A Guest in a Ghost House
Chapter 166 Human is more horrible than ghos
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A Guest in a Ghost House
Author :强大的猪
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Chapter 166 Human is more horrible than ghos

My words seemed to come to her senses. Witch Yan raise her head sharply and asked,” Where’s Chen Erwa and the coffin?”

There was no answer in the air for a long time. The face of Witch Yan turned bad and a few strange handprints appeared on her hands. Then she pinched her finger like a fortune teller and said angrily, " Beast, what did you do?"

There was still no answer in the air, but there was a huge rumble in the already quieted police cars. After spinning in place, the head of these cars aimed at us directly.

"Beast. "Witch Yan scolded loudly. She opened the door and went out. And then the paper cars were started up and rushed right over. Witch Yan stretched out her hand and waved a half circle of the Eight Diagrams. Then the paper cars burst into flames and fell to the ground. Finally, it turned into ashes.

In the air came a terrible scream, existing in the night sky for a long time.

Luo Wen got up and came up cruelly. It seemed to have suffered a slight injury on his foot. After looking at the ashes on the ground with palpitation in heart, he thanked her. With a cool face, she ignored him as if she angered the policemen for what had happened just now.

Luo Wen touched his nose awkwardly, and said to me, "I don't know where my colleagues are. Whether they are safe or not? Please help me ask the Great Immortals."

I looked at Witch Yan, whom called the Great Immortals, but she didn't look good: "His colleagues are still living." "

Luo Wen's face glowed with joy, and then he nodded his head and thanked her again.He got into the last two cars with the rest of the police and just left.

It was over, but I had a anticlimactic feeling.I always felt that it solved too easy to make me feel true.

Witch Yan called me drive with a straight face. Jiao Jiao seemed to be very curious, but she dared not inquire Witch Yan who was angry now. Then she just gave me a hint to drive.

I started the car and drove directly to my hometown. But nothing strange happened this time, not even the other ghost that Witch Yan said.

The car drove slowly into the village. Now it was too late, so the village was very quiet. Without any light, I subconsciously slowed down. I found a place to park my car, and then I turned to greet my mother.

But Witch Yan stopped me, she opened the door and got off. Then she pulled the door and said, "Come down. What are you waiting for?"
I could not understand what she meant and was about to ask. But Aunt Li pulled me and let me get out of the car. I went out confusedly, but Mom, Xue’er and Phoenix were still in the car. "Why not they get off?" I asked wonderingly.

Aunt Li smiled and shook her head: "With Phoenix, your mother and Xue’er are safe."

Aunt Li's words made me feel cold on my back. I've got it. It's not over tonight.

Jiao Jiao got out of the car, Twist the body, said tenderly: "Witch Yan."

Witch Yanlooked at Jiao Jiao and sighed: "Jiao Jiao, I didn’t require you. But when someone dies, he or she should be reincarnated, and should not stay here to play tricks on others.”

She was a ghost, and I took a breath of cool air.Shit ! How sharp this ghost she was! Not only playing tricks on people but also on the witch and the revenge ghost.

Jiao Jiao's face dimmed instantly, said: "Witch Yan, Jiao Jiao is looking for a person. I won’t be reincarnated until I have found the person who killed me."

It was supposed to be creepy to hear Jiao Jiao’s word. But with the sweet voice, immediately I just feel pity.

Witch Yan sighed again. Jiao Jiao fell on her knees in front of her, weeping that: "Witch Yan, I’m so miserable. My body is still in wild place.”

Witch Yan nodded, spread her arm and touched Jiao Jiao’s head pitifully:” I know. I know. I'll let your brother Wu bury your body later.”

I was startled. How did it turn out to be my business? But Witch Yan had been protecting my mother without any request. Of course, I wouldn't say no. Besides, Jiao Jiao, this girl was really very good, excepted for a little spicy.

But I was confused to ask, "Doesn’t she need a funeral?"

"Jiao Jiao is the only one in her family. "Witch Yan said.

"Ah" I was surprised that Jiao Jiao’s grandmother was no longer there. That surprised me, and my sympathy for the girl was even greater.

Witch Yan said: "Jiao Jiao, you want to revenge. Didn't the taxi driver die, too?

Jiao Jiao shrank her body as if she had done something wrong, and then explained it in a low voice:” No, he touched me on the road, so I...”

Her words were not finished, but we all understood. I sighed for the taxi driver, too. This guy must not read horror novels. He didn’t know the typical storyline such as midnight, a single girl, taxi, going to remote place.

But Witch Yan suddenly shocked, wonder: "Isn’t it that driver?" It seemed that she had believed that it must be that driver at the beginning. However, Jiao Jiao’s words were out of her expectation.

Jiao Jiao cried again: "It is Chen Erwa who killed me."

By then, not only Witch Yan but also others were shocked. Why was Jiao Jiao's death implicated Chen Erwa again?

Jiao Jiao found that we seemed to doubt, so she told us her story in its original form.

It turned out that a few months ago, Chen Erwa had been dreaming in sleep. He dreamed that his son, who had been dead for years, said he was lonely and wanted to get married. Of course, Chen Erwa loved his son so much. Then he rushed to find a wife for his son. But in such a rural place, only a 90-year-old man died during for a long time. Matchmaking in the county town is not easy. People in town were not so superstitious like the people in village. Besides, Chen Erwa was so poor that this matter had to be suspended again and again.

And Chen Erwa's son in his dream kept urging him to do so again and again. So Chen Erwa grew evil thoughts out of his mind. Now that he had abnormal mind, of course he was willing to find a good one for his son.

That’s why Jiao Jiao went into Chen Erwa's eyes. Jiao Jiao's parents died when she was a child, so she was raised by Grandma. There were many relatives in her family, but most of them had bad relations with her. Because of this, even if there was something strange in Jiao Jiao death, no one would focus on it.
Thereupon, Chen Erwa was going to kill Jiao Jiao in a midnight. Because it was his first murder, Chen Erwa hadn’t any experience at all. He was even scared away by a few wild dogs.

Jiao Jiao who frightened too much went back to tell all the things to her grandma. But both of them thought it was someone who wanted to encroach on Jiao Jiao’s body. So they agreed to go to the police station early tomorrow. However, they did not know that all this was heard by Chen Erwa, who was afraid of being discovered and secretly came to inquire about news.

That night, Chen Erwa quietly entered into Jiao Jiao’s room and directly suffocated her in her sleep. Heard the movement, Jiao Jiao’s grandmother came out. She was tripped directly to the ground by a small trap which was arranged by Chen Erwa. Then she fell on the trap and just died.

Chen Erwa returned to the village overnight with Jiao Jiao’s body. Chen Erwa only dared to walk along the mountain road. Because the mountain road was rugged, and he panicked, he fell down accidentally. After getting up, he couldn't find the Jiao Jiao’s body, so he had to go back. And that's why he bought a body later.
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