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Chapter 151 The Canteen Fear 6

Five rows of tables and chairs, Hu Tie's face turned pale and my face also changed. The canteen was small, with a large passage in the middle, and two rows of tables and chairs were on each side of the passage. There was also a passage between the tables and chairs, but it was not very wide. However, now it changed into five rows, and from the distance of the passage, it was not that these tables and chairs were squeezed in it by forcing to shorten the passage, but as if they had already been there.

Having seen so many ghosts and their tricks, for example, things got more and the space got bigger, I would not have too much fear. However, I was a little scared, because so far I haven't felt a trace of Yin Qi or Ghost Qi, which was very abnormal.

“Xiao Pang, try to open the door, and everyone stands by the door.” I opened my month. Everyone else was frightened because they also had no idea, and when seeing me speak, they instinctively got up.

The Xiao Pang began to open the door, with her hand trembling, which made me suspect that she had lost his ability to open the door, but I didn’t urge him, because I knew that a little urge couldn’t let her calm down and open the door, but it would make her more nervous.

Fortunately, nothing has changed around me, making me almost suspect that the canteen was supposed to be like this and we were just scaring ourselves. Nonetheless, it was probably normal for me to remember things wrong, but if there was no reason why both Hu Tie and Xiao Hong remembered things wrong.

For a long time, Xiao Pang looked up at me and said in a nearly crying voice, “I can’t open it.”

I wanted to comfort Xiao Pang and let her calm down to open the door, but when I turned around, I saw the door changed, and because the change was so big, we, in the panic, didn’t notice it.

The gap in the middle of the door had disappeared, and the whole door was like a whole piece of material, pressed directly on the door frame.

“What can we do now?” Xiao Pang said, with her hand tightly hugging Xiao Hong, who was more afraid, making me like this fat girl a lot more.

“Everybody, just calm down. It's no use being scared now. Even if it's a real ghost, there is still no need being afraid of it. Or even if we are killed, we also become ghosts, and then we beat it up.”

My words made Hu Tie almost laugh out and Hu Tie himself also didn’t believe there was ghost and god Seeing that, he laughed, “Yes, right. Don’t be afraid.”

However Hu Tie’s laughter seemed to be a little weak, but somehow little fat and Xiao Hong didn’t find out this, suddenly had a good mood. Xiao Pang even said with a fierce expression, “Fk, dare it! I will press it to death.”

Sure enough, Xiao Pang was more bold, and just her scold was a bit dirty, but in this environment, scolding was a good way to boost morale.

Xiao Hong was still very afraid, burying her head in the broad chest of little fat. More than half of the people have recovered their morale, and I also couldn't ask too much. This was enough.

“Didn't you guys say there is a ghost rumor in this canteen? What exactly is that?” I asked. Although telling the ghost story would scare me now, it would be worth it if I could get all the information and clues from it.

“That is...”

“That is...”

Xiao Pang and Xiao Hong both opened their mouths at the same time. It seemed that both them knew it. Then I let little fat tell me because, generally speaking, the storytellers wouldn’t be not easily frightened by their own stories.

Xiao Pang recalled it for some time and then began to tell this story, “I also hear of this from a senior female schoolmate. The former boss of the canteen was so picky that in order to save money, he was not willing to wash the dishes and chopsticks after using them. Therefore, many people always found there were cockroaches, mice and other stuff. As a result, fewer and fewer people went to his canteen gradually. Even so, the boss was still so picky, in order to save money again. So when a girl came to eat alone the night, he killed these girls, then used their meat to make food, and the next day, sold these food to other students to eat. Because it was free food material, the boss wanted more. A lot of students also came here since it was cheap and the boss would serve a lot of food. Gradually, the meat was not enough, after all, very few girls would eat at night alone. Besides, there were more and more people, and the boss was also afraid to expose, so he didn’t kill girl. However, then there was no way, and the boss finally killed three girls who came together for food at the night. Since three girls for him made him very tired. Until the midnight, the boss couldn’t still get the job done. So the next day someone ate a finger while eating. Then the boss was arrested, but because the police could not find any bodies of these victims, there was no way to condemn the boss. Finally, they could only release the boss temporarily.”

After I heard it, I nodded. If the story was real, what we would confront was probably just a simple ghost. Suddenly, something occurred to me and I asked Hu Tie, “The story is like that?”

He nodded, but then shook his head immediately, saying, “The front is about the same, but the rear section is a little different.”

“Ah, you know how the story goes on?” Before I began to ask, Xiao Pang opened her month.

Hu Tie said, “The front is the same. However, the boss found the meat was not enough and no single girl came for snack, coupled with the fact that people have been missing all the time, the police had already paid close attention, he dared not kill any other girls. However, in order to earn money, the boss finally even killed his wife directly, because his wife was fat and her meat could sold for two days altogether. Even so, the meat was still not enough again, the boss finally decided to cut his own meat and sold it little by little.”

I thought his story was more terrifying, but there was a big flaw. When I was about to open my mouth, Xiao Pang suddenly said unhappily, “Impossible, if the boss cuts himself into meat, why doesn’t he still die and how can he still sell the food?”

Xiao Pang’s thought was the same as mine. Hu Tie just scratched his head, explaining, “That's what they say, and I don't know.”

“Just start cutting from the shank, then thigh, intestine and left hand, leaving the right hand to make dish and upper body out of the counter. Right? He could still sell the food in this way.”

“Shit! That is so disgusting.” Little fat said another words, and then his face turned as white as the paper, “Who? Who? Who is talking now?”

As Xiao Pang spoke, I turned around and found the voice just came from the food-selling window.

In the dim light and through the window glass, I could clearly see a man standing in the vegetable window, waving his right hand slowly towards us.

I felt a chill in my back and almost peed. Fk! Why the ghost would come every time we told the ghost story.

Behind me, Xiao Hong and Xiao Pang screamed one after another, making my eardrums ache. Hu Tie also reached his hand to pull my shoulder and his hand was very cold and still shivering, which seemed it scared him a lot. However, Xiao Tong still had a naive look at that people in the food-selling window, as if he wanted to have a try.

“Calm down. Everybody, just calm down.” I kept yelling, and nobody listened to me. Just when I almost wanted to turn around and give those two girls a slap in their face, that people disappeared suddenly, as if it was our hallucination.

“He...He disappeared.” Hu Tie opened his month and then just looked at me.

“Is he really missing?” Xiao Pang finally stopped screaming, and then looked up in the direction of the window, covering her eyes with her hands.