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Chapter 123 Obsession in Ancient City 2

The two people were getting closer, still shaking left and right. I leaned down slightly, clinging to the armrest, trying to avoid any touches as much as possible, but it was not as I wished, and that playboy’s swaying arm hit me right on the head.

The sudden hit made me give a cry of pain, covering my head with my hands. That playboy was still very drunk, with the blurred eyes, shaking his hands, and it seemed that he was looking at what he hit just now.

I was very angry and just pushed hard that playboy. Then he rolled straight down the stairs with his servant, breaking their heads with blood.

I walked a few steps up the third floor, and I was just standing in the corner of one side, when I heard a few screams from the second floor. Then doors of private room on the third floor were almost all opened, and a lot of people came out and looked at the two men, pointing at them while talking with each other.

Not far away from me, the door of one private room also was opened and a few drunken playboys came out, and all of them looked very sane. One of these playboys, who worn a green robe with a big peony on it, just stood at the staircase, having a look, and then he suddenly yelled.

“Brother Wang.” Then he hurried downstairs, and the men who followed him were a little stunned and also followed downstairs.

Alas, it was sure enough that once a man lose the restraint, he would release the devil in his heart. I despised my behavior and quickly enter the nearest room, which exactly was the room of that brother Wang.

I could see that these people were very rich, because the table was full of dishes, and there were plenty left, and I could even see some dishes were still untouched.

What a waste! I couldn’t help swallowing a bit of saliva.

“It’s really unlucky and severe that Wang Hai falls down stairs.”


The sound of conversation came out of the door and it was getting closer and closer. At this moment, the door was opened suddenly, then two playboys came in, talking with each other, and sat in their seats.

“There’s just two of us, so we need a good drinking.”

“Yeah, today, we can’t go home if we are not drunk.”

Then the two people begun to drink and chat, and even considerately ordered the waiter to change a table of dishes that went with liquor.

I found a place and sat down, awaiting the waiter serving the dishes. To be honest, I would also love to see the two playboys’ looks when they were scared by me later.

“Brother Chen, please.” The taller playboy toasted to the shorter one.

The shorter playboy quickly said, “No, no, no.” Then he took up his glass, touched glasses with the taller one, and drank it off.

“I have heard something happened in the Imperial City. I don't know if brother Chen, you have heard about it”, the taller playboy said.

After the shorter playboy had another drink with the taller one. “My brother has told me that a prince was killed and her mother created a tremendous uproar in imperial harem. Then she said it was did by Queen. In the end, she was killed alive by the queen in the imperial harem. She has never thought of who she was, and the Queen wouldn’t killed her? Huh”, the shorter playboy laughed disdainfully after listening.

The taller one repeatedly agreed with him, “Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know what she said. She even make an oath, talking about a bolt from the blue, or something else. That’s so ridiculous.”

The shorter one smiled mysteriously and said, “This is not totally ridiculous, because a lot of strange things do happen in the imperial harem after the her death. Therefore, there is one thing that Immortal Li’s going into the imperial harem.”

Then taller playboy was very surprised, “Doesn’t he go to the palace to pray for the Queen?”

“Hey, hey.” Then the shorter one said in a mysterious way intentionally, “In fact, you don’t know the truth.”

“I naturally know that you’re well-informed. Please tell to let me widen my horizon.”

After he awaited the waiter to have served the dishes and ordered him not to enter this room, then he begun to said slowly, “You don't know that on the night of her death, many concubines and eunuchs said that they had seen the dead prince and the dead maidservant were in the back garden, the lowly concubine was teaching the prince. In the next day, the Queen directly sentenced three or four concubines and eunuchs to the stick penalty. All of them were killed in the end and then no one had talked about this matter again. Although everyone thought it was be all right, nobody had expected that the emperor saw it, too. He saw that they two were crying for justice in the Imperial Study, which frightened the emperor seriously. It's been like this for days. No matter how many people were here, they two still kneeling in the Imperial Study on time. You think about it. When this happened, the emperor couldn't stand it, either. Accordingly, in the name of the Queen, the emperor had to call Immortal Li into the palace.”

When the taller playboy heard this, he was obviously more interested about it, then asked, “Then?”

“Immortal Li’s way is not of the common sort. He just suppressed the dead mother and son directly in a dead well in the palace.”

Then the taller one didn’t understand and said, “Why not just destroy? Just suppress in the palace instead?”

The shorter playboy looked at the taller one as if he was looking at an idiot, saying, “That’s the prince and the concubine!”

“That’s also right.”

When I heard the words of the two playboy, my heart couldn’t help but move beat. I asked myself that were they the concubine and the prince? The crystal coffin was so small that it just looked suitable for children. Was that the prince?

