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Chapter 140 The very talented Taoist 9

The meat was cooked, and my stomach was still barking again, because the meat was robbed. First, the Inner Peace Taoist sniffed the rabbit that had been roasted, and then the dull rabbit meat was eaten by the rabbit. Yes, it was eaten by the rabbit. Then I baked the second rabbit, and I knew that the second was not mine.

But I was very upset and happy, because a man being used was no big deal, and the worst was that he didn’t had the value that could be used. Obviously, besides being a listener, I had another value, which meant that I could live a little longer. At least the Inner Peace Taoist would hesitate before he killed me.

After baking four rabbits, when I was about to faint because of being hungry, I finally got some food in the eyes of the Inner Peace Taoist and the rabbit who were not willing to. I ate the roast rabbit, thinking maliciously in my heart, there were only rabbits here, would not they be the offspring of that huge rabbit? Thinking so, my appetite was also a lot better, and my teeth biting was very hard.

After eating, I continued to be an audience. I had no time to go near the strange tree. The rabbit was gone, and I did not know what it went to do, but I guessed it did not want to listen to the long story of Inner Peace Taoist and avoided. In fact, I also wanted to avoid, but I could not do it.

The story of the Inner Peace Taoist had the feeling of a novel. Its main idea was that a poor boy was taught by a famous teacher and became a successful person, but he finally chose to followed the general, and then was ordered to go to the palace to assist the imperial concubine Xian. Of course, I already knew the result.

I didn't know why the other stories were very meticulous. He even talked about going to the toilet halfway. Of course he did not describe the specific process. But as for meeting the general and a year of being around the general, he just told about it briefly.

I was very interested in this, but of course, I dared not ask.

I had been here for three days. The rabbit came back once in a while, helped me bring some rabbits for barbecue, and then eats leftovers of the Inner Peace Taoist’s. Then it left in a hurry. It seemed that my arrival had set the rabbit free.

And the story of the Inner Peace Taoist was coming to an end, but I still had no idea how to escape. I was not very worried about whether it would be bad for me after the story was finished.
Because the Inner Peace Taoist had vaguely reminded me to listen to it for the second time when he told the latter part of his story, and I was excited about it against my will.

I found chances to approach the tree several times in the past few days, but the result was desperate, for every time I approached the tree within 10 meters, I was called back by the Inner Peace Taoist. Once again, I tried to get close to it forcedly, but I was kicked back by a rabbit who suddenly came out from somewhere, and all day I was lying down listening to the story.

Perhaps because of my cooperation, although the Inner Peace Taoist may occasionally threaten me, most of the time he showed me nice and pleasant look. I also tried to communicate with him. It could not be just his talking alone.

I asked him why he didn't leave, but he didn't answer, but his face was ugly, which made me know that the reason why he didn't leave was definitely not because he liked being here. It was more likely that something had trapped him, and perhaps finding it would help me escape from his clutches.

Just what would it be? The Inner Peace Taoist wouldn't tell me, and I didn't find anything at all. I could only look at the rabbit. The guy was clearly trusted by the Inner Peace Taoist and ran away out of sight most of the day.

Several times I vaguely mentioned that it was not good to eat rabbits every day, and then I got the permission of the Inner Peace Taoist, and the range of my activities increased. Although I still did not find any food other than rabbits, I found the whereabouts of the damn rabbit. It would always enter a dead tree hole in the tree, but it stayed in it for a long time. If there were really something suspicious here, then it would be the dead tree hole besides the strange tree.

The rabbit stayed in the dead tree hole for too long, so I could not find a chance to enter until one day.

I started jogging early in the morning for two reasons, one of which was sleeping on a meadow with dew, if I didn't exercise, I'd probably die young. The second reason was that I was gradually expanding my range of my activities with the help of running.

Today, I had a good day. As soon as I started running, the rabbit was sat on by Inner Peace Taoist and ran around the strange tree, which, of course, seemed to me more like Inner Peace Taoist playing a game of horse riding and fighting.

This was an opportunity. Although I did not know how long the Inner Peace Taoist would play with the rabbit, I was still jogging directly towards the dead tree hole. I could not give up any chance, and If I stayed longer, I would feel like I'm going to be crazy.

When I came to the dead tree hole, I looked back and saw that the Inner Peace Taoist and the rabbit did not notice me here, and I flashed into the dead tree hole. The dead tree hole was not, as I thought, a large open space or anything else, but a deep hole There was a stone ladder next to the hole, winding down.

There was no light in the hole, and I had nothing to illuminate, but after a brief hesitation, I walked slowly down the stone ladder. The worst outcome was death, though I did not want to die.

With walking into it more than ten steps, there was no light. I hold the arc wall, slowly down, eyes open very wide, but I could not see anything and the feeling was really bad. But I was not as scared as I was in the passage, because I just wanted to get out of here as soon as I can.

There was no sound, only my footsteps "Tata Tata.", with an echo in the cave. My courage to escape was slowly being worn away by the darkness, and my heart was beginning to be irritated, without the Inner Peace Taoist and the rabbit coming after me.

"Is there anyone here?” "Is there anyone here?” "is there anyone here?” The voice reverberated, but it was not answered. In the constant echoes, there was one voice that was not quite the same as the others. What really caught my attention was that this echo was sandwiched directly between two normal echoes, making the three echoes one piece, which was very abrupt.

My heart suddenly was tight, and then I continued to comfort myself: "Nothing. It’s nothing."
It was estimated that there were other forks in the hole, which also formed an echo.

When my mind was fixed, then I opened my mouth and roared, much louder than just now: "Hello."

“Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello"...

The echo rang, and I felt a sudden shock, and then my heart thumped, with a chill beginning from the heart invading my limbs like waves. When the limbs had pins and needles, a chill from the tail vertebra came up the spine, so that I could not help being cold to hit a shiver. I feeling cold and numb mixed together, so that I could not move even a small finger.