Wuxiaworld > A Guest in a Ghost House > Chapter 168 Real Beasts

Chapter 168 Real Beasts

The ground that was illuminated by the Eight Diagrams mirror made a "squeak" sound immediately, a black smoke rose, I found there was a black trace on the ground which nobody knew when it started to appear. That black trace was twisted from the feet of Chen and spread forward to the Witch Yan.

Xiao Chen was attacking on Witch Yan secretly while kneeling and begging for mercy. No wonder Witch Yan turned into fury suddenly.

Knowing his scheme was exposed, Xiao Chen was no longer pretending. He stood up and looked at Witch Yan with a sneer, there was still tears on his face which made him looked quite funny.

Witch Yan used the Eight Diagrams mirror to "squeak" the black trace on the ground. After the smoke had disappeared, she did not stop, and turned the Eight Diagrams mirror to Xiao Chen directly, he immediately looked like splashed with boiling oil. His body made the same sound of black trace just now, and the place that was illuminated was just like boiling water, with countless bubbles coming out.

Xiao Chen screamed, and then he hid in the police car quickly. Then he was disappeared. Witch Yan picked up the bag which filled with rice, with Eight Diagrams mirror in her hand shining to the police car, she walked to the police car slowly on alter.

I didn’t dare to gasp. I was watching actions of Witch Yan.

I saw Witch Yan walked to the copilot seat of the police car carefully, when the Eight Diagrams mirror in her hand turned down a little, startled appeared on her face.

I had no idea what she found on copilot seat, I was going to walk over and asked, but was afraid of disturbing her while she was trying to suppress the ghost. I could only do nothing right there.

Suddenly, Witch Yan rapidly retreated from the police car, a naked corpse with long hair came out from the copilot seat. I supposed the body will attack Witch Yan just then, but it just dropped on the ground for about 2 meters away as well as other inanimate objects.

Witch Yan roared again: "You beast."

"That is the stolen female corpse." Luo Wen screamed.

I didn't know how Luo Wen recognized that that was the female corpse, but I soon realized that there was no other explanations. When I saw black and green lumps on the naked body, I understood why there was resentment of corpse on Xiao Chen finally.

Just when I thought Witch Yan begin to attack, an accident happened, a lean shadow from the side of the farmland rushed out straightforward to Witch Yan and clinging tightly to her with his arms when Witch Yan was carefully watching the female corpse.

It was Chen Erwa, and Witch Yan roared, "Chen Erwa, what are you doing?"

"Witch Yan, please don't blame me, I can't let you kill Xiao Chen," Chen Erwa spoke with a bit of guilt.

"You are a fool; you son is going to suck up all your blood. How can you still insist on helping him? "Witch Yan said.

Just then, I found Chen Erwa was naked, full of wounds on his skin, twisting like an earthworm, and was still bleeding.

Chen Erwa had a pain in his eyes. "Yes, I’m willing to. It couldn't account to Xiao Chen. The lady did not want to get together with Xiao Chen."

"So, you used your blood to suppress discontent?" Witch Yan's tone has become very cold.

Chen Erwa opened his mouth, but did not speak a word, instead, he was holding Witch Yan tighter with his arms. In the sack of Chen Erwa’s unexpected attack, Witch Yan’s Eight Diagrams mirror and rices bag had dropped on the ground from her hand. She tried to get away from Chen Erwa, however, she was just an old woman, not strong enough to break away from him.

On the other hand, Xiao Chen came out from the back of the police car with grinning on his face. He walked toward to Witch Yan slowly. Suddenly, a vague and naked lady figure appeared on his way, even though she was already a ghost, she covered her body with her hands shyly. She tried to stop Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen slapped on her heavily, she screamed and was disappeared. By then, Witch Yan whispered some spells in her mouth. From her mouth, came out some small spots of light in various colors, and after a slight stop in the air, it attacked Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen turned into a shadow and went through to the other side of the car, the spot also pass through the car as if there was nothing and kept chasing Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was caught up by one of the lights. Although there was nothing changed, he made a scream, and then shouted, “Stop her spell right now! No, kill her. Kill her!”

Chen Erwa was probably also stunned by the situation just now. When he came to himself, he seized both hands of Witch Yan with one of his hand, on the other hand he fumbled to took out a knife as long as his palm.

"Watch out!" Luo Wen, Jiao Jiao and I was about to help, but we were stopped by Aunt Li. Luo Wen was confused. But I understood that Aunt Li had confident in Witch Yan. All of us had stopped expect Jiao Jiao was struggling to help.

Aunt Li's eyebrows frowned: "Freeze." I don't know what Aunt Li had done to Jiao Jiao. Jiao Jiao stopped completely keeping her forward posture. She could not move anymore, but only looking at Aunt Li in fears with her eyes.

In that moment, Witch Yan said again: "You beast." Just behind Chen Erwa, there was a black shadow standing up gradually. The shadow was as tall as 3 meters. A huge black hand grabbed Chen Erwa's hand which was holding a knife.

In a bone cracked sound, Chen Erwa screams deafeningly, holding his broken hand rolling on the ground and crying, as for the knife, was already dropped on the ground. Witch Yan was free.

Witch Yan’s mouth was no longer spelling, and no lighting spot came out anymore, those spots had come out was still attacking Xiao Chen fiercely. Xiao Chen surrendered. He dared not run away, walked in front of Witch Yan, kneeled down to beg for mercy.

Witch Yan didn't speak anything, and the huge black shadow walked towards Xiao Chen slowly. Xiao Chen kept retreating on the ground, screaming for forgiveness, but Witch Yan was not willing to stop at all.

Xiao Chen seemed to be doomed, at this time, Xiao Chen stopped pleading suddenly, but watching Chen Erwa affectionately who was sweating in pain, "Granny Yan, I know I'm too guilty to forgive. Let me take a last glance at my dad before I disappear from the world. Please, I beg you!"

The huge black shadow stopped instantly, and then walked back to Witch Yan slowly. After Xiao Chen had kowtowed a few times toward her, he just knelt down to Chen Erwa. Chen Erwa was in tears and stretched out his arm to hug Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen, however, changed his face and opened his mouth directly, and bit into Chen Erwa's throat.

"Little beasts." Witch Yan was a fierce roaring: "Dare you change yourself to revenge ghost by your father." A black shadow arm stretched out, and the whole arm was stretched like an eraser. It grabbed Xiao Chen out of Chen Erwa.

Xiao Chen kept screaming, but Chen Erwa was lying on the ground. He looked at Xiao Chen with his desperate eyes. There was blood bubbles and blood splashing on the wound of his throat. It seemed that he wanted to say something.