixand Li Aunt to get together and asked what to do next. Obviously, they didn't expect that we finally reached the end of the cave, and it seemed to be completely incompatible with the expectation of a slim chance of surviving. My reverence to my mother and the admiration of the scenery along the way were farther than fear.

"Or do we look for the ghost who just pretended to be Wu Rui’s father?" my mother said hesitantly.

I understand what my mother though. Although she knew that he cannot be my dad, she still had a glimmer of hope in her heart.

But what about that ghost? Along the way, we only saw a coward and we did not see other ghosts.

"There is something wrong here. "Aunt Li looked around and said with certainty.

"What is wrong?" I asked curiously.

Aunt Li shook and did not answer my question, but her nervous and cautious eyes made me nervous, too. I looked around vigilantly but did not find anything.

I'm going to ask my mother if she found something. Just after I said a word, she made stop-talking gesture on her mouth, then she closed her eyes and tilted her head slightly, as if she was listening to something.

I moved my attention to my ears, and listened quietly, but I didn’t hear anything except my slightly heavy breathing sounds. When I was ready to ask questions, I still saw that my mother was thinking attentively.

How could it seem like only me couldn’t find it wrong? I truly did not find anything wrong.

The mother's actions finally changed, and her face looked strange. She looked at e then in spite of me, she went to Aunt Li and secretly said something.

Then Mom finally remembered me and let me go to her. I hurried over and she let me take the bag on her back, and then I took things out of the bag one by one: a bottle of unknown liquid, two lighters, three candles, I had a feeling of holding a Doraemon's treasure bag, but the things in my mom's bag were obviously limited.

My mother told Aunt Li that she had only prepared these things. Aunt Li looked and nodded. Let us be careful, she felt that something was approaching. When I asked what it was, but my mother just let me fix the candle on several smooth boulders, and fixed the extra flashlight on the inverted stalactite.

After doing all this, my mother handed me the bottle and the tools in her hand: "If there is any problem, go and light these candles." I nodded, curiously opened the bottle and sniffed, suddenly a pungent taste of alcohol into my nose.

"Is this wine?" I looked at my mother curiously, but my mother glance at me, then she picked up the bottle and took a sip: "You should drink it bravely."

I opened my mouth and still did not say anything, no wonder that my mother was so unusual today, I rarely saw her drink, even if she drank, she just drank a bit.

"Ah," a candle just set up fell down, I sighed and quickly pick it up, just as I was fixing the candle, suddenly I saw something moving in my side vision.

I looked over curiously. It was a shadow blocked by a stone. It seemed to be nothing. It was all a black hole.

Because no one spoke, the entire space was very quiet. I seemed to heard the subtle “sha-sha-sha” sounds that came from the shadows. I took a few steps forward and decided to confirm it. Suddenly, my eyes widened, the shadow was even bigger than before.

I was afraid that it was my own hallucinations. I waited for a moment. Sure enough, the shadow under the rock was slowly getting bigger. When I was planning to inform they ,the shadow had crossed the rock and was spreading toward me.

Then, that was, it was a woman's long hair, it was wet, as if it was alive, slowly wriggling to come to me.