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Chapter 139 The very talented Taoist 8

I didn't ask, because I knew that after so many years of silence, he would say it himself.

Sure enough, the Inner Peace Taoist completely ignored my reaction, laughing and saying, "You know? Do you know? He was not a ghost, but after becoming a pure soul, there was a remaining soul. So interesting. Just as my body was too old to accommodate, I gave him part of the soul I did not want. And then he became another me. Interesting.

Listening to the words of Inner Peace Taoist, I could not help frowning. I did hear Sister Hua said, the remaining soul that would be washed by the force of the five elements would appear pure and blank soul.

The second prince did not become a remnant soul, so it was normal to leave a part of the soul after it had been taken away. But would the new soul born by mixing the soul of the Inner Peace Taoist be the second prince?...

How much I sympathize with the second prince, and now how angry I was with this Inner Peace Taoist? But I did not show it, because I knew that once I showed my anger. Not only I could not help the second prince and Wu Jian, but I would also let himself in danger. I did not think this Inner Peace Taoist had the habit of killing no life.

I even felt that if he had not been alone for too long so that he wanted to talk so much, I would have been able to knock my bones out and play with them.

The Inner Peace Taoist was still like a child, sitting on the rabbit, pulling its long ears and dancing with joy. I suddenly had a feeling, that perhaps not only Inner Peace Taoist influenced the second prince, but at the same time, the second prince also influenced the Inner Peace Taoist.

Otherwise, not only the state of the second prince was very strange, but even the state that Inner Peace Taoist had long been showing was very intriguing. Although old people tend to grow closer to children as they grow older, I was pretty sure that this wass not the reason.

And why? I could be proud and said: Intuition.

The Inner Peace Taoist was still looking for words to talk me. The topic was all sorts. Unexpectedly he said a lot of even his childhood matters, and finally sighed frequently, “How time flies.“.

I would have believed it if he hadn't always had a good look when he sighed.

I responded from time to time with a simple word "Umm," which means I was listening carefully, but in my head I was thinking about my retreat, and Inner Peace Taoist’s head was now in a high mood. It was not a great danger to me if I did not want to die, but nobody knew when he would calm down, and I did not want to hand over my life to someone else.

Unfortunately, the timing, the geographical location and people were not here. Even I could not fight that fat rabbit.

I didn't know what to do. I watched the surroundings carefully when I saw the Inner Peace Taoist seemed to fall into the memory, but found nothing but grass and few trees.

No, there was a strange place. Just like the place where the bones of the second prince were buried, there was no grass on it. It was very abrupt. The ground was full of white, and in the middle of the white there was a tree. A tree with many branches like a willow, and the white range was just the range of the crown.

Just that place was far away from me, at least more than 200 meters. It was definitely not possible for me, the sports scrap, to quickly reach. Not to mention, there was a very fast rabbit and ghost.

I looked carefully at the Inner Peace Taoist, and saw that he was still stuck in the memory and gave me the story. Fortunately, I still had some time to figure out how to do it. I suddenly felt a hot eye looking at me. I saw a rabbit looking at me with the bloody red eyes, as if to warn me.

I secretly cried in the heart, but the surface was quiet, just like machine to deal with the story of the Inner Peace Taoist.

The rabbit gave out a tiny whine, and then Inner Peace Taoist watched me suddenly said, "What do you think about the stories?"

I was shocked and said, "Well, good, good.

The Inner Peace Taoist smiled strangely: "Really good? What am I talking about?"

Well, I froze and had no answer at all, and although I occasionally heard a few words in the interval between my thoughts about how could I run away, I could not make up a complete story at all.

"Well, yes, uh." My heart was beating with drums, and I knew very well what kind of anger it was when a person who loved to talk found that the only audience was completely distracted. There was absolutely no way to bear it.

"Hey, hey, heh." There was a strange laugh from the Inner Peace Taoist, and in the laughter there was an inexplicable sadness, and then he sounded as if he were saying to himself:" I should not have forced you to listen, except for the general. No one cares about my experience or how I feel."

I doubted that the V Taoist had abnormal relationship with the general, but I was not going to get into it because I was worried that I wouldn’t even be able to be a ghost under the Inner Peace Taoist’s attack.

With a fearless gay spirit, I said, "I care. It was just because that the time of the stories was a little messy. I was still behind you, and then you go ahead of me too far away.

