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Chapter 174 Go Back to the Ghost House

Witch Yan obviously stunned for a while, then repeatedly asked, after all, it should be very important to her, the first love would still be unforgettable even after a few decades.

Aunt Li’s face looked very doubtful, and she still didn’t recall any of it even under Witch Yan’s inquisition. Aunt Li had lived for a long time already and it was normal that she forgot something, but it was good news, once Aunt Li recalled it, maybe she could answer both me and Witch Yan’s questions.

After several inconclusive follow-ups, Witch Yan looked dimmed, but there was not any other way could help, so everyone agreed to go back. After all, it was too late. It would be better wait for Aunt Li to think about it. Besides, no matter how simple and crude Witch Yan’s method was, the warning was always fine. I believe that she would not wag her tongue too freely.

After returning home, I was questioned by my mother, and Aunt Li went to see phenix directly. I did not know what they talked about. Aunt Li asked me and Witch Yan to protect Xueer, then she hurriedly took phenix to the village entrance.

Witch Yan and I looked at each other and we knew that they should have discovered something. So, after Xueer slept, Witch Yan, my mother and I went outside of the door, waiting for their return.

It was not until midnight that Aunt Li and phenix came back together. I was scared because they looked very tried. Witch Yan was suddenly cautious and asked,“Did you encounter a danger?" Then it seemed that what came to her mind:" No, I was wrong, I didn't get a warning. "

Compared to Aunt Li, phenix looked more tried, she did not answer everyone's words and directly went into Xueer's room. These days Xueer lived with phenix. Although it was not good to stay with ghosts, Witch Yan said that there was an Ancient stone with Xue’er, I certainly couldn’t object, what’s more Xueer would be more secure with phenix.

When phenix went into room, my eyes directly fell on Aunt Li. It was discovered that Aunt Li did not look good not because of injury or fright, but anger.

Aunt Li did not explain anything but asked about the war with Japanese. When hearing the mass grave behind the ancestral temple, she said: "I see, it couldn’t wrong."

Witch Yan and I looked at each other, when we was ready to leave, Aunt Li directly said: "Let’s leave for the ghost house with Xueer immediately."

Ah! Was the ghost here very fierce? Aunt Li was always clam. I was shocked when she wanted to return to the ghost house immediately.

Aunt Li realized that she had made a mistake "I'm not afraid. I'm just not sure that we can suppress all the ghosts. What we can do now is return to the ghost house to ask everyone for help. Must make sure no ghost flees away. But if one of me or phenix leave, the power here will be weaken a lot. I am afraid that there will be a sudden disaster." Aunt Li said slightly and felt embarrassed when she looked at Witch Yan.I could feel that she had a bit disappointment to Witch Yan in her word.

Witch Yan did not care: "Do you know who the gods under the well are?"

Aunt Li was in a daze and contemplate for a moment, then she said:“It seems that I have been confounded. The ghosts are apparently less than one hundred years old, but your ancestors have existed for more than one hundred years according to your customs. It seems that things in the ancient well is much complicate than I supposed before, but in any case, we should go back first and ask for back up."

Although I didn’t understand that who Aunt Li exactly hated, but as she asked about Japanese soldiers, it caused some speculation in my heart. As for going back to ghost house to convene everyone come here to help, I certainly agreed with it, because Xueer would be safer by this way.

Witch Yan thought for a while and nodded, I knew that she still had a little nervous and worry to the ancient well, maybe because of her sad memory in the past.

As a result, everyone agreed to set off to ghost house early in tomorrow morning, then we returned to bed, my mother was still accompanied by Witch Yan, but Aunt Li was afraid that there would be something wrong tonight, so she went to Xurer’s room, after all, Aunt Li had discovered others on one hand, others may also found her on the other hand.

Because I was the only man in my home, certainly there was no one to accompany with me, but my room was in the middle of the room between mother’s and Xueer’s. It was nice that I could take care both of them if they have any trouble.

I returned to my room but did not sleep, I was thinking of present situation. According to what ghost house hated and Japanese ghosts, I was quite sure that there were Japanese ghosts in the ancient wells, but what about the so-called gods, according to Witch Yan’s words, the god should be very powerful, whether it will be eliminated by Japanese ghosts, or act in collusion with Japanese ghosts.

Unfortunately, information was far more enough then, so I had no way to figure out the whole picture. There was always a knot in the middle, it was that the gods and Japanese ghosts appeared at different time, but the legends of the ancient wells had not changed yet. If it were not for Aunt Li discovered anything, no one would think that there was one more force from another place. Did Japanese ghosts stay so quiet and did nothing in the last one hundred years, and looking at the gods punishing those blasphemer?

I did not believe it. Japanese ghosts would definitely do some ticks even though everything was fine.

As I was thinking and getting drowsy, there was an uproar outside my house. At first I thought it was my hallucinations, but only after seeing lights from houses outside through window, I did realized there was something wrong.

I was about to get up, my mother called me outside the door. I casually respond to her, dressing a casual clothing and then went out. At first, I look at others as usual. No one was absent, Xueer was still holding phenix's hand and yawning.

Witch Yan opened the door, there were full of acquaintances on the village road, they were our neighbors. When Witch Yan opened the door, many people came around and spoke up. There were so many people talking simultaneously that made my head blow up and I had no idea what they were talking about.

An old man who was the leader seemed have found out where the problem lies. He shouted out loudly several times to made others shut up. I knew him, he was the head of village, Mr. Zhao. According to traditions of village, I should call him Uncle Zhao.

Witch Yan asked, "Zhao, my brother, what’s going on?"

Uncle Zhao sighed, "About some naughty children. Uncle Wang had guests this afternoon, they were his son's college classmate. They said they want to come here to experience country life. They went to catch frogs at night with my son, now they are all loss. Everybody are looking for them now.”

I didn't heard of it that any people had arrived at village, but the whole village was disturbed. It certainly wouldn't be a joke. Whoever dared to play such a joke would be killed directly by the old man in the village.

How could they get loss if just catching a frog? Did they go to the village entrance? I was worrying about it. At that time, young people preferred doing something stimulating. As long as they were stimulating, everything can be done.