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Chapter 128 Obsession in Ancient City 7

“Why don't you still go to get the bones, sir?”

I was stunned and I thought she would never show up again when she knew her plan was known to others, but she was still here, saying something.

I didn't answer. I hated the feeling of being deceived, especially by using my compassion to deceive me.

The tone of Rani Xian revealed a few traces of sadness, “Sir, do you think I'm lying to you? Not long after your departure, several young eunuchs buried an arm by the dry well, with my son's jade plate on it. Indeed, the jade plate is real, but don't I recognize my own child’s arm?”

“You meant that arm didn’t belong to your son?” I finally replied her because I didn’t know whether what she said was the truth.

“Sure, it didn’t.”

“Are those bones under the gate of the city yours?” I continued asking.

She sobbed for few times and said, “They are mine. The Queen wants me to suffered insult and to be trampled by thousands of people.”

Instead of speaking, I just stooped to dig the earth and dug out the arm buried by granny Liu. It was right that this arm belonged to a 10-year-old child, but I was unable to distinguish whether it really belonged to the second prince.

The whole arm was dug out, which was full of bruises, and the root of the arm was inserted into a hole in the well wall.

“Rani Xian, it’s not your son’s arm?”

“No, it really is my son’s arm.”

I laughed sadly, with a sorrow expression on my face, and said, “Ah, Rani Xian! As the old saying goes, a tiger will not eat its own offspring. I don't know if this arm belongs to the second prince, but I do know this arm was stuffed out of the wall of the well, or there wouldn't have been such a fresh bruises on it. In addition, as you say, I don't think anyone would risk digging a hole in a well to frame a dead and suppressed person.”

I stood up and took a look of the position of the wellhead of the dry well.

There was no sound coming out of the dry well, and I stayed for a while, seeing that Rani Xian seemed to have nothing to say. I sighed, turned around and left. Never judge people by their looks! I had never expected that the Queen, who didn’t looked like a good person, really was a good person.

When I got out of the Yongshou Palace, I was confused again. Since Rani Xian was a bad woman, naturally, it was impossible for her to produce grievances. But who was the ghost in the illusion? Everything went back to its place of origin.

I unconsciously walked to the Queen's Sleeping Palace. Standing outside the Palace, I could clearly see the Queen, who had a thin figure, squatting in the garden of the Palace.
The front was a heap of bonfires and there was a pot on it. I didn’t know what she was cooking, but a faint smell came to me.

I was very curious and couldn’t help but walk to her, then I found there only was the Queen, without other maids. She looked so focused that he even couldn’t notice someone was coming to her. Except for me, she couldn't see me and also couldn't hear me.

The water in the pot had boiled, and the ingredients have been coming up from time to time. I had a look of it and found there were mushrooms and wild fungi. The closer I went, the stronger the smell was.

There was a sound of footsteps behind me, and I hurried out of the way. I saw a familiar maid bow and wait for the Queen’s command, who was the one who brought soup to the Emperor before.

The Queen turned back and wiped the sweat on her towering forehead, and said with a smile, “It will take a while to finish cooking the soup. You go and get the wooden tray. The soup is hot.”

The maid bowed, said yes and turned back. Then, she came back, taking a black and red wooden tray on her hand. After a while, the soup was cooked. The Queen crouched, put some soup in the bowl, then put the bowl in the wooden tray, and then she said, “Go and give it to the Emperor quickly.”

The maid turned out of the Palace and the Queen sat on the ground with no image, with the thin hand beating the thighs that were not as thick as my forearms.

I bowed to the Queen, for nothing else, just for my misunderstanding. Now, in my opinion, the queen was definitely a virtuous queen besides her appearance.

The maid's pace was not slow, so I did not do more to keep up with direct delay. I only knew one way to get in, so I was going back the way I went, and I had to try my luck to find the ghost.

The emperor was still in that side Palace. After handing the soup to the eunuch in brocade, the maid quietly withdrew from the Palace. I hesitated for a moment, and then I still went into the Palace because I would like to see if the Emperor would eat the soup, which, you know, was made by the Queen.

The situation was very similar to the last time, but after putting aside my prejudice against the Queen, I found something different. The Emperor was eager to drink the soup, but he did not dare. Yes, the Emperor gave me a feeling that he dared not eat the soup. I can't help but wonder why a monarch was afraid of a bowl of soup, or he was afraid of the General.

I remember that the General was Rani Xian's brother. Was the Emperor trying to placate the General, whose younger sister was killed by him, by deliberately alienating the Queen.
The more I thought about it, the more I was sure.

It's a pity the Queen's heart. I did despise the Emperor's cowardice, but I also understand his suffering as a sovereign. There is no way for you to live up to both the Buddha and her.

