A Guest in a Ghost House
Chapter 122 Obsession in Ancient City 1
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A Guest in a Ghost House
Author :强大的猪
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Chapter 122 Obsession in Ancient City 1


“What are you doing!”

I was startled and hastened to see that a guard was holding the handle in one hand, staring at a middle-aged man, and that middle-aged man was crying and explaining, “Dear, dear monsignor, I think I hit something.”

The guard just looked at the place where I was standing, then kicked the middle-aged man on his body, which made the middle-aged man feel so painful that he cried out again.

“There is nothing! I tell you do not trouble me”, the guard ferociously taught the middle-aged man and he had to keep nodding his head.

I dared not stay at the gate of the city any more. I watch out for avoiding the crowd, then found a corner where there was no one and sat on a stone, panting hardly. This illusion was a little strange. The people here couldn't see me or hear me, but they could touch me, and all the things and people here seemed so real.

It was really just a illusion that made people have the hallucination? I was a little skeptical of the mysterious man's words. In my eyes, this place was the same as Pingshan. and was a real place. Perhaps this wasn't the same space as the real world.

I walked aimlessly on the street and always watched around. This was different from the normal situation. In general, I would hide from others, but others would also hide from me. However, in this place, I could only take the initiative to avoid others, but they would not hide from me.

In such just a few hundred meters of walk, I had been hit twice. One was a kid who suddenly ran out, and the other was a man walking behind me suddenly accelerated.

Of course, it caused a little confusion every time, but because I walked very fast, people were surprised for a short time, and fortunately I had never caused any big impact.

It was just, it was very tiring to walk like this. There were a lot of people in this city. As far as my eyes could see, housed were everywhere. Then I thought of the city scale that I just saw in the crevice of the crystal coffin and couldn’t help feeling a little discouraged. In such a big place, where shall I find Wu Jian and other people, and where shall I find the ghost and his obsession?

I went to the tallest building, hoping to find other people in the place where almost half of the city could be seen by me, and perhaps I could leave some information on it, after all, it was the most obvious building.

However, as I moved forward, I gradually felt more and more despair that towering building was still far away from me. Besides, there was a red wall in front of me, with no side on either side, and I thought it was a little too high. I just used my body to compare with that red wall, only to find it was very high. I didn’t know exactly how high it was and I could just estimate it in my heart, at least more than ten meters.

F**k! Wasn't this a ancient city? Why was there such a very high wall? But then I thought about the height of the walls of The Imperial Palace, which seemed also not short.

It was just that this wall completely messed up my plans. Therefore, I had no choice but to walk along the wall, hoping I could find something, and no one else could see me anyway.

Nonetheless, it was still very strange that all the buildings were at a distance from this wall, and when I got here, I saw a lot less people. Was there a monster locked up inside this wall?

No! I despised the strange thoughts in my heart and then understood in general that inside the wall was supposed to be a palace or a house of royal families.

After a long walk, there was still no change on the wall. On the left were noisy streets and houses, while on the right there was no sound on the high wall, which made me feel very strange.

My stomach was growling and then I stopped. It's been a long time since we left Pingshan, and after that I had never eaten anything. In fact, I felt hungry when I was still in the hall, but I was not obviously hungry, so I didn't care about it, but now I really couldn’t bear it.

Having taken a look of the wall that spread to the end of sight, I gave up continuing walking and then directly walked towards the street.

Backing to the noisy street, I was immediately attracted by the street stalls and restaurants. I felt more hungry, with my laryngeal node rolling up and down. Then I hesitated for a while and headed straight to that biggest restaurant.

They couldn't even see me anyway, so why did I wronged myself? I thought I should choose a position where the dish had just been served, sit down and begin to eat, but I just didn't know if those people think of me as a ghost and be scared to death.

When I thought of it, I couldn’t help laughing and waving my fist. Then, without noticing, I hit into someone.

“Oh”, a clear female voice sounded. I just saw a woman, about 17 years old, in a long green dress with a gauze on her face, sitting on the ground, with a painful expression on her face. She just used her hands to cover her chest, and then maybe she thought it seemed very indecent, so she put her hands down immediately. Perhaps she still felt very painful and held her hand in the midair, as if she still wanted to knead her chest, but also dared not.

I recalled the soft touch when I was waving my fist, and immediately felt embarrassed about my unintentional behaviour to her. Just she couldn't see me, so there was no use apologizing to her. To be honest, I suddenly felt a little curious about her face covered by her veil.

I suddenly remembered when I used to read a novel, there was always a classic scene, and it was that a woman’s face worn a thin veil and she would marry the man who uncovered her thin veil. Of course, the veil finally was uncover unintentionally mostly by the leading role of the novel.

“Miss! Miss!”, a panicked voice is getting closer and closer. A 15 or 16-year-old girl was running over, then, regardless of the dust on the ground, knelt on the ground and held her young lady.

The woman frowned slightly, looking around in a strange way and her eyes, which were exposed to outside, showed a blank look. Then she let the little girl pick herself up, slowly left, and walked into a well-made carriage.

I didn't pay much attention either, and then my eyes began to look around the restaurant. It might not be time for meal, and few people were on the first floor. Besides, most of them were chatting with each, leaving a bit of leftover soup.

I had no choice but to walk up the second floor, only to find that it was a lot brighter the second floor and its decoration was more luxury than downstairs, but people were still the same, not many, and most them had almost finished the meal.

I looked at the stair to the third floor. Seen from the entrance of the stair, on the third floor was supposed to be the private room. There was handsome boy standing at door of each room and they looked like the waiter.

In general, the food on the third floor should be very delicious and served very slowly. Those rich men usually was bravo and liked to chat while drinking, so it would be really a little weird if someone ate very fast.

I went up the stairs to the third floor with my last hope.

In the middle of the walk, I saw a playboy with a slightly red face walking downstairs with the help of a man, maybe his servant. While going downstairs, he still chattered without stop, “We go to the Zuixian restaurant later and I'd like to see just how pretty that little girl is, hey hey.”

I frowned, not because of what he had said, but because the stairs were not wide, he even walked side by side with man in the middle of the stairs and there was not enough space left on either side to let me walk through.


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