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Chapter 161 Spooky funeral procession

"Funeral procession? "I repeated curiously. Because the path was not wide, I had to slow down my car. It seemed that I had to stop by the side of the road due to the road situation.

The procession on the other side of the road was getting closer and closer, and Mom's tone became more and more queerly: "That’s quite weird."

Actually, I found something strange even without my mother’s notice. Regardless of getting dark at that time, the whole procession across the road were wearing the same white clothes. This is very unusual. Usually, people in funeral procession dressed in all kinds of clothes. They don’t wear gorgeous colors, but at least not all of them are in white uniform dress.

There was no one in front with a portrait or a sail. The most eye-catching was that the coffin was red, a bright red color. I didn't know if there was anything special about it, but this kind of red made me feel a bit creepy.

"Is it still popular?" Mom suddenly realized something and asked Witch Yan.

" Haven’t seen it for years. "Witch Yan’s voice was also very confused.

When I heard that speech between my mother and Witch Yan, I seemed to know what was happening, I asked curiously, "what’s this?"

"Just focus on driving. That’s none of your business, my kid" mother scolded me.

Kid? I was almost 30 then. However, I had nothing to do with my mother. Ah, she’s my mom and I’m always a kid in her eyes even when I'm 80.

As the procession approached, I was about to park my car by the side of road, waiting for the procession passed by. Suddenly, a man in white ran in front of my car window and said, "Congratulations! Let’s have a meal."

I was stunned. This guy was a little crazy, right? I didn't even know him, but he asked me to have a meal. Regardless of how weird the funeral team was, I couldn’t delay any more for Xue`er’s affair.

The man was smiling and waiting for my answer. When I was about to say no, Witch Yan said, "Well, congratulations."

"Witch Yan, is that you?" The man immediately looked into the car and said in surprised.

Witch Yan laughed : "Xiao San, whose wedding party it is?"

Xiao San smiled and said, "It’s a wedding of Chen Erwa ’s child. " Then he said goodbye to us and joined back to the procession.

“What? Why we congratulate to someone who's dead?” I couldn't help to wonder.

Mom told me to shut up. Then she asked Witch Yan curiously: "You know him?"

Witch Yan nodded and said: "That’s Gao’s third son."

Mom recalled something and cried out “Oh, my god!” Then she wonder: “Chen Erwa, that carpenter? It’s said that his son had been dead for several years, isn’t it?” I thought she knew him, too.

Witch Yan nodded and said, "I don't know, either. But there are rules for this kind of arranged marriage. You have to attend the wedding party when you encounter it. Anyway, we merely have dinner and leave immediately when we finish the meal. I feel something a bit weird about it.”

Mom nodded her head and asked me to back my car and follow the funeral procession. I also got some information from my mother's conversation with Witch Yan and was curious about it immediately. But Xue’er’s affaire was like a boulder pressed upon my heart. Even if I was curious, I could only hold it down.

We followed the funeral procession and arrived at the neighboring village which was the nearest village from my hometown. The two villages were about 10 kilometers apart. Because they were closed to each other, people in these two village got married and kept in touch with each other frequently. As I entered into the village, I gradually got some impression.

This village had a lot more people than ours, mainly because many young and middle-aged people didn’t go out. I didn't know why and I asked mother and Witch Yan, but they did not seem to know very well. They just knew that the people in this village would not like to go out, perhaps because of homesick.

I looked around and found that there were about a hundred families, not a large population, but that’s quite a lot people compared to my hometown. And I was surprised to see that for most houses, the door was closed. But when I saw the funeral procession, I got it. Most people didn't want to have this kind of meal after all.

However, as soon as I got to Chen Erwa’s home , I found that my judgment was totally wrong. It's not that nobody wanted to attend this meal, but everyone had been here. So called a sea of people.

A man said hello to us and help us parked the car. Then I followed my mother into the yard of the host family. My mother gave fifty-yuan, Witch Yan did it as also. Then all of us went straight to an empty table and sat down.

In the countryside, there was no chopsticks until dinner started. So we couldn't eat or leave. What we could do was just siting there and waiting.

The red coffin had been carried into the hall, not in the center, but aside. A middle-aged woman who looked old was weeping and covered the coffin with a big red quilt. Then an old man began to sing in a bumpy voice. However, he was not singing, but saying something like best wishes for newlyweds. Because we came late and sat far away from the hall, I could only heard a few words vaguely .

I said to my mom: "Mom, is this arranged marriage?"

My mom gave me a sharp stare, then she talked with witch Witch Yan among themselves. I had no choice but turned to Aunt Li: "Aunt, please just tell me." I asked.

Aunt Li smiled: "You are not allowed to talk about these at the table.” She said.

I felt depressed but I still wrapped around Aunt Li to explain. Aunt Li couldn't have any choices. “I haven’t seen the arrange marriage in this way, it probably is the custom which belongs to here.” Aunt Li said.

Immediately, I became interest when Aunt Li started to talk about it. “Arrange marriage? Isn’t it brings two dead people buried together and let them get married at hell. But how do they do if one of the dead people don’t agree with the marriage? Does the ghosts will return to scare the people who arranged the marriage?” I asked. My head was punched by my mother before aunt Li answered, she was glaring at me when I turned around. I had to shut up and turned down my head to pretend to be modesty.

Aunt Li burst into laughter and then turned around to see the ceremony inside the hall. She seemed curious about the marriage which was one of a kind.

The rituals finished very quickly, it seemed much easier than the human beings. After the rituals someone comes to give us chopsticks. Although the dishes looked not good at all but fresh and natural ingredients were delicious, I ate two bowls of rice.

After finish the meal, Witch Yan and mother went up to the host and said goodbye.

“This family is very interesting.” Aunt Li said to me.

I looked at Aunt Li strangely and didn't understand what she means.

Aunt Li smiled mysteriously: "Just wait and you will figure it out."

I was surprised. Suddenly, the sirens’ bell rang. The sound was getting closer and closer. I looked curiously toward the door. After a few minutes, several police cars drove directly to the main door, not only blocked the gate, but also my car.