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Chapter 182 Underground Cave

I was walking at the front, but when I was near, my footsteps couldn't help but hesitated. However, my mother crossed me directly and walked to the ancient well and took a deep breath: "Open it."

I never dared to imagine that my mom would be so brave. I looked at Aunt Li and phenix in whom arms Xue’er was sleeping, I nodded my head, and then walked across to the opposite side of my mother, then held onto the blue stone on the ancient well and about to lift.

When phenix came over, he didn’t say anything. Just kicked it directly on the blue stone board. I just felt my hand shaken, and then I was surprised to see that the blue stone kicked by phenix turned around in the air and fell heavily on haystack nearby, and it made a dull sound.

"Oh," I didn’t realize we could open it like this. My mom and I looked at each other with a glance and silently step back. Professional things were better left to the professional.

Aunt Li came and looked at the ancient well. Then she picked up a stone ad big as fist and threw it directly into the ancient well. And then we all put up our ears. But as we had waited for 5 minutes, there was still no sound. there were no plops of stones falling in the water, there were no sounds of rock falling on the ground, either.

My mother came forward and pulled a rope which had been placing there for years on the edge of the ancient Well. She laughed at herself "I hope I can make it."

In fact, despite of my mom, even I doubted that I could get down. Regardless of the strength of the rope, even if it was strong enough, my physical strength may not be able to guarantee my safety down to the bottom of the well.

Fortunately, there were two non-humans among us. After discussing, we decided that Aunt Li hugged me, and phenix took my mother. Then we got into the ancient well one after the other.

The air in the ancient well was turbid. It gave me a little dizzy feeling, but it was more of a sense of shame that could not be expressed. Oh my god, I was taken by an old lady who looked like 60 years old. That made young guy like me felt embarrassing.

It didn’t last long because the ancient well was a lot shallower than I had just thought. In a short time, it went directly to the bottom of the well, and the bottom of the well did not have the sewage sight soaked with bones that I imagined. It's a huge cavern that didn't look any different from the underground caves I used to see when I was traveling.

In the light of flashlight, all kinds of stones reflect a colorful light, shining the entire space, it looked very beautiful and charming.

My mother had also come down, and she was sighing involuntarily when she saw this "It's beautiful. We should have come down earlier."

I didn’t know how many times I had praised my mom’s toughness. Yes, it’s toughness. I couldn’t think of other words that I could describe. I even thought that if my mom comes in contact with the photos before me, she could handled it better than me. Even if there was a ghost in front of my mother, my mother was more likely to give it a direct ear fan.

The place where we stood should be the end of the cave, there was no other path, except a path wide enough just for three people to walk together, and my mother had very creatively tied two small flashlights to her head and walked in the front, Aunt Li wanted to change her position with my mom, but my mom refused stubbornly.

As I followed, she whispered to try to educate me: “Others help you because they care about you, but that doesn’t means they have any responsibility to help you.”

My mother did not look back when she spoke, but I knew that she was reminding me. I nodded thoughtfully.

After walking for a long time, I didn’t see any bones, bodies, or anything along the way. The brilliant colors around me made it almost impossible for me to tell if I’m traveling or not, just as I continue to sigh at the uncanny work of nature. My mom suddenly stopped.

I nearly ran into my mother and almost fell down, my arms wing around in the air for a few times before I stood firm. I looked at my mother curiously. Mom was looking at the front, her teeth were shut tightly, her face was a little twitching, and she even raised a stone that I didn't know when she picked up. She was ready to attack.

I hurriedly looked ahead, at the end of the light of flashlight, there were a few of miserable green flames, they were wildfires. At this moment, they were moving up and down in the air. In the dim light of the flames, a figure was quiet standing there.

My mom was still scared. I was planning to go over my moather but my mother stopped me by her hand, and then my mother took out a large flashlight from the bag behind her and directed it to the silently standing shadow.

The figure was wearing a white lapel T-shirt that I was familiar with. The lower body was black trousers that I was familiar with. The face was the kind of face that with both kindness and stern on it. Which I was familiar with.

"Dad." I could not help but exclaimed, but just at the moment when I just cried out, the figure walked back to the endless darkness slowly .

"Dad." I continued to shout loudly in an attempt to evoke the figure just now. However, there was no trace of that figure. I tried to push away my mother’s arm which was stopping me but it ended up that I was pushed heavily onto the wall aside by my mom.

I stood up and was about to ask my mother, but I saw my mother's face looked at me without any expression. Tears came out in her eyes just liked water came out from a dam sluice.

I calm down, so many years, was it only I would think of my father? When I had not recognized my father just now, my mother had already recognized it.

My mom saw me calm down, and said in a voice that was agitated because of the excitement: “After your dad’s accident happened, I asked witch Yan to raise his soul. Your dad had already gone to the underworld. Even if he didn’t go, it’s not necessary to admin him. Let’s go." said my mother, she walked straight ahead.

I know that my mother’s last words couldn’t take account for, but my heart was secretly vigilant. If my father really went to the underworld as witch Yan said, then I was sure I’ll have the lesson of this sneaky, impersonating my dad. Let him disappear forever.

Because of the departure of the figure, only one wildfire was floating in the air, and the others drifts away with the figure. Looking at the basketball-sized wildfire, my heart was full of anger because my dad was being impersonated. I rushed up and kicked it straightly regardless of any consequence.

Feeling cold on my feet, it seemed as if I was kicking a soft ice cube. The miserable green fire was directly torn apart and burst into the air before it burst out.

Mom looked at me suddenly and was surprised. Then she nodded at me: “Well, when you come to this stage, don’t be afraid of anything. How powerful would a ghost be, if you can’t conquer it now, we can still fight against it after we died. "

My mother's words made me speechless. I really wanted to ask my mom if she had ever be a punk before, but considering that my mom might implement brute force against me, I could only say yes and nodded my head even though I was not agreed with her.

As we were about to move on, Mom suddenly shouted: "Do not move."

I was scared and shocked, and then my mother shoot the flashlight in her hand to my feet, as I followed the light, I suddenly sucked in a cool air, and my heart twitched violently.

On my feet, it turned out to be...