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Chapter 113 Loving You for Ten Lives Since You Pierced My Heart 13

Chapter 113 Loving You for Ten Lives Since You Pierced My Heart 13
Huang Xiaolong looked at the sky, saying, "It's still early. It's still bright".

The old man smiled disdainfully, “Hey, hey, it's still bright. It's never dark here, and it's less than an hour from nightfall”.

Everyone was surprised, but Sister Hua seemed to know something about it. She did not show an expression of surprise and, rather, continued to ask.

“Dear old man, do you know how to leave this place?”

“Leave! Hey, hey. Forget it. Even returning the same way you came is useless, just wait to become a normal person!”

Sister Hua did not ask again. She went to the mysterious man, and murmured to him.

Lulu pulled at my sleeve, saying, “Ask where Huang Shuai is. He still has strength now. We can get my revenge first, then even if I become a normal person, I will accept it”.

I asked the old man the whereabouts of Huang Shuai again. The old man just shrugged his shoulders, “That Huang Shuai has done much worse things. Even if we become ordinary people, there are still many people who want to cause trouble for him, so he will hide and will not come out again”.

I frowned after listening to the old man’s words. According to what he was saying, it would be very difficult for us to find Huang Shuai.

Lulu didn't show much disappointment, but I still didn't feel well, so I asked again, “Great-grandpa, do you know where Huang Shuai might live? I will try to find him first”.

The old man looked me up and down and said, “It seems that the hatred is very deep, ah, hey hey, he is generally in Hei He”.

The old man pointed in a direction. I saw that sure enough, a small winding river was flowing down the mountain in the distance between the peaks.

The area looked so far away that I couldn't help but worry. However, seeing that Lulu was in a daze, I woke her up and asked her if she knew if there was a fast way to get to Hei He.

Lulu seemed a little absent-minded. I guessed that maybe she thought the time was not enough, so she was a little abnormal. But even if the time was not enough, I intended to look for Huang Shuai. I believe in fate.

Finally, we found that we could only get there by taking the man in the long shirt. So, my last trip with Lulu was going to be a luxury tour again, this time with an old man.

Huang Xiaolong’s great-grandpa had said that the soup had been scrapped anyway and to just leave it here. Maybe we could help if we went there.

“Thanks”, I thanked great-grandpa and held up the monster that controlled the man in the long shirt. Then everyone headed in the direction of Hei He.

All watches and cellphones had stopped inexplicably so I could not tell the time accurately, I could only estimate silently. In any case, by the time we got to Hei He, Lulu and the other people should have lost their abilities.

However, no one brought it up, including me. Everyone was on the monster's back and we shook silently as the monster moved.

The man in the long shirt’s speed was much faster than we expected. When we got to Hei He, Lulu and the others still hadn’t lost their abilities.

“Look for him quickly”, I yelled. Then I jumped off the monster’s back and ran to a stone house ahead, secretly praying in my heart that it was Huang Shuai’s home.

I pushed the door of the stone house and was disappointed. It was covered with thick dust and cobwebs on the walls. It looked as if no one had lived there for a long time.

I turned my head and found that, except for the old man, all the people began search all around.

I was about to look for a way to continue my search, only to see that the old man was sitting on the monster controlling the man in the long shirt. He just looked at everyone with a funny expression. My heart beat faster and I walked over, “Great-grandpa, can you help us?”.

The old man looked at me and shook his head, “Oh, I was wrong ah, you are the most slippery one among you three. The two boys were unworthy of the soles of my shoes, not worth it”.

My face turned black and I wanted to leave, but I had always felt that the old man knew the whereabouts of Huang Shuai, so I had to ask him with patience, “Great-grandpa, please help me. Lulu is really...”

I told Lulu’s story to the old man, and to arouse his sympathy, I also added something to it.

The old man sighed, “All right. All right. Just call them all back”.

I thanked him again and then called all the people back. When everyone arrived, the old man walked down slowly, took a half-slab of jade off of his belt, and said to Huang Xiaolong, “Idiot, do you know what this is?”

Huang Xiaolong looked at it and cried out, “The Dragon Seeking Pendant!”

The old man nodded, “You’re not stupid. Take it”.

Huang Xiaolong hurriedly grabbed it with both hands. His face was filled with excitement, “Thank you, great-grandpa. This is my family’s Dragon Seeking Pendant. Just one drop of blood and he wouldn’t be able to escape from The Dragon Seeking Pendant, even if he went to the farthest corners of the globe”.

I was happy, too, and then I was surprised, “But where can we find Huang Shuai's blood?”

“Um…” The smile on Huang Xiaolong's face suddenly solidified. This time, the old man did not take off his shoes. He slapped him on the head, saying, “Idiot, Lulu can’t put her own Qi inside.”

Huang Xiaolong suddenly understood, scratching his head, “I even forget”. The old man was about to hit him again and I stopped the old man and told him that if he were to continue hitting him, we could do nothing.

Because of what Huang Xiaolong said, Lulu put some Qi into The Dragon Seeking Pendant. Then, suddenly, a blue glow radiated out from it, like a flame. The light above moved even if there was no wind. It all floated in the same direction.

I didn’t need the old man and Huang Xiaolong to explain and I easily guessed it would point the direction. Everyone hurried into action because time was running out, and no one knew who might suddenly become ordinary in the next seconds.

With the guidance of The Dragon Seeking Pendant, finding people became extremely easy. We only needed to move in one direction.

After a bit, under the guidance of The Dragon Seeking Pendant, we found a hidden cave, which was not deep. We pushed aside the weeds and a man appeared in the hole.

The man was about 30 years old, with a short beard, which was trimmed properly. His features were very hard and he was surprised to see all the people in the hole. His eyes full of confusion.

Beside me, Lulu began to tremble. I knew this must be Huang Shuai. He was very handsome, which made people want to hit him when looking at him.

“You three are?” Huang Shuai asked first.

Both Wu Jian and Huang Xiaolong looked at me. I didn’t hesitate and said directly, “Huang Shuai, do you remember Yu Jiaolu?” As I said the words, it occurred to me that another word came to mind, “Your Majesty, do you still remember the summer rain lotus on Daming Lake?

Huang Shuai’s body suddenly shook and then there was a strange look on his face “Yu Jiaolu? Maybe you've got the wrong guy”.

“He, he”, I was just about to say something but Lulu suddenly pulled me, and then she walked forward slowly. While she was walking, her body gradually solidified in the air.