I thought about this possibility in silence, but just reached out my hand and took a chicken leg from the roast chicken, until it was close to my mouth, I reacted.

The two playboys were looking at the chicken leg floating in the air, with their throat rolling up and down quickly.

I took that chicken leg and didn’t know whether to put it down or to continue to eat for a time. I thought for a while and directly took a big bite of the chicken leg.

Then both the two playboys just knelt down on the ground and their bodies stopped shaking, as if they were suffering from malaria. The shorter playboy even kept kowtowing, shouting, “Your Highness, concubine, please forgive me. Your Highness, Prince, please forgive me.”

Well, both of them regarded me as the people of the story they were talking about. But I also secretly remembered the names of concubine and the second prince. Although this was not necessarily related to them, from now on, they were extremely suspect.

Ignoring the two playboys who knelt on the ground and sued for mercy, I just gulped down all the food. Until I felt full, I got up and pushed the door, and in the moment I opened the door, I heard two loud gasps.

When I was full, I did not run around anymore. I just went straight to the palace along the most spacious road.

Unfortunately, the gate of the palace are closed. There were many guards going on patrol, but they could never see me. Only the gate was closed, so I had no way to get in.

I found a stone by the gate and sat on top of it, awaiting the door to open. Fortunately, I didn't wait for so long. After a few men in official clothes took out a golden token and the door was opened slowly, so I hurried to follow them in.

Since I didn’t know the way, I had to follow these officials. These officials were supposed to go to see the emperor and I had never seen the emperor yet since I was born, and I only saw the emperor Pu Yi in the photo.

After following these officials to walk around, I lost my sense of direction and didn't know where I was. There were imperial guards and eunuchs everywhere and I had never seen one maid.

It was not interesting. I originally would like to see some beautiful women in the palace.

These officials came to a hall, stopped and handed a wooden box to an eunuch and stood still, maybe waiting for the emperor to call, and the eunuch, holding the wooden box, went to the hall, and then I hurried to follow him.

The hall was very bright. Even if there was oil lamp or candle, I could still see everything clearly. However, it was strange that the person sitting on the palace seat was not the emperor I imagined, but a woman about 40 years old.

The woman was very gorgeous, but she was very thin, which was very uncoordinated with the fancy clothes.

The eunuch knelt on the ground, holding up the wooden box, and said in a strange tone, as if he was reciting, “Queen, the thing had been brought here.”

The Queen, who had a thin face and towering cheekbone, waved her skeleton-like hands, saying, “Open it.”

“Yes”, the eunuch gave a reply, then put the box on the ground and opened it.

I stepped forward curiously, and after I saw it, I quickly took a few steps back and even almost vomited.

There was a human head in the wooden box, and it was still a human head that had not been dealt with, with the look seen clearly. It was a teenager in his tens. The head was rotten, smelly, with a fist-sized hole in the face, and there were maggots crawling about.

I retched and when I decided to have a look of it again, I found the Queen had left the seat and walked in front of the box. It seemed that she couldn't smell that horrible corpse at all. She just looked at the head in the wooden box, less than half a meter apart.

Then, the queen stooped and reached out to take out the head in the wooden box. She raised the head in front of her, and just looked at it, which gave everyone a feeling that she was very fond of it, just like that a little girl was looking at a doll.

Fk! I couldn’t stand this any more. This was so freaky. I hastened out of the hall, worrying that If I saw this scene again for a while, I would vomit.

“Tonight, I will sleep with you.” The queen's voice sounded. I couldn’t help but turn around and thought did the queen and eunuch have an affair?

I didn't expect I would see a more horror scene. The Queen put the head in her arms and rubbed it with her face. A few meters away, I could see the skin on the head was worn away because of decay, revealing the rotting flesh inside.

Fk! This was so disgusting.

When I was out of the hall, I still felt unclean. Then I walked away at a quick pace to a small garden. I stopped and breathed the fresh air in the garden. The scene just now hit me too hard, and it was estimated that it would take at least a month to get over it, but fortunately, I had eaten something before, otherwise I guessed I wouldn't have an appetite for it even if I was very hungry.

After taking a rest for a while, I found I lost my way. However, I would never go back and the Queen really made me scared, not because I was afraid of her, but because I thought it was so disgusting.

I randomly found a way, and after walking for a short time, I thought the direction of the search should be right because there were more and more maids. However, I was more and more disappointed, for there weren't many beautiful maids and most just looked very normal.

After a long stroll in the great palace, I never found any clues. The only thing I could be sure of was that I was reaching the imperial harem, for I had seen several well-dressed women admiring flowers or taking a walk at the Under the service of the maids and eunuchs.

The beauty of the emperor's concubines could only be said to be general. On the road, I found several maids were even prettier than these women.