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Chapter 132 A very talented Taoist 1

"It is clear that we are standing outside the door, and there will not be another entrance behind the door." Wu Jian carefully observed for a while, and said with great certainty.

Huang Xiaolong said, "Whatever it is, open it up and see it. Right? Sister Hua."

I looked to Huang Xiaolong. With the help of the light, I even saw Huang Xiaolong was holding the hand of Sister Hua’s. What is this situation? I thought this was more incredible than the Queen suddenly appeared in front of me.

Sister Hua seemed to see my eyes, and with a strange looked at me, warning something or others that I could not tell. So I quickly turned around, pretending to be professional to look at the stone door, and nodded slightly from time to time.

Wu Jian asked me doubtfully: "What have you found?"

I was stunned, and then a little embarrassed. Fortunately, Wu Jian did not struggle with this matter. Instead, he tried to push down the stone gate, and then said, "Look, everyone, there should be an organ."

"There’s no need for you to say so." Huang Xiaolong disdainfully smiled, and then pointed to one side of the wall with an empty hand.

Wu Jian and I both walked over, and sure enough, there was a prominent square on the wall. Wu Jian glanced at me, and then slowly pressed the protruding, and nothing strange happened. There was only a slight sound of friction throughout the passage.

The stone gate slowly opened. There was no sudden light and no strange sound. It was a still dark passageway behind the stone gate.

"Be careful, everybody." Wu Jian said a word, and then walked in the front. I followed closely behind, a face alert. Unfortunately, it was like the passage before. I did not know how long we walked. The passage was so long. Huang Xiaolong did not complain, because I could imagine him enjoying the pleasure of Sister Hua’s little hands. But I was complaining a little bit.

"How far is it?"

It seemed that my mouth was shaved. When the voice stopped, there had appeared a faint light in the front, but the light was very strange. It was sometimes strong and weak sometimes, and the color was yellow and red, as if it was a huge torch that was rocking the flames with the wind in the front.

Everyone's pace quickened. We were getting closer and closer. I did not feel wrong. There was a fire ahead, but not a torch. It was a huge flame.

This was also a huge square hall, and in the middle of the hall there were a pit nearly 10 meters in diameter, and countless flames that are pouring out of the hole, lighting up the whole hall.

Everyone walked into the hall, and I took a few steps toward the flame. It was strange that such a big flame did not make me feel a trace of heat, as if everything in front of me was just a phantom.

"It's not a real fire, is it?" I'm a little uncertain.

"I don't know, but be careful." Wu Jian replied to me, and then went straight to the other side of the wall, and then I found that in the hall around the walls were painted with colorful paintings.

I followed Wu Jian to the paintings, and carefully looked up. The wall painting was not actually painting. Because they were the sculptures that were engraved on the wall. There was some paint only on it.

But it was the matching of this sculpture and color that made people feel that the painting was as if to walk out of the wall, appearing real and exquisite.

Huang Xiaolong muttered unconsciously in a low voice: "Damn, who said 3D painting was invented by foreigners."

There were six pairs of long rolls on the wall, forming a circle that surrounded the flame in the middle along the wall.

The first one was a very ordinary painting of landscape and animals, but the mountains and trees were painted with only a few strokes. But the animals were very vivid, I had a rough look. I found that the animals on it seemed to include all the animals in nature. There were chickens, ducks, fish, tigers, lions and many others I could not name.

I wondered why there were so many sculptures of animals in this hall, but I was not anxious to ask. But I followed the footsteps of Wu Jian to watch.

The second picture was completely different from the first one. The characters and animals above became simple sketches, but the scenery became the focus, and it was no longer the mountains or the trees. They were the majestic palaces, stacked in layers. There was no edge if you watched it, and in the palace there appeared things like haze from time to time.

I had no idea about those.

The third picture was even stranger. There was only a devil that exposed his fangs which had three heads and six arms. What was strange was that the devil did not feel so ferocious and looked very solemn, but in the hands of the monster, which was raised high, it was holding the sun and the moon. At the bottom of the devil, there were countless figures, as if in worship.

The fourth pictures seemed to be the realistic scroll like the "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival". Houses, horses, characters were not much different from the cities in the illusion I had just experienced.

The style of the 5th paintings suddenly changed. A devil with a large belly whose face was dark and whose hair was yellow was putting a struggling person into that huge mouth, and there was a devil that had a similar look nearby but it was a lot of little. It was looking at ghosts eating human beings. It seemed to want to eat, too, but in that closed mouth, there exposed a human thigh. In addition to these two ghosts, there were many people running away in the picture. It seemed they wanted to escape the ghost of the huge mouth.

The sixth was the last picture. There were a lot of contents in the painting. Most of them were torture scenes. There was a man who was thrown into a big pot by a devil with two fanged and others being sawed into two sections by a devil. Someone was skinned by a devil. And there were a lot of people running around the drawing. People running to the edge of the drawing was kicking the edges with their feet. It looked like they wanted to leave the painting.

After reading the six paintings, I didn't know why I had a deep impression in my mind, and I also seemed to have seen these scenes somewhere. I knew very well that I would not have seen it, but I could not get rid of that inexplicable familiarity. Where on earth had I seen it?

Everyone slowly looked at the pictures on the wall, I did not look any more, sitting on the ground on one side, closing eyes, my hands keeping rubbing temples. I thought over those in my mind. Thinking carefully, I thought I had never been to these places. So where had I seen such similar paintings, and I should have seen more than once. Although I could not remember, but I had this feeling, and it got increasingly strong, as if the next moment I would immediately remember that.

But I just couldn't remember. Three heads and six arms, ogres, misty palaces, torture, animals, houses and people. Suddenly a flash of light flashed in my mind, and a familiar name came out of my mouth.

All those who were discussing the contents of the pictures on the walls looked at me, and then determined the contents of the pictures. It was the four words I blurted out.