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Chapter 143 The very talented Taoist 12

Walking out of the cave step by step, I just came to the mouth of the dead tree hole, and then I saw the rabbit staring at me with red eyes and a ferocious face. I did not know how to see the fierceness from the rabbit whose hair was white. But that was how it feels.

But the Inner Peace Taoist was not there, and I looked up and saw that he was still in the original place, and I did not know what he was doing with his head down.

"I have gone." When Huang Li floated out, I could see clearly the appearance of him. He was wearing a gold armor, which was very powerful, but his color was so light that I could vaguely see the outside scenery through his body.

This made my confidence in Huang Li suddenly decrease a lot. Because for ghosts, the light color meant that the strength was not strong. But now I had no choice. Even if I ran down the ground again, I thought I would be torn to pieces by the rabbit.

The Huang Liis still more fastidious. When he rushed out, he kicked off the rabbit far away, and the direction was the reverse direction of the eat-soul tree. I naturally dared not stay, directly running away to the eat-soul tree quickly.

But I had not run out over 50 meters, the hoarseness of the rabbit came from behind. I did not turn around, fearing that it would affect my speed. I just quickened the pace, hoping that before the rabbit caught me, I could come to the eat-soul tree first.

As I approached the tree, my speed slowed down. My mouth opened, gasping for breath. My feet became heavy, and my throat seemed to be cut by the air, and even my brain seemed to be running out of oxygen.

For a person who rarely exercises, it was a painful thing to suddenly run with all his strength.

And obviously, the rabbit was not only faster, but its strength was also much better than me. Just when I was 20 meters away from the eat-soul tree, all of a sudden a huge force came from my waist and something crashed me out directly.

Seeing that I was fast approaching the tree, I was not happy, but I could not help but give out a scream, hands, feet in the air constantly waving, trying to stop my body.

My body fell heavily on the grass, but I didn’t care the pain, hands tightly grasping the grass on the ground, and then slid out a few meters to stop. Fingernails had been turned up, hands covered with blood, but I did not feel anything painful as if I feel nothing. The white ground under the ghost tree was at my feet.

I have guessed a lot about this white ground. Was it sand, strange earth, or stone. I have thought about it. But I have only now found that I have guessed wrong. This white ground was bones, or bone powder. Although from the bone residue, the majority are animals’, it still let my heart feel cold. How many bones did it need? Ah.

The rabbit was bouncing closer to me, as if it was angry because it had not directly bumped me into the effective range of the eat-soul tree. I didn't care for the pain and stood up, probably with a sprained foot. I couldn’t use my strength and only stumbled on the ground.

Squinting my eyes, I glanced at the Huang Li and Inner Peace Taoist, both of whom disappeared, but in mid-air there were two air masses in the collision, a gold and a black. They should be the Huang Li and Inner Peace Taoist.

I couldn't tell who has the upper hand, but I knew that the Huang Li had no time for me now. I could only turn my attention back to the rabbit and find a way to save myself.

Now the only advantage was that the rabbit did not come straight over, but slowly jumping, not fast. I did not know whether it was like a cat playing with a mouse or because I was too close to the eat-soul tree. But whatever the reason was, it had nothing to do with my life.

I walked back along the white bone powder. Because of foot injury, I was also jumping. But the frequency and span of my jumping could not be compared with the rabbit’s. Naturally, the distance between me and the rabbit was slowly decreasing.

After a while, the rabbit seemed to be a little impatient, making a move forward. I was surprised, quickly back, but I forgot my foot hurt, and my butt sat on the ground. The pain made me whinny with my teeth clenching.

I just found that the original rabbit did not come, and now it was grinning with its three lips open like a human being, seeming to be smiling.

I sat on the ground and saw that the rabbit had not come over. I didn't think about it. I grabbed a piece of dirt and threw it over. The mud hit the squatting rabbit in the chest and left a yellow mark on the white hair.

The rabbit was evidently stunned, and it did not seem to think that I should dare to attack it. He looked down at the mark on his chest, hissed and rushed at me. I only had to throw another piece of dirt. It was hit by a rabbit in the chest.

Suddenly it felt a sharp pain, but it also shouted like the bone being broken or that kind of the voice. I could not help but cry out bitterly, and then directly grab the rabbit in my arms.

Holding the rabbit hard squeezed my chest more painful, but this intense pain let me hold the rabbit more forcefully.

The rabbit pedaled back hard. Because I was sitting, the rabbit directly pedaled on my thigh. Immediately my thigh also felt intense pain, but I did not let it go, and also dared not let it go. But I was just holding the rabbit and rolling toward the bone powder.

In fact, without rolling, my arms holding the rabbit was less than 10 centimeters away from bone powder.

The rabbit seemed to be frightened by my determination to die, more violently struggling, the front teeth of his mouth flashing cold light, thinking directly about biting my neck.

I held the rabbit in my arms, and there was no way to resist it. In my heart, I gave out a roar that resembled a wild animal. I rolled over, and the arms together with the rabbit's back suddenly entered the white bone powder.

An inexplicable sharp pain, which was different from the pain of the body and was entirely from the soul, came and could not be resisted. I could not even sound again, opening mouth, face veins exposing.

I had just had my arm got within the tree, and the rabbit was on its back. A little bit, but obviously it wasn't something it could resist, and I could see clearly that the white hair on the rabbit was graying and there was little blood in the nose.

The rabbit's struggle increased violently, and I finally failed to support myself. My arm got a little loose, and the rabbit jumped out of my arm. Its two powerful rear legs directly thrust to the inside of my thigh. My whole body jumped up.

After suffering the pain of the soul, the pain in my thighs was nothing, and I had no strength now, and the pain from the soul still tormented me.

I watched the rabbit jump up, then head down, flickering white teeth to my head and bit over me. I raised my hand, and then put them down feebly.

Just looking at the rabbit a little closer to me, I guessed I would be dead, and the intolerable pain from the soul made me feel, death was relief.