A Guest in a Ghost House
Chapter 165 Exorcise
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A Guest in a Ghost House
Author :强大的猪
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Chapter 165 Exorcise

I listened to the word of Witch Yan and did not stop my car, until I drove a distance of less than 20 meters, we had to stop, because in the direction of the county town, a group of police cars were slowly coming, and they requested me stop.

When the cars had stopped, the familiar policemen got off again, we looked at each other, I saw Luo Wen's eyes were filled with panic at that time, another policeman next to Luo Wen hesitated and dared not to come over, looked like I was a ghost.

Luo Wen sighed, came to me: "We meet again, it seems that you are also trapped here."

Luo Wen gave me a good impression when he started to talk, because, he was able to speak in an easy-going tone even under such thrilling environment. It’s obviously that the psychological quality of Luo Wen was very good, and you could infer that he had never done any evil things to others. I didn't believe people who had done evil could keep calm in such troublesome situation.

Luo Wen did not wait for my answer, but directly invited me: "It is quite weird here. You’d better follow us, so that you will be safer."

I could feel Luo Wen’s kindness. I took a look at those police cars closely and carefully, I found something unusual of those cars.

I had never seen a car door had folded traces on it. My heart could not help sighing when I was watching those traces, craftsman was too careless before, this reminded me of the gold treasure I had seen in a Shroud shop owned by an old woman, that was really an art ware.

I watched Luo Wen, who still didn't realize it, I couldn't help reminding him: "How many police cars here?"

Luo Wen stupefied for a while, blurted out: "8 cars."

I looked at the police cars, counted silently, then winked to him as a hint, but Luo Wen didn’t understand me. He was confused and was looking at me. At the same time the voice of another little policeman next to him had changed his tone completely: "Luo, Luo sir, sir, there, are, are 9!"

Luo Wen awaken suddenly, hastily turned back to count the number of cars, I saw clearly that Luo Wen's legs were quivering slightly. Well, that's the right response.

In fact, I had already known the number of police cars was wrong when the police cars blocked me on the road before. Not only the number of cars increased, but also something more serious. Though I did not take a look at them carefully, it’s likely that the other police cars were no longer police car except Luo Wen’s car.

Luo Wen's next action surprised me, though he looked very scared, he stood firmly in seconds. He cried out an order loudly that required all policemen in cars got off immediately. I couldn’t help to admire him in my heart.

And then, immediately, some police got down from two of the police cars, five policemen in total who didn't look like a ghost, that made me surprised. I wondered that both cars were in between of a couple of ghost cars, if they were real human, how could they couldn’t find even a bit weird?

Five police officers gathered around Luo Wen querying and discussing, he ignored their querying and discussing, instead, he ordered them to watch out for the other police cars. That timid policeman told the other five policemen about the extra police car. To my surprise, the five policemen were on guard, but there was no afraid on their faces, which didn’t make any sense.

Luo Wen continued to order other police get off police car, but until a long time later, the remaining police cars’ door finally slowly opened, both movement and speed were exactly the same, everything looked quite weird.

Regardless all the door of the police cars were completely opened, the police inside still did not get off the cars. Instead, they sat in the police car so dull that they were still looking at the front with no expression on their face. Moreover, their hands were still in a driving posture.

Right now, Luo Wen had no idea what to do next. He had a bite in his mouth and ordered the remaining policemen to check out after queried by the timid policeman for several times.

Watching them approached those cars carefully, I couldn’t help to admire Luo’s courage. He had enough courage to take a check of those cars even though he understand definitely that there were ghosts inside. Luo’s really a great man.

I was not just watching, “How to deal with those ghosts? Disperse?” I asked Aunt Li and others.

Witch Yan answered: “The police themselves provoked ghosts at first, none of our business. Ghosts will make way for us later, we just drive away then.”

I was very surprised for Witch Yan’s words, there were more than one group of ghosts tonight, I didn’t think that a good idea if we just standing by. I was about to convince Witch Yan , a suddenly gunshot startled me. I turned my head to see what’s going on immediately.

Luo was holding his gun pointing at those police cars, it’s obviously that he had shot. There was a gun hole on the car he shot. More even surprised, the gun hole was getting larger and larger and there was red color flame burning at the edge of the gun hole, just liked burning paper.

As expected, that police car was made of paper.

The other police car that were also made of paper started to move slowly, they rotated in situ until the front of car pointed at Luo exactly. Suddenly engines roared loudly.

“Spread out” Luo cried loudly, at the same time, he hided himself behind one of a police car that other police just got off.

At the moment Luo had just hidden himself, the car he hidden which seemed normal also started to rotate in situ unexpectedly. Luo was scared and jumped to the other side immediately where was just in front of a roaring police car. The car was roaring and rushing toward Luo but its weight seemed very light.

Even though the car weight looked light, the speed was high, plus the roaring of engine, you could image how severe it was if there was a crash. Luo’s response was fast, he rolled on the ground and dodged the rushing car.

I was supposed to acclaim Luo but spoke out a “shit”. The rushing car didn’t stop even while it failed to crash Luo and rushing toward my car!

At the time I was going to start my car so that I could avoid crashing, “Dear you!” Witch Yan cried with a sneer, she raised up a red Eight-Diagram tactics from nowhere, pointing to the rushing car.

“Bang!” the car burnt severely as if it was splashed gasoline. The flame was huge and the car burnt out in about 10 seconds. It finally became black ashes in such an unexpectedly way.

One of the paper police car opened its door, but no one appeared. A voice came from nowhere “Witch Yan, Those cops took my wife.”

Witch Yan frowned, slowly put down the red Eight-Diagram tactics a bit, with hesitate and struggle on her face. I stupefied for a second, then I immediately realized that the voice should come from the son of Chen Erwa who was bridegroom in the arranged ghost marriage.

It’s obviously that Witch Yan had a good relationship with Chen Erwa’s family, so it’s difficult for her to exorcise those ghosts. But I was confused and asked: “Things go strangely, Chen Erwa, no, Uncle Chen and others were arrested, where are they as well as the coffin?”
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