The Inner Peace Taoist glanced at me, hesitating a little in his eyes, and the rabbit began to sound low again, but it was placated by his hand touching its head.

"Well, well, since I was born, let me repeat it. Don't let me know you're lying to me." Inner Peace Taoist’s tone was plain, but I could hear the chill between his words.

I quickly nodded. I was glad in my heart that the Inner Peace Taoist began from the matter of the second prince. I just said what I could thought of, which gave me an excuse, but this time I had no way to think again about the matter of escaping. I could only quietly accompany this Taoist who had the magic hobby of telling his own stories.

The stories of the Inner Peace Taoist was long, for almost he would tell me everything he could remember in detail. When it came to certain places, he would still laugh, so that I could only laugh with him.

When my stomach started screaming, the Inner Peace Taoist was saying that he got married when he was 15 years old, and when my stomach first called, the Inner Peace Taoist stopped, but he didn't say anything else, but to go on talking, and when my stomach called the second time, Inner Peace Taoist frowned, glanced at me and went on with his speech.

When my stomach called for the third time, the Taoist finally stopped the story, looked at me with angry eyes for a while, and just let me look for food with the sound of regret.

The Inner Peace Taoist pulled the rabbit and asked if his story had been told well, and the rabbit was answering with a tiny whine. As for what to say, I could not understand it.

The Inner Peace Taoist did not seem to want to supervise me, but the rabbit looked at me warily and was lectured by the Inner Peace Taoist who was eager to get the approval of the audience. Then I crawled there and listened carefully, nodding from time to time. It looked as if it were no different from what I had just done.

But the rabbit should be more than miserable I was. For so many years, I did not know how many times it had listened to it.

I did not rush to that strange big tree, but I picked up the dry branches on the ground, seeming to make a fire. To tell the truth, the Inner Peace Taoist’s completely indifference to my behavior made my heart cold. I didn't think that strange tree would help me, or the Inner Peace Taoist should at least let the rabbit supervise me.

But I still planned to go to see it. After all, in the whole place, that tree and the second prince's bones seemed a little different.

I picked up the firewood along an arc, and the end of the arc was that strange tree. I used the sight of my eyes to keep an eye on the Inner Peace Taoist’s and the rabbit's reaction, and the result was that there was no response, and both of them seemed to be enchanted.

I slowly closed to the strange tree, 100 meters, 90 meters... 30 meters, 20 meters. When I was 10 meters away from the strange tree, my heart was secretly happy. I was finally to arrive. If this tree really had something strange that could help me, even 10 meters away, I also thought that even if the rabbit chased over, I should have a chance to live.

"Don't get too close if you don't want to die." The voice of the Inner Peace Taoist appeared behind me.

I was startled, and turned back, and saw that the Inner Peace Taoist and the rabbit were still in that place without moving. Was it the illusion that I was under high tension?

I went on, but the child voice of the Inner Peace Taoist rang again: "Don't get too close if you don't want to die."

I see. The Inner Peace Taoist was still watching me, but he didn't show it. I could even see the rabbit shaking all over its body, its mouth open, its tiny, quick chirping, as if it were ridiculing.

I did not know what the Inner Peace Taoist meant, and if he meant he would deal with me if I got closer to the tree, it would be better. That would be a good sign that there was something in this strange tree that he didn't want me to know. And at least I might still have a chance to struggle.

But if he meant only the location of this tree was dangerous, it would be depressing.

I was not sure what the Inner Peace Taoist meant, so I faked to gather the branches and circled around the strange tree, then gradually returned.

Although I did not think of any good methods, I got a lot of the firewood. I simply built a fire, and then without any sense of violation, I received the rabbit that was contained in the mouth of the rabbit, and intended to deal with it.

There was no seasoning, but the fragrance of the rabbit itself came out when it was roasted, and the rabbit was looking straight at me drooling. Even it didn’t want to hear the story of the Inner Peace Taoist. Oh, it was not that it did not want to listen, but the Inner Peace Taoist had stopped, and his nostrils were constantly flapping.

Well, I was just a little hungry. For those two who had been hungry for thousands of years, anyway, it was good if they didn’t remember my blood, and there was a rabbit that could catch a rabbit, so there was no shortage of food.

I flipped over the barbecue, and the Inner Peace Taoist and the rabbit crouched in front of me, with their eyes looking at the rabbit meat roaring "Zizi". At this moment, I thought perhaps the purest soul of the second prince had the upper hand.