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Chapter 153 The Canteen Fear 8

I hurriedly ran to the refrigerator aside, opened it and had a look. Luckily, after all, the canteen business was not good, so a lot of dishes are left, and although the quantity was not much, there should be no problem to to cope with these female ghosts.

I asked Hu Tie for help and we both placed all the dishes on the windowsill together. Of course, We didn’t intend to heat these dishes, because we were just fooling these ghosts anyway. I also told Xiao Pang just to scoop a little for them. After all, there was not much food. Then I just looked at Xiao Pang giving these ghosts some food and her hands still were trembling. These ghosts didn't seem to think much. They just lined up neatly, take the rice and dishes, then went back to their seats, but never didn't eat. They put their hands on their knees and sat upright, which just looked like that pupils were waiting for meal.

Then I had doubts in my heart. This was needless to say that there were problems with this small canteen. However, there still were two more questions and I still haven’t gotten the answers yet. One was that since there were so many ghosts, but why didn’t I still feel Yin Qi or Ghost Qi at all? You know, Ghosts must have the Ghost Qi, and the Yin Qi was like the oxygen we needed, without which they would die. Of course, the ghosts would die more slowly, and they wouldn’t die until the Ghost Qi transformed from Yin Qi was exhausted.

The second question was what kind of ghost that killed those students on earth was. the victim before, or the ghost who chopped himself up and sold his money. Was the former victim or the ghost who chopped himself up and sold his own meat for money?

When I thought about this, my body suddenly began to tremble. Yes, ah, where was the greedy ghost? We hadn't seen him since we got into the kitchen. Because our attention had just been attracted by the group of ghosts outside, we still didn’t notice that he disappeared.

I looked around warily and still found nothing wrong. However, I didn’t dare to be relieved, because I also didn't find anything just now.

Hu Tie always stood at the side of Xiao Pang who had been crying and tried to cheer her up.

I was surprised to looked at Xiao Tong who was squatting on the floor and found he was studying the cupboard very carefully. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe he found something wrong. Then I hurriedly ran over and tensely opened the cupboard door at once. As soon as I opened the cupboard door, Xiao Tong stuck his head in it. I was worried about him, so I stopped him immediately.

Xiao Tong had a lot of strength, and I failed to stopped him. His head went straight into the cupboard, then he laughed happily. Only then did I realize that there was a water tank in the cupboard, which was full of water.

His nose touched the surface of the water, and with the light of the flashlight, I could see the ripples caused by his nose touching the water. Just, I couldn't help but take two steps backward, the water in this tank had an indescribable odour, as if something had dead in it. I really didn't understand why Xiao Tong still behaved so happy.

Xiao Tong still was a child, and soon he put out his head to see Xiao Pang who was scooping food for those ghosts. I looked curiously at the water tank with a flashlight. Because of his head, I didn't see the situation in it.

But once I saw it, I almost threw it up. The water in the water tank was very clear and it looked like someone had changed the new water. However, there were only a few dead rats, which were always in his water and had already become white, floating on the water surface, giving me goose bumps. The boss didn't cook for us with this water, did he?

No wonder it was so smelly. I felt very sick and just closed the cupboard door with the flashlight, and I didn't even want to touch the cupboard door at this moment.

Just for a while, all the ghosts out there have got their food and sat back their seats. Xiao Pang threw the spoon in her hand, jumped directly to my side and with a crying voice, asked me what to do next.

To be honest, I also didn't know what to do next. However, I couldn't say this because I could obviously feel that now, whether Xiao Pang or Hu Tie, had regarded me as their a life-saving straw. Once I behaved I also didn’t what to do, I could imagine that these two people would collapse immediately.

I thought for a moment, and there was still no clue, but I said with confidence on my face, “Just wait until they finish eating.”

“But they never eat.” Little said hurriedly.

“They will.” While replied to Xiao Pang, I also tried to open the kitchen door and the door was easily opened by me. Although both little fat and Hu Tie hurried away from the door for fear that the ghosts would come in along the door, they suddenly saw the door opened, which gave them a lot of encouragement.

I was surprised why the door could be suddenly opened, but I didn't show my surprise. I turned back and said, “You guys just stay here.” As I spoke, I used a stool aside to hold the door and went out of the kitchen.

Xiao Pang seemed to still want to follow me, but when she saw me out of the door directly, she immediately take back her step. I just gave them a reassuring smile, of course, I didn’t know, in the darkness, whether they could see clearly.

As soon as I went out, I found the obvious difference. Now, there was full of Yin Qi in the small canteen. Not to mention me, even an ordinary person would feel uncomfortable when he came in this place.

Unlike when I was still in the kitchen, these ghosts, who were taking their food, just ignored me. However, in this time, when I just stepped into the canteen, almost all the ghosts turned their heads towards me. Although there was no other action, it would still make me feel cold on my back.

I coughed and behaved as if I hadn't seen it. Then I went to get a tray, let Xiao Pang give me some food, and directly sat down in a seat near the corner of the kitchen.

All the ghosts are in front of me, so I could easily see what they were doing. they just look at me and there was no other action. I thought for a moment, then picked up my chopsticks and said aloud, “Start eating!” Then I pretend to pick up a piece of meat and put it in your mouth, at the same time, I also stared at that group of ghosts secretly.

My action obviously caused the ghost's reaction, and suddenly, all the ghosts started eating and picked up the meat with the chopstick to smell. As I threw the meat I picked up to the ground, I was surprised that, to tell the truth, these ghosts, in terms of behavior, were the harmless obsession ghost to humans, and the most junior of all. They seemed to not capable of harming people, but of course, it didn’t include those who were scared to death.

But the fact that a few of the people on the expedition were missing made me feel that there should be more secrets hidden in this small canteen. After killing the people, the ghost usually would leave the dead body. After all, the attack of ghost acted basically on soul. Of course, it didn’t include the upper body and control items.

Imperceptibly, I had thrown my meal that was little under the table. Many ghosts also had finished eating and after regularly putting the tray and the box back in place, they went back to their own seats and just sat.

However, as for the next step, I really didn’t what to do. Maybe I should make them have class, or go to sleep.

When it came to the behavior of these ghosts, I also had a very strange feeling that as if they were domesticated general and they always sat and did things in certain rules, which was just like that they were wait for instructions or something.

When I haven't come up with a reason yet, I suddenly heard a girl's scream in the direction of the kitchen.