Wuxiaworld > A Guest in a Ghost House > Chapter 121: Lost Clouds of the Underground Palace 6

Chapter 121: Lost Clouds of the Underground Palace 6

I nodded and agreed with Xiao Lingdang. However, looking at the people who were still arguing, I didn’t want to express my opinion out loud. Even if I did, they would never listen to me because, in their eyes, I was a total layman. Of course, I really was a layman.

I took a look at the mysterious man and Wu Jian. They were still in the same position. Nothing had changed. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I realized that Wu Jian's face was reflecting a faint light.

I hurriedly took a closer look. Sure enough, it was not an illusion. I stepped forward a few steps only to find that the shine was from his sweat.

That doesn’t seem good…

I turned around and yelled to get everyone's attention. “Stop talking! Their situation doesn’t seem great,” I shouted.

As soon as they heard me speak, everyone stopped arguing and came forward to see the sweat on Wu Jian's face. Sister Hua anxiously walked to the mysterious man’s and just kept looking at him. She dared not look in the crystal coffin or even take a glance at it.

Sister Hua gently lifted mysterious man’s veil. After the veil was lifted, the mysterious man trembled slightly and a faint female voice said, “Illusion. Find its obsession.”

“You woke up!” Sister Hua cried happily, but then the mysterious man had become like a woodcarving again and no longer gave even the slightest reaction.

“Illusion. Find its obsession,” Sister Hua repeated the mysterious man’s words in a low voice.

I thought about them carefully. “Is it possible that they are helping the ghost find the obsession in an illusion?” I asked.

Huang Xiaolong just shook his head slightly, and said with a hint of uncertainty, “If the obsession is in the illusion ghost creates, wouldn't it be easy for him to get it?”

Sister Hua shook her head. “Not necessarily. I've seen an obsession ghost once. His obsession was in his illusion, but because he was in his illusion, he was never able to get it.”

“I don’t understand,” I said, looking at her quizzically.

Then Sister Hua laughed and said, “The obsession existed because he couldn’t get something. He believed that he couldn’t get it in his mind, so how could he then get it inside his own illusion?”

I nodded to show that I was thinking. Maybe what Sister Hua said was right. If you couldn't believe in yourself, how could you get what you wanted, especially from your own mind?

“S¬¬o what do we do now?” I asked.

Sister Hua thought silently for a moment and then replied, “The best way is for us to get into his illusion, too. Whether it is to find his obsession or break his resentment, it’ll be very easy. After all, that's the only way we can know what's going on with him. But...”

“But what?”

“But if we can't solve it, we'll get stuck in the illusion and we may never get out again,” Sister Hua said hesitantly.

Huang Xiaolong shrugged and said, “Aren’t we stuck now anyway?”

I nodded and asked the long shirt man what he thought. This time, he agreed with Sister Hua. Everyone had searched the whole hall countless times. There was obviously no place to get out.

“OK. That’s settled,” I said firmly, “I’ll be the first one.”

Since the decision had been made, there was no difference between who was first and who was last. However, I was stopped by Sister Hua, because she thought that once I entered the illusion, I wouldn’t have the ability to protect myself. Therefore, I went ahead in middle place.

Sister Hua went first. She walked over and looked at the crevice of the crystal coffin. Then she appeared just like Wu Jian and the mysterious man, standing without any reaction. Next was the long shirt man and then me.

Although I’d made the decision to go ahead, I was still very nervous when it was my turn. After taking a few deep breaths to calm down, I walked slowly towards the crystal coffin.

White fog was still overflowing from the coffin, slowly melting away all the remaining black spots. I estimated that in less than half an hour, the long shirt man’s great skill would be cleared away completely. However, it took the white fog a long time to erase the other black spots. It seemed that although its ability was more powerful than the long shirt man’s, it was still not extremely powerful, which gave me a lot of comfort.

When I came to the crystal coffin, I first looked around at all the people who were motionless. Then I took a deep breath, made a motion as if I was about to dive, and looked down at the crevice of the crystal coffin.

I was completely astonished, because beneath the crack was a magnificent complex of ancient buildings. The crystal coffin was like a television in which I could even see the hallway of the buildings and the people walking through them. However, the crevice was too small to see the entirety of the ancient buildings. When I about to tell Yan’er about what I was seeing, my vision suddenly went dark.

After dealing with a dizzy head for a few moments, I found that I was standing next to a huge city wall with a huge gate nearly 6 meters wide. Innumerable people, dressed in coarse cloth, were passing through the gates. I was disoriented by the loud noises all around me.

I looked down subconsciously and found that I was still wearing my normal clothes, but nobody paid attention to me. I tried to greet an old man who was less than one meter away. However, the old man did not react and continued to count the copper cash in his hand as if I did not exist at all.

I took a long breath. I got the impression that I traveled to another era.

I looked around but couldn’t even see Sister Hua, let alone Wu Jian. Since no one could see or hear me, I began to loudly shout for Sister Hua and Wu Jian, but even though I shouted until my throat grew sore, I didn’t get any response.

How strange! I realized that everyone must have appeared in different places. Otherwise, after such a long time, Yan’er and Xiao Lingdang should have appeared where I was.

After thinking about this for a while, I slowly walked through the gates along with the flow of people.

The guards of the gates were searching the people entering the city, but they couldn’t see me so I walked through easily. When I passed the guards, I curiously pulled on their clothing that looked like leather armor. However, the reaction was not what I expected.

My hand didn't go straight through the guard’s clothing. It actually made contact with the cloth. I felt its texture on my fingers, and to my horror, the guard seemed to feel my movements. First, he looked towards me strangely, then he muttered and began to straighten his clothing.

I was totally scared. I stood frozen and didn't dare to move until I was certain that the guard couldn’t suddenly see me.

I was so nervous that my heart pounded and my whole body felt soft.

Was this the illusion? Where was I between illusion and reality?

While I was thinking about this, I suddenly felt a huge force hit my shoulder, almost knocking me to the ground.