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Chapter 91 The previous lover 15

Chapter 91 The previous lover 15
My whole body froze, and I felt as if I’d been thrown into the iciest water. I shivered uncontrollably.

"What are you doing?" The voice repeated the words, as though it expected me to respond and was frustrated by my silence.

I slowly turned around, and everything in front of me was a blur. I could only vaguely make out a figure before me. It wasn’t tall and seemed to be wearing white clothes.

"Who are you?" I croaked out, my voice trembling. I felt like I was talking to an illusion—that is, if I was even talking at all. Part of me felt like everything was a dream.

"What are you doing?" the voice repeated in the same tone.

I swallowed. I wasn’t sure what to say.

What am I doing? I’m not doing anything, okay? I’m just scared, but can I say that? No!

I knew not to show my fear in front of ghosts. I learned that before I ever went to the Ghost House, as a child when I was bullied by the neighborhood kids. Fear was weakness.

But now, my fear was so intense that I didn’t think there was any way to hide it.

"What are you doing? The water is good. Would you like some?" The voice spoke again.

The voice sounded more peaceful. I open my eyes to look, and it seemed like there was now a rectangular shape on the other side of the figure. I stepped back slightly, and although the figure didn’t seem to move, it remained the same distance away from me. I shifted to the right and so did the figure. I moved to the left, and the figure drifted along with me.

Once I stopped, the rectangular object came towards me, and I realized it was a water dispenser with a bucket sitting on top. My heart quivered as an image of tangled hair drifting in the water came into my mind.

"The water is delicious. Would you like to drink some?"

The figure spoke again and I shook my head. There was no way I was tasting that water.

"The water is delicious. Why don't you drink some?"

"I'm not thirsty." I finally plucked up the courage to speak and thought I was able to disguise my fear. However, the figure seemed unsatisfied. It floated towards me and spoke again.
"It’s good to drink water."

I shook my head again, hard, and had a vision of my head flying off. However, no matter how much I protested or moved away, the figure continued to offer me the water, and the distance between us seemed to be closing.

As the figure got closer, both it and the water dispenser became clearer. I studied the figure. She seemed to be a girl about 18 or 19 years old, cute but still with a little bit of baby fat. Her head tilted to one side somewhat unnaturally.

I tried to change the subject. "What's wrong with your head? Do you have a stiff neck?"

"My head is beautiful, right?" The girl was distracted, but I saw her hair begin to float and knew I was treading in dangerous waters with this conversation.

I nodded just as hard as before. "Yes, very beautiful."

"Yes, it must be pretty, or else they wouldn't want to take my head!"

I was lost for words again, so I just dryly smiled. Then suddenly I felt like I knew this girl. I didn’t think there was a reason, but I felt a burst of familiarity.

I pictured a girl standing beside a bouquet of flowers. Her right hand gestured as though victorious and her body tilted toward the flowers, a smile splashed across her face.

At the edge of a dark river, a girl in a white dress lay on the pebbles of the river, her hair scattered around her skull, her slender feet moving with the ebb and flow of the water.

It was also in that dark river that a girl in white stood, water up to her waist, her head crooked, wearing the same beautiful smile as in the first photo. The girl’s head turned 180 degrees.

The girl from the photos? I’d seen her name on TV later: Luoyan Chen.

My heart beat suddenly and I backed up against the wall.

The girl bristled, and she said, “You are this afraid of me? But why weren’t they afraid of me. They were trying to take my head!”

I didn't respond. I just shrank further against the wall.

"Why don't you help me?" she asked. Her eyes didn’t leave mine for a moment and her hair continued to rise as though full of static electricity.

I swallowed and said, “I—I can’t help you. What do you want me to do?”
She perched her head on her hand and thought for a moment, then said, “They sent you my photos. Why wouldn’t you help me?”

Her words peaked my curiosity, which was stronger than my fear. “Wait, they? Who are they? The ones sending me photos.”

"Do you want some water? It’s very nice,” she said, ignoring my question.

"Who are they?" I asked again, staring directly into her eyes. I needed the answer, not just for me but for my family.

"They are them. So why don't you help me?"

I was speechless and thought to myself, How do you want me to help anyway?!

I didn’t know whether it was my imagination, but it seemed like Luoyan’s eyes lit up when I thought this question.

It took her a while to open her mouth, but eventually, she spoke. "That day, I took a taxi to my grandmother's house, then walked part of the way. They wanted to bully me, and I wouldn’t let them. They wanted to take my head, but in the end, they just left me with pain and my head. Then I saw a bright light, and they ran away. It was so cold."

So she met bad guys in the taxi. I looked at Luoyan. Although not an extraordinary beauty, she was still quite pretty and very pure. How many people had tried to hurt her, and how was she able to stop a group of men? Even though she was able to stop them, I wondered why men had tried to take her head in the first place. Were they the same people who sent me her photos?

I figured the light was from someone scaring the men away. Maybe that person had just arrived in time to save Luoyan’s head.

"Who are they? How many are they? Did they send me the photos?" I asked again, more straightforward this time.

"They are them. There are three of them. They are not them."

Luoyan’s answer stupefied me. Then I realized that maybe she didn’t know who had hurt her, just that there were three of them. “They were not them” must have meant that they were not the same people who sent me the photos. It made sense that the criminals wouldn’t have taken that last photo and sent it to me.

"Why did they want to take your head? Were all three of them in the taxi?"

Luoyan thought about my questions then shook her head. “I don’t know. We carpooled.”

I was speechless. Carpooling in the evening with strange men? No wonder something happened.

"How did you call the taxi? Who was the driver?" If she called the taxi through a service, the ride and driver should have been recorded.

Luoyan shook her head and said, “I don’t know. I was waiting for a car, and this car stopped, asked me where I wanted to go, and then told me they were going in that direction.”

I was speechless yet again. Of course you came to harm getting into a random car with strange men…

"Do you know what the license plate was? What kind of car it was? The color?" I was no longer afraid of Luoyan. I realized she was just a naïve, young girl.

Unfortunately, all Luoyan could tell me was that the car was a black sedan. Great, the most common color. That should be easy to track down! I thought frustratedly.

Seeing me lost in thought, Luoyan asked again, "Do you want to drink water? Isn’t it nice to drink?"

After listening to her ask for the hundredth time, I finally asked, "What kind of water is this? Why do you keep asking me to drink it?"

Her answer made me want to vomit all the water I’d avoided drinking up to that point.

"It's body water. It's clean."

Did I hear that wrong? Oh, my god. “Body water,” seriously?

"Well, uh, where exactly did the water come from? Why should I drink it?"

"It's for all of us. My sister asked me to give you a drink. If you drink some, you'll help us."

"Who is your sister?"

"My sister is my sister."

I nearly rolled my eyes and then asked, "Is your sister’s body in the sea?"

Luoyan finally nodded in response to a question and said, "Since you know my sister, then you are going to drink it."

I shook my head. So Luoyan is connected to Wu Ting.

I looked at the girl and thought, Choosing someone this dumb? Wu Ting must have been drunk.