At this moment, I suddenly wanted to know the Queen's past, such as why she killed her with a stick and why did she has a child, and I also wanted to know what kind of person this General really was. He would return the capital in months. I shook my head and thought if I couldn't find the ghost, not just more than two months, maybe I would die in this illusion.

The Emperor also did not drink the soup in the end, but the eunuch did not overturn the soup this time, but carefully carried it out. I followed him curiously, wondering if the eunuch would pour out the soup.

But what was strange was that the eunuch carried soup directly into the Queen's Sleeping Palace, and the Queen was sitting in the pavilion, holding a book to read. Seeing eunuch come to her, her eyes flashed a trace of gloom, saying with a smile, “The Emperor did not eat the soup?”

The eunuch knelt on the ground and said, with a hint of sadness in the tone, “Dear Empress.”

The Queen waved her hand to stop what the eunuch was about to say, “I must trouble you and I will make another one soup tomorrow. I just get a health way to make the soup from Imperial Academy of Medicine.”

The eunuch sipped his mouth and made a very respectful kowtow at the queen.

The soup bowl was placed in front of the Queen. After the Queen took it and slowly eat the soup over that had been cold, she just put down the bowl and took a book to read again.

When the eunuch came out of the Palace, he shed tears and said to himself, “What a sin it is.”

I felt strange and walked over. This time I really couldn’t stand it. The eunuch seemed very loyal to both the Emperor and the Queen, and also seemed to know a lot of information, so I thought he was a perfect object who I could ask for some information.

I thought it over and thought it must work, so I followed the eunuch to a house where he was supposed to live. The eunuch went in the house and took a book, and then hurried off again. I took a look and thought he might go to the Emperor’s side Palace.

Instead of following him, I found a pen and paper in the room, and wrote a line of shapeless and twisted words. I had no choice because I couldn't get used to the brush, and it was okay for me to recognize traditional characters, but it was very difficult for me to write one, so the words on the paper are not only ugly, but also have a large part of simplified characters.

I didn't go out again and just waited for him in the eunuch room. Until midnight, brocade eunuch came in with a look of exhaustion. However, he didn’t notice the paper on the desk, and he just took off my clothes and have a rest.

When I saw it, I stopped him hurriedly, since I wasn't interested in seeing a eunuch naked. The eunuch was undressing, only to find that the clothes seemed to be caught and could not be taken off. Then he turned back strangely but found nothing. Then he just shook his head and continued to take off his clothes. I felt very speechless and took the paper directly in front of eunuch’s eyes.

However, when I had just put the paper in front of the eunuchs, the eunuch just lowered his head and untied his belt. I could only pat him on the shoulder. I had no idea, because if his belt was removed, I guess it would be blind. I couldn’t stand the eunuch naked.

The eunuch looked very tired. He raised his head imperceptibly. After glancing at the paper in front of him, he was was stunned. Then he fell down directly on the ground, with his hands shaking, but he still kept speaking, “I am the inner chief executive, Wang Bao. Who the f**k are you?”

I finally knew the name of eunuch, but this was not the point. I took the paper close to him, but he kept retreating. Although he was scared very much, he still had a bit of spirit.

I had no idea to see this situation, so I had to dump the paper on him. This guy finally understood, picked up the paper in my hand and looked for a long time, and then said, “What is this?”

What is this? Didn't I write clearly enough? I took that piece of paper to see for a long time again. It was very strange that we did recognize all that I wrote just now, but now how couldn't I recognize a single character?

I put the paper aside, took out a book from the bookshelf, picked up a brush, took some notices below the useful words on the book, and handed it to Wang Bao.

Perhaps Wang Bao saw that I had not hurt him, and was no longer as frightened as he had just been. Then he took the book and read it out, “It’s me. I just come to help you.”

Wang Bao said, trembling, “May I ask who I am talking to? And what can I do for you?”

I immediately felt very speechless, and directly took up a pen and clicked some words one by on to show them to Wang Bao. He also followed me and read them out, “I come to help you.”

After finishing reading, he was at a loss and said, “I, I actually don’t need any help.”

I suddenly felt very tired of such a communication, and continued to turn over the book and tried to find some words that could be used, but when I really couldn’t find, I had to use some near-tone words instead. Wang Bao followed my movements and read these words out.

“Rani Xian asked me for help, but I thought the Queen was a good person, so I wanted to know the situation before making a decision.”

After he finished reading, he repeated, Rani Xian. Then he suddenly realized it and his face changed, then directly knelt on the ground to keep kowtowing toward the front, “The Queen is a good man, and you never listen to the Rani Xian.”

I stood on the side of Wang Bao and saw him kowtow in front of me. I felt very angry but also thought it was very funny. Then I patted him on his shoulder and continued to click in book with a brush.

“Tell me the details and then I'll make a decision.”

Wang Bao promised again and again, and then he told me exactly what happened. Of course, story he told me was not the same as the Rani Xian’s.