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Chapter 180 Enmity dragon vein

In my eyes, the dimly-dimmed sky had a strange blue color. And I just in front of the police car which was crashed. There was a huge figure slowly turning around. God, it turned out that the police car was hitting the back of the huge dark monster.

The monster turned its head slowly, and his face was in very dark color. Nothing could be seen clearly on his face, only the huge blue eyes which were in endless coldness.

"It's him, the one who was in the fog." I pointed at the monster and said to Aunt Li in panic.

Aunt Li frowned her brow and then slapped my hand down which pointing at the monster. Then she wiped her hand in front of my eyes. The sight I had just seen was completely gone, as if everything had just been an illusion.

Aunt Li took my hand and whispered, "Just pretended to see nothing." Then Aunt Li made a curious face and looked at the police car in front of her.

I was shocked and looked down slightly, because I felt that the monster's eye sight had already looked over, and I even felt that the monster was not to be trifled. Otherwise, Aunt Li would not be so nervous, and let me to pretend to see nothing.

I took a few breaths and eased up my excitement until I looked up at the police car which was crashed. I tried to express my curiosity from my face. I couldn't see the expression on my face now, but I could feel that it must be stiff to the extreme.

I couldn’t see the monster anymore. I don't know if he was still there. I wanted to find the whereabouts of the monster from Aunt Li’s eye sight, but I noticed that Aunt Li was looking at the police car which was crashed curiously. She still wondering from time to time: "Oh my God, what's going on here?"

Aunt Li was too pretentious, and I completely found no clues. Because she was too pretentious, it was precisely meant that the monster must still be there. I had to continue to look at the police car.

I came back to the hall with her until she pulled my hand and mentioned me to leave. When entering the house, Aunt Li turned around and closed the door, she was soliloquizing as if she was explaining: "Today was too strange, and it was fogged and crashed." Then she locked the door.

Phoenix looked very familiar with Aunt Li. When she saw the reaction of Aunt Li, she stood up immediately and shook her hand while Aunt Li was closing the door. After a red light that I could see clearly. Aunt Li took a long breath as if she was relaxed. With a wry smile, "Your village, your village is really amazing." Aunt Li said.

After finishing speaking, Aunt Li walked to her chair and sat down while shaking her head.

I walked over and was about to ask Aunt Li. Phoenix had said strangely: "Aunt, what happened?"

Aunt Li shook her head very hard: "They have a dragon vein in their village, and the vein was called Enmity dragon vein." Aunt Li said.

"Ah," Phoenix's expression was vivid and vivid. She held her hands over her lips and said in an unbelievable way: "Enmity dragon vein?"

Aunt Li nodded her head and sit very decadently, I didn’t know anything about what they were talking about, I had to ask: "Enmity dragon vein, what is the Enmity dragon vein?"

Aunt Li waved her head and her face looked very tired. She did not want to speak again. Phoenix replied on behalf of her: "Have you heard of the dragon vein?"

I nodded my head. Dragon vein, of course I knew that. It’s the mountain that goes up and down and the most important part in ancient Chinese was called ‘Feng Shui’. But I didn’t know more about it.

Phoenix did not allow me to explain. She saw I nodded and she said to herself: “dragon vein had spirits. Each dragon vein would have a soul of dragon, and Enmity dragon vein are the soul of dragon that were killed after being hatred and turned into ridge. Once the ridge showed up, the grievance was everywhere, snowstorm in June, and all the caused or effective people were going to die, even the gods were still couldn’t excepted. Souls dissipates and lives would definitely die.”

“Soul of dragon could be killed?” I asked curiously.

Aunt Li nodded her head and said, “There was nothing can’t be killed, but this dragon vein would definitely not be formed now, but why people in your village were sill fine?

“Isn’t it protected by the ancestors?” I asked.

Phoenix watched me for a while and said "Don't talk about the ghosts in the village. Even the revenge ghosts in the whole world were here. People who has relationship with dragon vein would die.

“Ah!” I couldn't help screaming, and then I had a new judgment on the dragon vein or the blue-eyed monster. It was absolutely impossible.

I would like to ask Aunt Li again. She seemed to have regained her temperament and discussed it with Phoenix. I also had to sit down. Once they started to discuss, it was time for me to listen.

Aunt Li and Phoenix discussed it for a long time, but they did not come up with any result. After listening to it for a while, I knew that the current situation was very strange now.

The strong ability of the Enmity dragon vein was of course not to say anymore, but the most important key was that the Enmity dragon vein had been repressed in the village. Even if there was really a man who can suppress the Enmity dragon vein, for now the Enmity dragon vein must clearly out of pocket, but why? The people in the village were still fine.

What’s even strange was that Enmity dragon vein seemed to avoid hurting people in the village. Well, it may be understandable that people in the village were kind to Enmity dragon vein, so that Enmity dragon vein didn’t want to hurt the people in the village, but if it didn’t want to hurt the people, why it still put the grievance into the villagers? You must know that the grievance were the same to the ghosts or the Enmity dragon vein. They can only be used to deal with those who had killed themselves, people who have caused and effective cannot be used casually.

The villagers were the killers that killed or indirectly killed the Enmity dragon vein. However, the Enmity dragon vein did not revenge. This matter was discussed by Aunt Li and Phoenix for a long time and there was no way to come up with a reasonable answer.

After they finished the discussion, I began to ask, "Didn’t the Enmity dragon vein is going to kill Xue’er?’’

The expression of Aunt Li and Phoenix were all awkward. Obviously, they did not think of this issue. Silent for a long time, Aunt Li only said: “I don’t know, but it should not be impossible. If the Enmity dragon vein really have to deal with Xue’er, even if all our Fan house sisters are stick together it is still useless.”

I thought for a moment: "Who is going to kill Xue’er? Are there were other people here? Except for the Japanese and the Enmity dragon vein?

Aunt Li’s eyes lighted up, felling into deep thought and said to herself, “Third party, third party, yes, there must be an existence that we have not discovered yet.”

Someone else? I almost couldn't control my tears. Isn't this an ordinary small village? How could it come up so many great people? This feeling was like the heads of states visiting the village one by one. Sometime, it felt scary and a bit unbelievable.

I was about to open my mouth. Suddenly, I was jerked and my whole body was stiff. I looked at the wall where the memorial tablet was put, but now it was empty. My throat moved up and down and I couldn't make a sound.

On that wall, there was a huge skull slowly penetrating in. The dark blue eyes were so familiar.