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Chapter 164 Important fork in the Road

I couldn't help shaking myself a bit, then I stepped back into the car and sat down and started the car.

Mom looked at me strangely: "What's wrong?"

I answered informally: "He called and we didn't need to help."

Then, when I stepped on the gas pedal and the car slowly started to drive, I clearly saw a figure sitting in the driver's seat of the taxi, just like the figure just now, shaking.

“Shit, scared me”. I murmured it in my heart and dispelled the uncomfortable. Based on the lineup of my car, hey, if the ghost came and tried to scare me, he really did not open his eyes, and didn't know who he was scaring for.

Unfortunately, this trip was meant to not going well, when we drove to the junction of the road, a row of police cars were lined up and they stopped us directly when they saw us, for the police parking requirements I had no reason to resist.

I parked the car aside, began finding the driving license in the car.

A policeman came over but did not ask to check my driving license. Instead, he asked with a frightened face: "Did you participate in the wedding banquet?"

“What's up? “I nodded, staring at the police strangely who seems to be entangled by ghosts.

The police told me to wait and then hurried in front the police car and said something. Immediately, a man who looks like the leader of the policemen got out of the car. It definitely the police leader who had a quarrel with Chen Erwa. Didn’t they leave early? Why they still here? Their direction was going to Chen Erwa’s village.

The policeman walked next to me and salute, then he introduced himself and said “Have you found something unusually while coming all along the way?”

I feel strange to look at this self-introduced police officer who is called Luo Wen,anyway, I answered: “No, oh but there was a taxi on the road and we didn’t see the driver. We called for a long time but no one responded.”

Luo Wen didn’t say anything. A policeman beside him moved his throat knot up and down obviously “Captain, captain we didn’t see any taxi.” He said. His tone was very jerky, like water shortage.
I froze a little. But Jiao Jiao screamed in the car “ I just took a taxi and I didn’t see so many police cars when I came in.”

The words that Jiao Jiao said made the faces of several policemen became ugly. I hurry looked at her in a wink. “Maybe it was missed on the road” I said. I don’t want to struggle with the police officer for too long. After driving for so much time I had already tired. I would rather go back to rest early. But as soon as I finished my word, I felt something wrong. There was only one road here and the other direction was lead to my hometown. Was that one of us in the wrong direction?

Luo Wen said in embarrassment, “Can you please help us with the road, we can’t find our way out?”

Luo Wen’s words made me feel more bizarre. The way to the county town was behind them. How could they drive in the opposite direction when there was just one road without any junction? What a stupid crowd if they drove into the opposite direction. At that time, I felt something weird.

My mother was a kind hearted lady, she quickly asked me to get out of the car and pointed out the road to the policemen. I was speechless to my mother, she had no idea how complicated the situation was. That was the only one fork in the road.

On one side was to Chen Erwa’s village and the other is to my hometown. The way which the policemen came lead to the county.

However, my mother had words. I had to obey. Then I said, “The way you are coming is to the county, you have driven backwards.” I said.

“But we kept going straightforward.” The policeman next to Luo Wen became even more confused. Luo Wen disgruntled the policeman and he said thank you to me with a smile.

Then he pushed the policeman who was still trying to say something and went directly to the police car, greeted to the car behind him turned around and moved.

The three-way interaction was not wide enough for me to drove through when several police cars was turning around. I have to wait. But when I looked at the police cars I felt strange. There was a strange feeling in my heart, as if I was going to seize it. I must seize it but I never grasped it.

Until the last police car disappeared in my sight, I was paled and I realized that what made me wonder.

Except of the first car that Luo Wen was sitting on with several policemen, the other three cars were all the same, both models and license plates. Besides, there was no sound when they started. However, the shaking was very severe as well as the car was weightless, looked like moved by the wind. So I could not help recalling the figure I saw not long before.

“Let’s go” Aunt Li said. I didn’t dare to turn around my head to look at her , afraid of a horrible grimace would appear in front of me. Until hear the sound of my mother’s voice, I started the car and moved on.

That was the first time I saw other people bumped into ghosts especially the police. As you know, most of the policemen were supposed upright and sense of evil. Usually, ghosts were absolutely dare not to provoke them, so if a ghost dare provoke the police, that’s no doubt that that ghost was definitely not a normal ghost.

The impression of policeman had become much better since I met Wu Jian. I really wanted to remind the police called Luo Wen. After all, Aunt Li along with other people in my car, it is hard to believe that those ghosts can destroy us.

I hesitated for a moment, my car had already passed the three-way intersection by then. I just drove straightforward to my home. I was comforting myself, the policemen were all righteous. If they really met ghosts, they must done something wrong.

I was driving, suddenly I found something weird. I asked my mother “How can it appear a new road? Where is it led to?”

Indeed, there was another three-way intersection in front of me. After all, I haven’t come back to my hometown for a long time. I am not sure if it was a new road, I had to ask my mother.

“Hush” Witch Yan whispered, I discovered through the rear-view mirror that my mom had fallen asleep. As about to ask Witch Yan and Aunt Li smiled “They have found us, interesting."

Now, it’s obviously that the ghost was on us. I felt a pity for that stupid ghost which should target at other people instead of us. Because there were more ghost than human on my car.

Jiao Jiao obviously did not understand what it meant and asked curiously “Who have found us? Didn’t we just pass the three-way intersection?”

I could not explain it well at that moment. I could only ask, “Shall we park here?”

“No you don’t have to. I have been out for months. Now, so many ghosts have come unexpectedly” Witch Yan said with smirked and a little bit anger on her face. However, I understood that ghosts appeared in Witch Yan’s jurisdictions could make her lost face. But on the other hand, Witch Yan kept silent when we met the police just now, was my feeling got wrong? Were they real policemen?